Now That’s What I Call Music 7 to be reissued as a two-CD set

Now 7 reissued as a 2CD set

The 1986 compilation is released on CD for the first time

Now That’s What I Call Music 7 is now available to pre-order as a two-CD set.

The compilation was originally issued in August 1986 and was a reasonably strong outing featuring hits of the day such as Peter Gabriel‘s ‘Sledgehammer’, the Pet Shop Boys ‘Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)’, Wham!‘s last single ‘The Edge of Heaven’, Bowie‘s ‘Absolute Beginners’, a-ha‘s ‘Hunting High and Low’, Simply Red‘s ‘Holding Back The Years’ and ‘bonus track’ Queen‘s ‘A Kind of Magic’.

There’s also plenty of top quality one-hit-wonders of the era too, such as Owen Paul‘s ‘My Favourite Waste of Time’, Stan Ridgeway‘s ‘Camouflage’, Furniture‘s ‘Brilliant Mind’ and Nu Shooz‘s ‘I Can’t Wait’.

No official confirmation on the reissue track listing as yet, so we don’t know if there are any omissions, but even if there isn’t, expect the usual sloppiness, where proper single versions are replaced by album cuts. The ‘Now’ team have ignored constant feedback about this from fans.

Nevertheless, an essential purchase if you’ve been buying the others and expect the £13 price tag to drop significantly before this is released on 20 November 2020.

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Various Artists

NOW Thats What I Call Music! 7

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Original track listing of Now 7

  1. Sledgehammer
    Peter Gabriel
  2. Sing Our Own Song
  3. Let’s Go All The Way (Short Blix Mix)
    Sly Fox
  4. Lessons In Love
    Level 42
  5. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)
    Pet Shop Boys
  6. Sinful!
    Pete Wylie
  7. Camouflage
    Stan Ridgway
  8. Paranoimia
    The Art Of Noise And Max Headroom
  9. The Lady In Red
    Chris De Burgh
  10. Absolute Beginners
    David Bowie
  11. Invisible Touch
  12. All The Things She Said
    Simple Minds
  13. Happy Hour
    The Housemartins
  14. Look Away
    Big Country
  15. Brilliant Mind
  16. Call Of The Wild
    Midge Ure
  17. The Edge Of Heaven
  18. My Favourite Waste Of Time
    Owen Paul
  19. Too Good To Be Forgotten
  20. Spirit In The Sky
    Doctor & The Medics
  21. Venus
  22. New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)
    Bucks Fizz
  23. Hunting High And Low
  24. Holding Back The Years
    Simply Red
  25. A Kind Of Magic
  26. When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going
    Billy Ocean
  27. Set Me Free
    Jaki Graham
  28. I Can’t Wait
    Nu Shooz
  29. Bang Zoom (Let’s Go Go)
    The Real Roxanne With Hitman Howie Tee
  30. Amityville (The House On The Hill)
    Lovebug Starski
  31. Headlines
    Midnight Star
  32. You And Me Tonight
  33. On My Own
    Patti Labelle And Michael McDonald

59 responses to Now That’s What I Call Music 7 to be reissued as a two-CD set

  1. ian s says:

    Three tracks from the original 1986 album release missing from the forthcoming CD release….

  2. Al Hine says:

    For extra completeness, there should be a little sticker top right saying “Queen Bonus Track A Kind Of Magic” with the song missing from the CD inlay.

  3. Daniel Wellington says:

    I’m baffled why Universal/Sony keep putting the wrong versions of songs on these reissues. Surely they have the original Now albums in their archives. Why not use them as a guide when putting together these new editions?

    • Al Hine says:

      They can’t find the original 7″ mix master tapes possibly, but I have suggested to the Now team on many occasions try & find mint copies of the LP’s & “master” the correct versions using a hi end record deck – this has been done by many artists in the past.

  4. Ben says:

    There was another Now album released around the same time as this one, which was Now The Summer Album. Although it would likely lose the two Beatles tracks that were included, it would be good to see it reissued on CD (and probably difficult for Sony to include too many wrong versions!)

  5. Nancy says:

    I’m buying this compilation regardless of anything as well!
    Roll on to “Now 8” and “Now 9” 2CD reissues! They’ve never been released as 2CD sets either.

  6. Mic Smith says:

    The version of Sledgehammer on the original double album sounds unlike any other version of the track in that the fairlight flute samples at the beginning are very low in the mix not helped by the quality of the vinyl which is dreadful. I would be interested from anyone who has the cassette version If they could confirm if this is also the case.

    I doubt whether on the CD reissue Sledgehammer will be anything but the album version but if it is the 7” edit then I think that will be the first time it has appeared on CD even if the flute samples aren’t authentic Now 7 sounding.

    • Soren says:

      There is a “Sledgehammer version” on Now 1986 (CD from 1993)with a running time of 4.40 min. could it be
      the 7” version?

      The album version is 5.11 min.

      • DLG says:

        Hi Soren – the 7″ Edit of Sledgehammer is usually listed at 4:58, though it runs 5:00. It’s just an early fade of the 5:12 LP version, and it’s been released on CD.

