Out This Week / 6 January 2014


The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 12B 1972

The Complete Motown Singles series comes to an end with this five CD collection which also includes the usual seven-inch vinyl within the front cover. This was our Deal of the Day back in December; check that post for full track listings.


Elvis Presley / Elvis The Movie Soundtracks (20 CD box set)

20CD box set featuring all Elvis‘ movie soundtracks plus three new compilations.


Hazell Dean  / Heart First (expanded CD reissue)

Cherry Pop have repressed their Hazell Dean reissue. Heart First is her 1984 album, and this comes with seven bonus tracks, including 12-inch versions, B-sides and other rarities. Dean herself wrote the notes for this.

2 responses to Out This Week / 6 January 2014

  1. Mychael says:

    The Elvis box doesn’t have a DVD. And it’s ‘just’ 20 CDs, with one of these being a new compilation of three soundtrack EPs.

    Great box though – bought it on Saturday. The tracks are all (as expected) new Anisini remasters. Unfortunately they didn’t include some of the later movies (“Charro”, “Change Of Habit”), but they probably hold them back for “The Complete Elvis Album Collection”… ;-)

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