McCartney’s new album, Egypt Station

New album announced • Few details • ‘Deluxe’ coloured vinyl is £50  

Paul McCartney‘s new album is titled Egypt Station and will be issued in September.

His 17th studio solo long-player has been produced by Greg Kurstin (except for one Ryan Tedder track) and contains 14 songs, including the ‘double A-side single’ combo of I Don’t Know and Come on to Me. A physical release of this ‘single’ hasn’t been confirmed and isn’t looking particularly likely.

The album is supposed to have a ‘travelogue’ vibe and McCartney has said the following about the it: “I liked the words ‘Egypt Station.’ It reminded me of the ‘album’ albums we used to make.., Egypt Station starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station. So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.”

Despite MPL announcing the album, there is no actual confirmation of formats (and nothing as straightforward as a track listing) but by looking at what’s listed right now in various places, we can deduce that there appears to be a standard vinyl, a standard CD, a deluxe vinyl edition (there is no info at all on what makes it ‘deluxe’) and a coloured vinyl versions of both vinyl options, which are exclusive to McCartney’s store. There is also an exclusive Target edition with two bonus tracks and HMV in the UK have what is presumably the same edition (with two bonus tracks). Finally, a ‘mystery’ super deluxe edition box set is listed on the US site, but not the EU one. Not that there are ANY details, anyway and no ability to pre-order (although you can sign-up to be notified). The US site also only lists coloured vinyl for the non-deluxe version.

To summarise, this campaign has so far been a bit of a shambles. A week of tedious teases on social media, ended up with a ‘reveal’ of the album name on Monday. But rather than then doing the sensible thing and announcing the album, the very next day (yesterday) the focus was suddenly on a double A-side single, that was going to be ‘released’. Before we could say ‘is it going to be available physically?’ the news cycle has now moved on to the album. However, MPL appear to think every snippet of information should be treated like a precious commodity, and are withholding details to a ludicrous extent. So there is no track listing, no information about why a deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl is £50, and nothing about how anything is going to be presented. Not really good enough. If you’re not ready with the details, then WAIT before announcing!!

Egypt Station will be released on 7 September, although given that they clearly haven’t worked out the content for it yet, there’s a fair chance that the super deluxe edition won’t meet that release deadline.

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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - 2LP deluxe vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - standard vinyl LP


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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - CD Edition


106 responses to McCartney’s new album, Egypt Station

  1. Gary B says:

    Red vinyl edition exclusive to Barnes & Noble.
    For US orders it qualified for free shipping.

  2. Eric says:

    For those currently living outside of the US (where the limited CD edition with 2 bonus tracks is still available at, French site lists this particular edition (similar to the Target and HMV editions) as available for €17.99 (roughly $16.20) and – more importantly – without any territory restrictions!!
    Of course, I guess this must operate on a “first come, first served” basis…

  3. Gisabun says:

    Let’s see what happens:
    SDE will not contain the 2 bonus tracks from Target and HMV.
    SDE will be delayed forcing some fans to buy the regular edition first and then the SDE.

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  5. Mark Powell says:

    Paul is just greedy, a sickness

  6. PDS says:

    I think you are overly harsh in calling the MPL pre announcement campaign a ‘shambles’ – it did what it was supposed to do – create interest, comment, anticipation and suspense – the days of the A4 press release are long gone. You do seem to have a bit of a downer on MPL.

    I agree once the announcement was made there should have been details about what was available to order and a tracklist.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You can’t really argue with the views of the fans. As usual, Paul targets casual or non-fans in all his online marketing and manages to alienate (to a degree) the loyal diehards.

  7. Tony Orwell says:

    The deluxe coloured vinyl has been removed from the mccartney store in the uk, sold out or price changing?

  8. Michael says:

    The arrangements and chord changes in “Come On to Me” and “I Don’t Know” are a little reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s more stripped-down song styling from the “Rubber Soul” and “McCartney” albums period. IMHO, Mr. McCartney was very relevant up until the time he formed Wings, at which time he decided to pursue a lighter, albeit somewhat vapid style more befitting the soft rock and throw-away commercial pop sound that was popular during the 1970’s. Because of this, I momentarily lost interest in Paul McCartney, and basically dismissed much of his creative output during that time as Muzak (as even John Lennon was quoted as saying). About ten years ago I re-evaluated Mr. McCartney’s hit singles from the Wings catalog, and now find them charming and nostalgic, but admittedly they are not nearly as inspiring as anything he did with The Beatles or his early solo albums: “McCartney,” “Ram,” and “Band on the Run.” It’s evident that Mr. McCartney still loves writing and performing music, which he should continue doing, and I’m just happy he’s still with us at age 76. I will be getting “Egypt Station” once PMC properly discloses what each offered format of this album has and does not have on it, so I can make an informed decision.