        The US Promo Edit is the real rarity – it runs 4:02, and is still unavailable on CD.

    • Zee says:

      There’s the 4 minutes edit that appeared on the 12 inch US promo and German 7 inch, that has never been released on CD. My favorite mix.

  7. Ant in NZ says:

    The mix of Opportunities on Now 7 was released officially in South Africa ( I have this 7″ and can confirm that it is identical to the Now 7 version. I doubt that the WL TP is different; Chris and Neil wouldn’t have been stockpiling Now 7 given that the mix was released to the wild on matrix A-3-1-2 and in South Africa. I think it likely that the person saying it is “not the same” without clarification is trolling based on the 1 second timing difference. I would also be surprised if the same version of Opportunities on the original Now 7 appears on the Now 7 CD – technically the mix was part of the release from 1985 and charted poorly (peaked at 116 on the UK chart) whereas I always thought Now 7 was supposed to represent the hits from 1986. I fully expect it much more likely that they put on the 1986 Stephen Hague produced 3’36” remix instead which charted higher on the UK charts (11) and would technically qualify it as the proper “hit” version for inclusion on Now 7. I would of course be delighted if they prove me wrong!
    For the PSB completist out there, the Australian 7inch had a unique edit of Version Latina which hasn’t turned up anywhere else (promo or otherwise) as far as I am aware and (IMO) sounds like a “proper” remix of the original 7″ version (sharing the same intro and outro) without the typical untidy edits that often result from using the 12″ version as the basis (which also lacked the intro and outro sections.)

  8. Noel says:

    Would love to see the original hits albums getting a release.

  9. psykomyko says:

    FYI, Nu Shooz was a two-hit wonder: “Point of No Return” was also a radio hit, at least here in the States.

  10. John Caddell says:

    If Queen are on it, they’ll be Disc 1, Track 1. This is a stipulation Queen Productions have had in place for a few years, a condition of them appearing on any compilation.

  11. Matt says:

    I’ve been buying the reissues and I’m disappointed that certain tracks originally on the album are no longer there BUT I feel that instead (to make up for loss of those tracks) they should put other singles which were in the chart around the time of the albums release

  12. Craig Hedges says:

    Whilst this comments section has some PSB interest, does anyone know why their website has changed to have a copyright for Warner Music UK, changed from PSB Partnership. Have they re-signed to Parlophone? or have they sold their rights to Warners?

  13. Ursula Dickerson says:

    Does anyone send the links to these to the Now team or do they know what feedback they are getting about screwing the versions up? Its frustrating that they don’t seem to care to the bad reactions!

  14. Mark says:

    Quality track list. Happy memories of playing the vinyl after school back in the day.
    ‘New Beginning’ – surely Bucks Fizz’s masterpiece?

    • John MC cann says:

      More of a land of make believe man myself!

      • Tom Walsh says:

        Land of Make Believe was brilliant…fantastic, lush, rich production. Imagine a world where a Eurovision group(apart from Abba obvs) could release something as brilliant as that!

        • CJ Feeney says:

          Land of Make Believe was co-written by Peter Sinfield. His first big hit despite his early prog sucess as in-house lyricist for King Crimson

    • Anthony Grice says:

      It was a massive comeback for them with their new member Shelley. It’s a great song. My favourite album was Are You Ready

    • John says:

      Bucks Fizz made so many good songs, many after their heyday of 81/82. Songs like When We Were Young, I Hear Talk, Breaking Me Up, You And Your Heart So Blue and New Beginning. Maybe not given enough credit because of their Eurovision beginnings but beyond that they made some great music.

    • Quante says:

      Bucks Fizz were fun and totally uncool for the young teenager that I was at the time of their hits with Jay Aston, but I still quietly liked them. Are You Ready and Hand Cut have many decent songs. You Love Love, If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Now Those Days Are Gone, My Camera Never Lies are all good pop songs. The two cd releases of the albums from a years go were well done. The Fizz now work with Mike Stock of Stock Aitken and Waterman, so they’re still making pop songs nearly forty years later.

  15. Thomas says:

    I’m a bit confused about this release (and others in this series), and what’s the reason for it. Is it pure nostalgia (in the same vein as, say, retro T-shirts, miniature versions of old game consoles, or Star Wars action figures in retro-like packaging), or have these releases been collector’s items since the 80s to begin with?
    The music itself isn’t that unique, most of those songs are available on CD already anyway.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This specific compilation has never been issued on CD before. That’s the reason for it.

      • Soren says:

        Yeah, and after vol. 7 I have the whole collection on CD which is a physical cultual document of the evolution of british pop music in the last 38 years.

    • Bifford Michael Pechacek says:

      The first ten or so Now!’s were not released on cd at the time properly, a few got odd single cd releases, so it’s a chance to finally have them in that format! Maybe after this they’ll get to releasing 36 and up on vinyl so I can complete those? LOL!

