Out This Week / 20 April 2015

Frank Sinatra / Ultimate Sinatra 4CD deluxe box

Frank Sinatra / Ultimate Sinatra: Centennial Collection

100 tracks for 100 years. This Centennial Frank Sinatra 4CD set is also available in slightly reduced form across two LPs and even a 25-track single disc offering. Read more

Catatonia / Deluxe 2CD reissues

Edsel’s Catatonia reissues are finally a reality. 2CD sets for Way Beyond Blue, International Velvet and Equally Cursed and Blessed. 2001’s Paper Scissors Stone brings up the rear as CD+DVD package.

Various Artists / Synth Pop (3CD)

This new synthpop compilation may not score highly for originality, but you cannot deny the quality of the of music within – close to a dozen number ones and getting on for 50 top ten hit singles. Read more

Rush / A Farewell to Kings (vinyl reissue)

Vinyl reissue of Rush‘s 1977 studio album on 180g heavyweight vinyl with download card.

ABBA CD+DVD deluxe edition

Reissue of a reissue. 2012’s two-disc deluxe of ABBA‘s eponymously titled third studio album is back, this time in jewel case packaging. The DVD features 60 minutes of television performances, including the complete 1976 television special ABBA In Australia.

Tears For Fears / Tears Roll Down (DVD)

Some well priced budget DVD releases out this week, including this classic Tears For Fears compilation. This was originally a VHS in ’92 and then first issued on DVD in 2003. 60 minutes of classic videos. Includes 5.1 and stereo sound options.

5 responses to Out This Week / 20 April 2015

  1. Galley says:

    Early reviews on the Sinatra set are that the packaging is crap.

  2. Alan says:

    What are the other “well priced budget DVD releases out this week”?

  3. Will says:

    What’s happened to the Rush Blu-Ray release? I know they were releasing vinyl album every month but with Blu-Ray’s for 3 albums; Fly By Night, Farewell to Kings and Signals.

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