Out This Week on 1 March 2019

Sam Brown / 43 Minutes remastered

Gary Numan / I, Assassin green vinyl

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Best of Everything 1976 – 2016

Leo Sayer / The Hollywood Years

Bryan Adams / Shine A Light

Doctor Who / The Daleks’ Master Plan

Snow Patrol / When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up / vinyl remaster

Roisin Murphy / Overpowered (2LP orange/pink vinyl)

Roisin Murphy‘s 2007 album gets a welcome reissue on coloured vinyl, having been extremely limited when issued on the format originally.

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Roisin Murphy

overpowered - 2LP coloured vinyl


Tim Bowness / Flowers at the Scene

Tim Bowness‘ fifth studio album is produced by no-man (Bowness and Steven Wilson) and features an impressive list of contributors including Peter Hammill, Andy Partridge, Kevin Godley and Colin Edwin. Mixed by Steven Wilson, Flowers At The Scene, is available as digi-pak CD and gatefold LP+CD. Coloured vinyl can be ordered via Burning Shed.

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Tim Bowness

Flowers at the Scene - black vinyl + CD


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Tim Bowness

Flowers at the Scene - CD


KT Tunstall / Eye to the Telescope (red vinyl)

KT Tunstall’s debut album features hit singles ‘Suddenly I See’ and ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’. This red vinyl edition is released to coincide with KT’s tour dates throughout the UK in March. Available from the SDE shop.

Weezer / The Black Album

Weezer‘s thirteenth studio album is technically self-titled although it has become known as The Black Album. Four singles have already been made available and the album is finally out this week. Good price for the vinyl.

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Black Album - vinyl LP


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Black Album - CD


Freya Ridings / You Mean The World To Me (limited CD single)

SDE always likes to support those who support physical music, and so is pleased to highlight this two-track CD single from upcoming talent Freya Ridings. This is limited to 500 copies and is exclusive to Amazon in the UK. Freya’s debut album is released next month.

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Freya Ridings

You Mean The World To Me (Amazon Exclusive)

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Amazon uk   24.99




19 responses to Out This Week on 1 March 2019

  1. Ryk says:

    Canadian band Marianas Trench’s 5th album, “Phantoms,” is out Friday. The last 3 albums have been superb (assuming you like their style of pop/rock) – each of them somewhat of a loose concept album. Amazon Canada has Phantoms listed, but there are bundles available from the band’s label, 604 Records also.

  2. Dave says:

    Amazon France have Bruce Springsteen vol2 under £100

  3. Steve says:

    How many Tom Petty best ofs can they make? I know he died but come on!

  4. Mark says:

    Don’t for get the new Danielle Dax 30th anniversary CD reissue of Dark Adapted Eye, which is a brand new release from the excellent Rubellan Remasters reissue label. It’s a beautiful new remaster with bonus tracks not previously on CD.

    Sadly, the label has announced it will be their last reissue, after 6 awesome reissues in 2018, including their highly praised Visage debut reissue. They stated several reasons why they are stopping but the main problem seemed to be a hard time getting responses from the major labels and a bunch of cancelled releases. Very sad since I have every one of their reissues and they are all some of the best quality I’ve ever heard.

    • CJL says:

      Hi Mark. Is the D. Dax only available direct from Rubellan Remasters? $14 postage for one cd is a little excessive! Can’t find any mention of a UK release. Cheers.

    • Francesco says:

      Mark, thank you so much for mentioning the Danielle Dax reissue. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and if you hadn’t mentioned it, I never would have known about it. Just ordered a copy. My only question is: where is “Pariah”?! Seems odd it was left off.

      • Mark says:

        The label currently has it listed on their website, Amazon USA and Discogs, and I think eBay. They do have wider distribution but usually focus on direct sales to start with to help earn back some of the licensing cost before they give it to their distributor. That $14 postal cost is because of the frustrating shipping rates that keep going up at USPS, but you can get two CD’s from them for no additional shipping, so get another one of their great titles or a second copy of Danielle Dax if you have a friend who would want one. This is a USA only release but if it does become more widely available it will be at an import price.

        Pariah was not included on this version because the label said they wanted to include mixes that were not available on CD before. I’ve supported all of their releases, even the ones I wasn’t familiar with, and I haven’t had any regrets. Rubellan Remasters were a bright light in the reissue market and will be very missed.

  5. CJL says:

    And don’t forget, the new Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard album is out on Fri!

  6. Straker says:

    That Roisin Murphy album is a synth-pop masterpiece. Your life is significantly poorer if you don’t own a copy.

  7. Stuart says:

    A general comment regarding ‘items out this week’, or any week since Christmas come to that…

    I’ve found that since the turn of the year, unless an album is an ‘Adele’ type new release (i.e. a stick-on big seller that the supermarkets will stock) then you can’t actually buy it unless you go online.

    I live/work close to 2 HMV stores and 2 FOPP stores and whilst I appreciate they’ve had their issues, they haven’t received any stock this year, thus forcing me to go online to pick up the recent Bowie live issues and will likely do the same for the new Dream Theater album (apparently it’s out. but no shop stocks it!)

    It’s great that HMV survived, but they won’t last long unless they sort out supplies of new stock

    • Wilfred says:

      they were in administration and until everything to do with that is sorted out they won’t receive releases from the record companies

    • Dan says:

      Yes it is frustrating, even though they’ve been saved, they still aren’t getting in a lot of new releases. I went to buy the Lost 80s compilation today and they get any in stock and still can’t order any. I’ve ended up ordering from Amazon.

      • Auntie Sabrina says:

        HMV Meadowhall had the recent Chaka Khan and Arianne Grande CDs and the new Halloween blu-ray, so don’t give up hope just yet. You can leave them online feedback if you ask in store for one of those little cards with the details on.

      • Caroline says:

        HMV/Fopp are, inevitably, concentrating on things that are more likely to shift at the moment. They’re range of new releases is still pretty reasonable however – they were a week late with the standalones from the “Loving The Alien” box but they had Sleaford Mods, which you would never have found in a supermarket. They’ll need a wee bit of time to settle .

  8. Chris Squires says:

    First saw Freya Ridings perform Lost Without You at the SPOTY 2018 awards, over the obituaries. I listened to the words and cried my eyes out. It’s a beautiful song. £1.99? wow back to the future prices for a physical single. It takes a lot for a modern piece of music to pierce this 1980s heart.

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