Out This Week / on 1 September 2017

The Verve / 20th anniversary Urban Hymns 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition box set

The Verve / Urban Hymns (super deluxe editions)

Not one, but two super deluxe edition box sets mark the 20th anniversary of The Verve‘s 1997 big selling album Urban Hymns. A 4CD+DVD set and a rather lavish 6LP vinyl package are on offer. Read more

T. Rex  / Remixes (3LP vinyl and 2CD)

T. Rex. Remixed. The red vinyl 3LP set sold out in a day, although mysteriously, Amazon UK appear to have some stock again. Also available on 3LP black vinyl and two-CD. Read more

OMD/ The Punishment of Luxury (new album)

OMD‘s 13th album is issued this week in a wide array of formats, including a signed super deluxe ‘book’ edition (great price on Amazon Germany) which features an exclusive demos CD and the album on red vinyl. Read more

Steve Winwood / Greatest Hits Live  (4LP and 2CD)

SDE readers aren’t impressed with the album cover art and a live ‘hits’ set wouldn’t be the top of most fans’ Winwood wish-lists… but despite this, we are probably willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt and ‘risk’ picking up this set, the 2CD of which is particularly cheap in the USA.  Read more

Hue and Cry / A Pocketful Of Stones (new album)

Hue and Cry‘s new album is released this week and comes as this rather impressive box set edition. Unboxing video coming in the next few days! Read more

The Sisters of Mercy / Some Girls Wander By Mistake / vinyl box set

The Sisters Of Mercy / Some Girls Wander By Mistake (vinyl box)

Rhino reissue an expanded edition of The Sisters Of Mercy‘s 1992 compilation Some Girls Wander By Mistake as four-record vinyl box set. Read more

Various  / Music From The Motion Picture ‘Popeye’ (2CD deluxe)

A two-CD deluxe edition of the music to Robert Altman’s ill-fated Popeye. This is interesting, since it includes the previously unreleased score (by Thomas Pierson) and similarly previously unreleased demos by Harry Nilsson, including two songs written for the film but never used.

Hans Zimmer / True Romance score (vinyl)

Hans Zimmer‘s original score to Tony Scott’s True Romance is issued on vinyl LP – the first time on any format. Also includes a bonus seven-inch. Read more

20 responses to Out This Week / on 1 September 2017

  1. Gary Russell says:

    Also out this week (theoretically) is the Depeche Mode CD single version of Going Backwards. I say theoretically as Amazon seem determined not to offer it for sale and just have a placeholder for it.

  2. Rickjapan says:

    Hi Paul, thanks as always for your great content.

    Am I the only one getting this? The above links are all OK except for the OMD and Steve Winwood ones, which give me a warning screen saying the link is not safe and I could be compromised (with information such as SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER). I’m not a tech knowitall, but I remember accessing these pages when you first put them up with no problem.

    I use a Mac with Firefox, by the way. Just thought I’d mention it on the offchance, I’m not particularly inconvenienced or anything, but it just seem strange.

    As always, best wishes, and hope the camping was/is good. We just had a missile launched over us from North Korea, it probably wasn’t a Love Missile F1-11…..

  3. MikeW says:

    Tried to get OMD 4 disc box set on Amazon DE – its a listing error, as when your shopping basket comes up for the final stage the item has changed to Die Cut Vinyl version only – not the box set at all! The price also goes up a few cents, but that is enough to know something is wary. As that version is the item shown on the order you have no redress either, or may have to pay return postage when the item you receive is not the box set, so beware (its like Amazon links for an album at a very low price then takes you to single of the same name!).

    Disappointing, but the price was just too good to be true (check OMD’s official store to see what they are charging).

  4. John Lloyd says:

    OMD now sold out on amazon Germany.

    Also out this week and of interest to many here are the memoirs of Chris Difford from Squeeze.

  5. Gordon Downs says:

    If memory serves the Verve box was £42.99 when 1st announced – now £54.99! I think I’ll wait a bit.

  6. Stevie B says:

    Also worth noting here is that the deluxe edition of The Cure’s Three Imaginary Boys (with 20 bonus tracks) has recently been re-issued and is currently available on Amazon UK for £6.99p. This was originally released as a deluxe set in 2004 but has long been out of print and only available at ridiculous asking prices.

  7. Jase Jarvis says:

    Thanks Paul saved $30+ by getting the OMD box set on Amazon Germany, pledge wanted £27 to ship to the U.S!!!

    • Gisabun says:

      Pledge asks too much for shipping. With the last studio release [FEAR] from Marillion was a super deluxe edition. Some buyers complained of bad shipping packaging such as dented corners.

  8. Michael says:

    Heads up: The ‘Popeye’ soundtrack has been delayed until Sept. 29

  9. Arthur says:

    I guess I’m the only one who likes the Steve Winwood cover lol

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