Out This Week / on 10th May 2019

Howard Jones’ new album Transform

Classic Cuts collected on Classic Cuts

Paul McCartney unveils Egypt Station ‘Traveller’s Edition’ box set

Michael Nesmith / Loose Salute reissued on limited edition clear vinyl

‘Booth and the Bad Angel’ coloured vinyl

Whitesnake / Flesh & Blood (new album)

Flesh & Blood is Whitesnake‘s 13th studio album.

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Flesh & Blood - CD edition


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Flesh & Blood - 2LP vinyl


14 responses to Out This Week / on 10th May 2019

  1. MüllerMüller says:

    Hmmmm – i wanz to buy the Howard Jones 2cd mediabook – but in Germany (Amazon JPC) -very very expensive!! Why……..???

  2. T-Bone says:

    Watch the videos from the Fleash & Blood tour on YouTube and you’ll think twice about buying the new album.

  3. stevieb says:

    Final batch of reissued Cilla Black albums coming Friday. First one features the albums Sher-Oo! and Modern Priscilla, second double disc set includes the albums Cilla and In My Life.

  4. stevieb says:

    Not such a quiet week for fans of Manfred Mann. Out this Friday are four double CDs of BBC sessions, live tracks and various other rarities (Paul Jones years, Mike D’Abo pop period, Manfred Mann Chapter 3 and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) with almost everything previously unreleased. Also on vinyl.

    • Robert Laversuch says:

      Hi OMG despite so many music mags or maybe because of such a glut of info I totally missed this. Thank you for heads up. Ordered!

  5. MusicFan says:

    I am massively looking forward to the new Howard Jones album!

    The tracks I have heard so far have been exceptional.

    I can’t wait for the tour at the end of this month to hear the new songs live.

  6. Gisabun says:

    Still love the stuff/junk that are included the Mecca’s box set/mess:
    “An exclusive copy of a handwritten note from Paul”. Now if it was an original, that would be more interesting.
    “Travel memorabilia including “travel itinerary”, postcards, baggage tickets and first class ticket.” – Woo hoo! Probably cost maybe 50 centers to mass produce.
    “Egypt Station luggage stickers” – There’s another 50 cents to produce.
    “Egypt Station playing cards” – Wonder if they are some cheap cards or maybe the quality used in Lost Wages. I’m guessing the former.
    Unless bloody cheap, this is why I don’t by these box sets.

  7. Kauwgompie says:

    There is also a 2cd deluxe edition of Howard Jones new album Transform. Here is the link on Very expensive. If anyone finds anything better priced, pls let me know.

  8. Chris Squires says:

    Very quiet week, thank goodness. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of those that bought the suitcase though.

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