  16. Mark Franklin says:

    The version of Opportunities on the original Now 7 was the Matrix Mix. It was rare at the time and as such, Neil and Chris asked for a number of copies of the album as they thought they’d be sought after. I’m pretty sure this mix will not be on the re-release.

    • shaboo says:

      According to a comment on discogs the Now 7 version isn’t exactly the same as the original 7″ Test Pressing version aka Matrix Remix, but differs slightly:

      It’s definitely rare and hasn’t been released on CD before. However, a significantly longer edit of this mix (labelled “original 12-inch mix” for some reason, despite being used for neither 12″ single) appeared on “Further Listening 1984-1986” with the Please reissue. Other than this one being length-edited, they are the same.

  17. MARK LEVY says:

    I’ll be getting this one. If they’ve missed out the bonus track, it doesn’t matter

  18. Chris says:

    Some sleuthing on Discogs makes me think this version of Opportunities was also on the Essential Pet Shop Boys compilation from 1998.

  19. Gareth Jones says:

    Been looking forward to this one, as I still have the original double cassette! I loved this volume mostly for the oddball quirky tracks like Stan Ridgeway, Max Headroom, Real Roxanne and Lovebug Starski. Regrettably it’s at my parent’s house though, and I’ve no plans to visit them again for a while during Covid!

    I do hope they don’t make a complete balls-up of the reissue. The wrong PSB mix is guaranteed, I reckon. Plus they might not even include Queen. As I recall, and people are welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, but Queen wasn’t actually on the tracklisting. It was added last-minute, with just a sticker put on the sleeve saying it was a bonus track. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove it from the reissue!

  20. Metal Mickey says:

    Stan Ridgway deserves/d a far better fate than being remembered as a one-hit-wonder novelty artist… The Big Heat album (from which came Camouflage) is excellent, the follow-up Mosquitos is even better, and his previous work with Wall Of Voodoo is also well-worth checking out, especially Call Of The West, a classic “alt-rock” LP…

    Newbies should start with the Songs That Made This Country Great best-of collection, which has the bonus of including the fantastic Don’t Box Me In with Stewart Copeland (from the Rumble Fish soundtrack)…

  21. DaveM says:

    The first Now I bought on cassette and it was never out of the car player for months. What a by -an-large stellar and eclectic line up. Compare and contrast to today’s ‘singles’, either drippy, lyrically banal, auto-tuned, unlistenable genres or all of the aforementioned. It’s not age either, by 1986 I was well past my teenage pop years. A few years after 1986, I was running to the Indy hills and have stuck there since for new stuff.

    • Neil says:

      You are correct that it’s nothing to do with age regarding the current music climate which on a whole is garbage. I mentioned current there but it’s been going on a lot longer than that and to think we had all those classic singles and albums from the 60’s right up to say the 90’s. It’s sad that the younger generation in 20 or 30 years will have no classic singles or albums to look back on from this current era.

  22. Albert says:

    I bet it doesn’t have the 7′ single mix of Hunting High and Low.

  23. Ern says:

    Furniture’s Brilliant Mind has, over the years, become one of my all time favourite tracks.
    There are some great tracks on this compilation, so I’ll get this.
    I’m not being too hopefully that they will put the NOW 7 vinyl version of Opportunities on this CD release, which would be a shame.

  24. Craig Hedges says:

    I thought this was released earlier than August 1986, another big gap since 6 in Nov 1985, and was surprised to see Lady in Red on it. It was actually number one in the singles chart when the compilation was released as it had lingered in the chart a while before getting to the top. I don’t think that occurred very often in Now history…. but I could be wrong.

    • Stephen Roddam says:

      The reason for the gap was that a Hits album came out earlier in the year. In those days there would be a Hits in the spring, a Now in the summer then one of each in the autumn. Spiller’s Groovejet was on a Now album before it was released as a single.

  25. Peter Muscutt says:

    ‘Camouflage’ is a quality song – was only listening to that the other day… God, reading the track list of this makes you feel old.

  26. Carty says:

    If anything, it generates debate.

  27. Strangely Brown says:

    Expect the normal version of PSB then and not the rare mix that appeared originally.

    Crap quality control from a team that doesn’t give a fuck about it all.

  28. mike says:

    Now 7 I think has a rare version of PSB’s Opportunities too. I have no faith in NOW to produce what fans / collectors actually want and in fact ignoring the constant stream of feedback, just is arrogant. They will justify that they are good value 80s compilations, which is fine for the supermarket buyer – but they are not Now 7 etc. A little bit of work and they could produce something which satisfies both markets.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Exactly. ‘We can be bothered to get it right, and not getting it right doesn’t affect sales, so who cares’.

  29. Michael says:

    7 is the one I’ve been waiting for as it’s the only I ever owned. I got it from my mum and dad after I had foot surgery.

    • imsparky4u says:

      Same for me! (minus the foot surgery) I discovered several artists I was unfamiliar with from this comp and quickly became a fan. Made a compilation for someone last week that included New Beginning. This is where I first heard it!

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