  9. Nick says:

    Paul, can you please ask Mr McCartney and his Record Label why a Double Coloured LP worth £20/£25 Maximum is For Sale on his website for £60 it was bad enough when it was priced at £50.00 and has insanely gone up even more?
    Unless it is signed of course!

    And further more £29 it’s only in America?

    He has lost the plot and everybody should Boycott this LP! And that’s coming from a massive fan who like a lot of people on here has many thousands of pounds worth of Beatles / McCartney Records!

  10. mikeyhavoc says:

    Unbelievable. i had the 1 and 2LP coloured vinyl editions in my shopping basket ON HIS website .returned later to finalise and the 1 Lp jumped 10 pounds and the 2 Lp jumped 20 pounds.

    I have just flipped a switch.

    Add to this we don’t even have any details about what is on the Lp and what consistutes the deluxe versus standard.

    We dont have the details of the super deluxe to know if we should hold off on the ‘deluxe’ to get the ‘super deluxe. While waiting for details on that fans are gauged by prices being upped day to day!

    I have finally had it with Paul. He has control over this stuff. It’s not out of his hands.

    The variety of coloured vinyl ‘exclusive’ to Barne and Nobles, Target edition Cd’s has crossed line for me.

    I have actually lost respect for him as an artist over his approach to marketing his new Lp.

  11. Kevin S says:

    Sound of Vinyl have a whole host of coloured, deluxe, standard editions up at the moment.
    No real details on any though.*/New-Paul-McCartney/?utm_campaign=TheSoundofVinylWeekly2306220618&utm_content=UMGUK12973-567715&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email

  12. Steve says:

    The price for the deluxe double coloured vinyl on the McCartney site just jumped from £49.99 to £59.99

    • Paul Sinclair says:


    • Bill says:

      McCartney has lost the plot £60 for double album is outreageous!!!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s not even 45RPM, it’s 33RPM and has the same music on it as the single LP version.

        • Nigel says:

          It’s great

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            What’s great? A double album for £60?

          • Nigel says:

            Yes. It’s great music. It’s all about the content. I’d pay £100+ for a really good single album, let alone a double. Spin It On…

          • Nigel says:

            What I’d really really love though is a deluxe edition of Flaming Pie. McCartney masterpiece right there…

          • Nigel says:

            Paul, out of curiosity, what’s your all-time favorite McCartney album?

        • Catweazle says:

          Wot – no bonus tracks??

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            That’s correct. No bonus tracks. Both the single vinyl and double vinyl have 16 tracks including 2 interludes. I’m going to run through all the formats tomorrow.

        • anthony says:

          Standard vinyl 140G issue, deluxe vinyl issue 180G

          • Tony says:

            Hi Paul, I don’t think that there are any single LP versions. This makes sense as it would be difficult to get 16 tracks onto one LP, especially if one of them is the 7 minute “Despite Repeated Warnings”. The way I readi it is that the standard and the deluxe are both doubles. Just the jacket/packaging is different – with the deluxe getting some sort of complex “concertina” tri-fold gatefold, possibly made out of canvas. It’d be great if you could get some more detail on all this for us.

  13. Adam Shaw says:

    Paul’s carpool karaoke is on you tube .
    IMO it’s very good even if it’s a part of the promotion.

    • Justin Marley says:

      Cordon wasn’t even born when Wings split nor Dermot who did the band on the run special. It’s always the same questions regurgitated that fans are brainwashed with. Boring. As the set lists he does too. He completely ignores his 80’s period except for here today just because it’s about ‘ John ‘
      Me and John this,me and John that. Even his band must tire of him. I’ve loved him since I was 18 months old. Saw Wings aged 7 with my dad in 1975. Have seen him 9 times and have a huge collection of vinyl,CDs,dvds and bootlegs. However he is sooooo boring in interviews and I see why John, George,ex Wings members got the needle with him. He leaves himself open to ridicule for die hard fans.

  14. J S Allan says: have listed the 16 track CD as an ‘hmv exclusive’. I assume they have the ‘Target’ exclusive for the UK. They did a similar deal with XL for Adele’s ’21’ when it was released:

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This information is already in the post, so not sure why you feel the need to mention…?

