Out This Week / on 1 July 2016

It's Immaterial / Life's Hard And Then You Die 2CD Deluxe Edition

It’s Immaterial / Life’s Hard And Then You Die (2CD deluxe edition)

Almost 160 minutes of music here, including It’s Immaterial’s Dave Bascombe produced debut album (remastered), all the B-sides & extra tracks, those amazing extended versions and a Peel Session. If you only know ‘Driving Away From Home’ take a chance, this is a fantastic album. Read more

Bat For Lashes / The Bride (new album)

Natasha Khan returns with the fourth Bat For Lashes long-player. The Bride is a concept album that follows the story of a woman whose fiancé has been killed in a crash on the way to the church for their wedding.  Read more

Eric Clapton and Guests / Crossroads Revisited (3CD box set)

A three-CD set gathers nearly four hours of live music from the Eric Clapton-founded Crossroads Guitar FestivalRead more

The Stone Roses / All For One (CD single)

The Stone Roses’ rather underwhelming new single All For One gets a physical release. Read more

Ab Fab / vinyl picture disc

With the new movie imminent, Demon are issuing this vinyl picture disc which features two classic Ab Fab episodes (‘Death’ and ‘Happy New Year’) licensed from BBC Worldwide. You can’t watch them of course because this is a record…

Wendy & Lisa / Expanded reissue

The 2013 expanded version of Wendy & Lisa‘s 1987 album, which features the singles Waterfall and Sideshow is made available again. 

10 responses to Out This Week / on 1 July 2016

  1. Rik Skyline says:

    The Stone Roses are a tad overrated.

  2. Charles K. says:

    Really looking forward to getting my copy of Its Immaterial, love the album. I have this site to thank for the exposure. Still can’t believe I missed them back in the day.

  3. Neil says:

    £4.99 for a one track CD single who in their right mind is going to pay that apart from the fact the song is poor.

  4. mike says:

    Cmon what do you expect after 21 years….

  5. probablyrustin says:

    So the AbFab is really just the audio from the episodes? How utterly strange… A bit of a non-sequitur of a collectors item, if you ask me.

  6. Michel D. says:

    Is the Stone Roses cd single really a one track only??

  7. Neil says:

    Had to buy It’s Immaterial from Amazon as only they and Burning Shed had it available for preorder.

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