Out This Week 3 Dec 2012

Smashing Pumpkins / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 5CD+DVD box set

Smashing Pumpkins / Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness 6-disc box set

A massive box set to celebrate the double album from 1995. This set is unfortunately very expensive to get hold of currently retailing at £140 on, as is the 4LP vinyl box, which was available for $26.99 on at one point. Details and various buying links can be found here.

The Bee Gees / Mythology reissue

 Bee Gees / Mythology repackage

Excellent four-disc set from 2009 which devotes a disc to each of the Gibb brothers, now packaged in a CD sized case rather than the previous ‘bookset’. Only a tenner on, so it seems rude not to pick this up. More here.

The Blow Monkeys / Animal Magic 2CD reissue

The Blow Monkeys / Limping For A Generation and Animal Magic Deluxe Editions

Superb two-CD sets from this rather underrated 1980s pop band. Animal Magic features their breakthrough hit Diggging Your Scene and both reissues are packed with remixes, demos and B-sides. More here.

The Jam / Classic Albums 1977-1982 box set

The Jam / Classic Album Selection

All of The Jam’s albums collected together in this stocking-friendly box set. Available for less than £20 in the UK. More here.

Blur / Parklive three and deluxe five disc sets

Blur / Parklive

Blur’s summer Hyde Park gig available on double CD, DVD and five-disc deluxe casebound book box set. More here.

Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Collection

Unbelievable 63CD set containing 59 albums covering Cash’s Columbia years from 1958-1990, plus three bonus discs. We have an extensive photo gallery of this set. More here.

The Prodigy / The Fat Of The Land 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

The Prodigy / The Fat Of The Land reissue

This new issue of the album comes with a bonus disc of contemporary remixes. More here.

Can / The Lost Tapes vinyl box

Can / The Lost Tapes vinyl box set 

Five 180g vinyl records with a 28-page booklet in this box set of unheard recordings. More here.

2 responses to Out This Week 3 Dec 2012

  1. Chris says:

    According to reviews on Amazon, there is a significant defect on the vinyl during the track “Zero” – will be interesting to see if it gets fixed. I’m going to hold off on buying it for now, although I did purchase the digital version to hear the extras. Some really interesting things included.

  2. AlanDistro says:

    Counting down the seconds until my Mellon Collie box arrives…

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