      • J S Allan says:

        I read through the post yesterday and didn’t see any mention of it, but I just wanted to clarify that it was the same as the ‘Target’ exclusive, rather than a different ‘two bonus tracks’ edition. I assume you could always not allow my post to appear if you think it’s superfluous. Your response tone is often unnecessarily ungracious considering I (we) consider myself (ourselves) to be part of a (presumably dwindling) community who are interested in sharing information about physical products and I champion your site at every opportunity. No need for snark…we’re all friends here.

  15. Musicmacca says:

    When i first heard ‘come on to me ’ on the you tube video (from the Liverpool philharmonic pub gig ) i loved the guitar riff that followed the first verse and thought it was the catchiest part of the song !!
    Now hearing the official studio release it’s replaced by weak vocals. Shame Paul , I thought that was one of your magical touches but actually just a result of playing it live. Anyone agree ?

  16. elliott buckingham says:

    very surprised the bonus tracks aint download only. it really is about time he called it a day. his voice has gone and his band sound sub-par

  17. Ben Williams says:

    Looks like the deluxe vinyl is:

    180g Double Vinyl, unique tri-gatefold packaging with 16 tracks (14 songs + 2 instrumentals

    According to Amazon..

  18. Mike Williams says:

    With the Target Exclusive version preorders, Target only guarantees the price for one week, so I find it’s best to wait & order one week before street date since the CD usually goes on sale for the 1st week of release and they’ll only match the price if you ordered it within the week before. Also, many of the previous U.S. Target Exclusive Deluxe bonus-track versions by other artists are the same as the International Deluxe versions Releases on many of those CD titles. Usually, the Japanese versions will have the Target Exclusive tracks + an extra bonus track too!

  19. PAUL Fraser says:

    I don’t mind a man in his 70s sounding like he’s in his 70s. But the lyrics are pretty dog rough on both tracks. The slower one is at least listenable. But ‘Come on to me’, with that old voice, just sounds like a horny pensioner trying to pull at the bingo.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      “I Don’t Know” promises much but lacks a decent chorus. “Come On To Me” is actually much more catchy, although it desperately needed a decent middle-eight with a melody that goes somewhere else. As someone else here pointed out, it’s goes on a bit repeating the same vocal melody.

      • Michael D says:

        ‘That Was Me’ Paul. It was a long post and looks to have got lost (you maybe have a character limit on to moderate longer posts?) Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it’s pretty much all been said in other posts. He’s just not finishing lyrics like he had done pretty much since Chaos, and there’s some good hooks lost in songs that haven’t been finished up properly. I think ultimately Greg was intimidated by working with him.

        The more I listen to ‘Come On To Me’ the more I hate the guitar sound, but then when I think of Greg’s production, he doesn’t exactly scream live instruments on anything he produces.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Sorry… I could have sworn it was published?! I saw the James Corden thing last night. Not trying to be a sourpuss, but I didn’t enjoy it at all, really. I guess it was aimed at very casual fans who haven’t watched every Macca interview for the last 30 years or so. Some fun segments, when Paul popped into the hairdressers etc. but the ‘surprise’ gig at the end was a bit of an insult to the intelligence. Regulars not wondering about a big curtained off area and lights/monitors on the floor!? I think I can some up the problem very simply…. in the media Paul only ever reaches out to the very casual audience and never does interviews that would be satisfying to the hardcore fans (the ones that have been buying his albums since 1989 and spending lots of money on reissues!). He should do an interview with me for SDE but he won’t, because he seems to like trotting out the same old stories.

          • Michael D says:

            Very true regarding his interviews. They’re very heavy on John & George anecdotes. There was a time when I would collect every interview, now I make little effort to watch or listen to any interviews where there are no live performances. James Dean Bradfield tried when he interviewed him for the deluxe Pipes of Peace release offering his opinion that it sounded like this was a man who was in trouble, but it got dodged.

  20. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    sorry to say but i’m more interested in “dub sandwich”.

  21. Aaron says:

    I really like the two tracks. The rockier one sounds like an early Wings b-side (in a good way) kinda like Oh Woman Oh Why or Little Woman Love. The slower one is great too. First time listening I wasn’t so sure but like all of Macca’s stuff after a few listens you start to hear the little melodies and changes. Both growers. Give them a chance. The new album will be great!!

    • Randy Metro says:

      Yeah, I got the same early Wings vibe with Come On to Me. It sounded like a cross between Uncle Albert and Live & Let Die (two of my faves.)

  22. Steve says:

    Hi Paul, I found both new songs boring and dull which I am not happy or proud to say being a lifelong dedicated fan. To me, they sound like album filler tracks than actual Double A-Side singles. I sincerely hope that the rest of Paul’s brand new album and any bonus songs are a lot better than these two tracks. The condition of his voice is a concern as I think it does affect the outcome of his songs. I wished he had taken a real break from touring to rest his vocal cords so that he was able to sing as best as he can at this pint in his life.

  23. Mike says:

    I’ve said it before and will (unfortunately) probably say it again: Why does the USA get an exclusive (Target) version, at least give some thought to the local fans?

  24. ANDREW r says:

    Can someone tell me what’s up with his voice ? If you compare it to any of his contemporaries
    he appears to be constantly hoarse. I don’t expect 1968 Paul but it’s frankly unlistenable
    and makes me wince. Singing or talking he sounds like he has laryngitis. As to pricing and product ,you only had to listen to the toe curling interview with jo-sime on radio 2 (is their new show crap or what?) to realise he has full national treasure status and he knows it. Therefore …
    he will release what he likes etc etc

    • Francois says:

      the songs are good, way better than what he offered us on “new” I think. But I agree with you that his voice does not age well and he sometimes sounds like he’s struggling with vowels. But then again, at 76 with nearly 60 years as a professional musician/singer, he still manages to produce good music..
      As for the different editions, I will wait for the final caracteristics before I pre order anything.

  25. APAB says:

    I love Paul’s “I’ve Has Enough” and so I will take his advise.

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  27. Gerbrand says:

    1 Station I
    . I Don’t Know
    . Come On To Me
    . Happy With You
    . People Want Peace
    . Despite Repeated Warnings
    14 Station II
    15 (bonus track Target)
    16 (bonus track Target)

  28. StevieDal says:

    The two new tracks are just fine ( i actually like his old weary voice on the slower one) and will grow on me no doubt . Certainly no worse than a lot of the stuff he’s done before .

    Bad lyrics , not great singing , one album too far ??? Thats what they said when RAM came out !
    It won’t be a classic like that one but lets give it a chance eh ?

    The PR has certainly been a shambles if you have fans ordering one format and didn’t even know they would have the option of another , farcical really especially these days .

    • DaveM says:

      @StevieDal, totally agree with you. Give it a chance and celebrate that there’s a new Macca album coming.
      Now we just need Mr Sinclair to wade through the quagmire of formats in the coming weeks and keep us informed, so we know which one(s) to order:)
      Personally hoping the Japanese version has the same or more bonus tracks as the Target.

  29. Steve says:

    These are the ones that are known, but really without context they’re just words. I’d rather know what the difference between 2LP coloured vinyl and 2LPdeluxe coloured vinyl is before parting with extra cash.

    14 Tracks: (with 2 bonus ones on some editions)
    Station I
    Come on to me

    I Don’t Know
    Happy with you
    Despite Repeated Warnings (A 7 minute multi part suite)
    Station II

    • Steve says:

      I also read on Rolling stone that the Super Deluxe is a hand-numbered box set featuring bonus tracks.

  30. Kenny says:

    Obviously no-one has had the nerve to tell McCartney the sad news that his voice is shot. The two tracks above are painful. Maybe this is one album too far?

    • George glazener says:

      Well,if I suddenly found myself standing beside him, that’s not the first thing I would say to him. Or the second, or the third. I don’t believe there’s a person in this world who would….

  31. Marco says:

    My bet is that the SDE will have the CD, the two LPs, a book and some art cards…but no extra tracks.

  32. Nigel says:

    It’s not a ‘shambles’… It’s a marketing strategy. How many articles have you published about this in the last week? How many comments have been logged on those articles? How many people are talking about this and anticipating each new detail (I know you are…) So, to summarise… It worked. It’s working. It isn’t ‘a bit of a shambles’

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it’s a shambles. I’ve posted two articles.

      • Nigel says:

        And there will be more… Free publicity is the best

        • Andrea says:

          couldn’t agree more. They know very well their marketing techniques, and are fully aware that their teasing strategies will be amplified like hell by music lovers and their sites…

          • Nigel says:

            You’re right, Andrea. They know what they’re doing and, from the reaction this strategy is getting, they’ll likely do it even more in the future. I actually like it and can’t wait for the next crumb…

  33. Guy says:

    With the shambolic promotion of the album in mind, am I the only one also really disappointed that the ageing and largely forgotten British children’s TV stalwarts the Chuckle Brothers do NOT appear in the song / video for Come On To Me?

    The teaser in the above image clearly shows their catchphrase ‘To me, to you’.

    Come on Macca, sort your marketing out! ;-)

  34. Andrew M says:

    What do people think of the two tracks? Mediocre at best is my opinion……..

  35. frank says:

    So…there’s a single colored LP *and* a double colored LP?

    Already ordered the single from the US shop. Would have loved to known about the double as I would have ordered it instead. Confusing and frustrating to say the least!

  36. Just ordered the Target edition with bonus tracks. Meanwhile my local record store had no info about the single that was supposedly released today, nor do they show it arriving Friday, which is typically new release day here in the States.

  37. Charles K says:

    So amazing to still have Paul releasing new music. We have lost a lot of icons way too early, glad he still has ample skin in the game. I really enjoyed NEW, looking forward to this. I am curious as to what features on the deluxe vinyl equate to $50, hopefully bonus 7”’s or a 45 RPM mix.

  38. Leemer says:

    The morose one is good, but that up-tempo one has super bad lyrics. He really should have someone to bounce those off of. Where is Mr. MacManus when he is so badly needed?

  39. RikTheHib says:

    eMail from Paul today (when I got it) has a load of info.
    Let’s see how this pans out eh?

  40. LR says:

    Won’t be purchasing it at all, simply because I don’t like either of these songs, and if these are the lead tracks, well..

  41. Bob Dudek says:

    Even better , I couldnt sign up for an email notification for the release of the super deluxe . VERY shabby Paul …

  42. lloyd says:

    Or then again Paulie wanted a shambolic marketing strategy? If you worked for him would you do anything without his say so? FFS guitarists have been sacked for not playing a solo how he wanted it (at least George had the balls to day ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’ in1969.)
    And what would you have written if you had been running this site when the original Thrillington came out?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Having fun with the marketing is one thing… but after a week of mucking around, when you ANNOUNCE and want people to effectively hand over cash for your products, then *telling* them a bit about the actual products doesn’t seem too much to ask. Does Paul think that’s uncool, or something?

      • lloyd says:

        Are we almost getting into a “Macca does a Damien Hirst” and is just chucking silly prices on things as some sort of (failed) critique of the art world?

    • Gary C says:

      I can imagine a 70’s Paul, and a Paul who is now IN his 70’s, are two very different people.
      PS How many guitarists?

  43. JasonC says:

    The other big news amongst the slew of Macca interviews that came out today is that Paul has confirmed there’s a White Album SDE coming. Awww yeah!

  44. Ben Williams says:

    I am super excited, just want the standard edition to be honest so I can hear the rest of the tracks. I’m loving the new singles and heard a good interview in Radio 2 earlier.

    I have to agree, the pre order links and info have been shambolic; the level of excitement around news of this release could have meant a lot of pre orders had they got all the info and pricing right.

    Surprised that there are no details AT ALL in regards to what for at hold what, even without song titles.

    I managed to sign up for the super deluxe update when it becomes available but if the Flowers reissue taught us anything – don’t get your hopes up.

    But just to get a new album on CD or Vinyl, I’ll be chuffed with that! :-)

  45. Fab Dave says:

    No need to wait until september, according to Record Collector magazine the highly anticipated Dub Sandwich will be released this very friday! ;)

  46. RJS says:

    “no information about why a deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl is £50”

    Judging by the comments throughout this site, “collectors” get over-excited about coloured vinyl and are willing to splash the cash.

  47. Leonardo Lotti Marques says:

    Loved the cover! Now, is it just me or did anyone else noticed that the cover looks strikingly similar to George Harrison’s Gone Troppo from 1982? You can pair those two covers side by side and they will look harmonious! :)

  48. Dave Richards says:

    “I Don’t Know” is pretty good, but man he is sounding every one of his 76 years…
    Kudos to him for still trying.

  49. Nick says:

    £50.00 plus Postage Costs for a Double LP. Oh dear! I’m Guessing Mr McCartney doesn’t want to sell any copies then! LOL I’m out…. and I’m a massive McCartney / Beatles Fan!

  50. Rich459 says:

    Had no idea of the SDE so ordered the Deluxe Coloured Vinyl .

    Have to agree the whole marketing for this has been shambolic and confusing to say the least.

    Staggering for someone of McCartneys standing

  51. Sean says:

    £50 for a duluxe coloured vinyl version….I’m lost for words particularly as there no detail as you said Paul as to why it’s a duluxe version, as a fellow scouser I’m disgusted you recently used the city to promote this release with James Corden, you honestly think this is a good deal? Wake up ( thumbs aloft ) :(

  52. Bjarne says:

    The press release states that the album will contain 14 tracks, but iTunes is now listing 16 (as of yet nameless) tracks for preorder.

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