Out This Week / on 11 December 2020

Mansun / Closed For Business 24CD+DVD anniversary box set

The Kinks / Lola 50th anniversary

Shakespears Sister / Our History

James / Live in Extraordinary Times

Toyah / Sheep Farming In Barnet

Killing Joke / The Singles Collection: 1979 – 2012 / 4LP coloured vinyl

Roxette / Big of Trix

Roxette / Bag of Trix: Music from the Roxette Vaults

The Killers / Imploding The Mirage

Neil Young / After The Goldrush 50th anniversary reissue

Frankie… Say it again on UMC

Ace of Base / Happy Nation (clear vinyl LP)

Ace of Base‘s 1992 debut has sold a staggering 19m copies worldwide. It features the hits ‘All That She Wants’ and ‘The Sign’.

Compare prices and pre-order

Ace of Base

Happy Nation (140g Clear Vinyl) [VINYL]


35 responses to Out This Week / on 11 December 2020

  1. Jonathan Riley says:

    so I am curious about how come the remixes that were on the original ep cd singles weren’t on the ep’s on this box set
    They could have added one more disc for the remixes on the ep’s and everything would have been on the ep’s as they were originally

  2. Callum Peters says:

    Anyone noticed how poor the mixing is on the live stuff that’s been mixed by someone called “PDub”? Check out the groove on Love Is at V2000 from the original live stereo mix ( then compare it to the new mix. The new mix has the bass almost wiped off, presumably because Paul Draper is still trying to make people think Stove King couldn’t play when all the live vintage mixes show he was a decent player. On all the other gigs there are strange drop outs on the bass that are clearly the result of what is essentially self sabotage.

  3. Steve Jamieson says:

    wow what a set and what a size. lots to do the next few weeks.
    Thanks Paul

  4. Larry Davis says:

    The only thing I bought was the surprise drop album, new Taylor Swift “evermore”…sister album to “folklore” and features collabs with the National, Marcus Mumford & Haim!! Only announced 24 hours ago…2 surprise albums & 5 months apart…bought 2 copies (1 each 4 me & friend & long sleeve tee called “forever is the sweetest con”, haha)…eventually, I will get the others but that had to come first…if after January there are Shakespeares Sister & Mansun boxsets, will buy…not now though…

  5. Gavaxeman says:

    That Mansun box is humongous…safely arrived for Mrs n to wrap up and put away for Xmas

  6. David says:

    Belle and Sebastian – “What to Look for in Summer” – 2CD live album.

    • Albais says:

      Also on double lp (no download code) and as digital download that includes an extra track not in any of the other formats…

  7. Dodge says:

    The Mansun box arrived promptly this morning. Will see me through Christmas with all the music, video and books.

  8. Jonathan Riley says:

    also received this from Shakespears Sister store

    Due to a production issue beyond our control the I Can Drive CDs are not numbered.

    We will offer customers a 10% discount on future store products as compensation. Code will be announced at a later date.

    Kind Regards,

    Shakespears Sister Store

  9. Murray Robbins says:

    Mansun. CFB arrived today! Wow!
    Thanks for the great service Paul and congrats. also for a tremendous year for SDE.
    I think logging on every day really helped us as a “physical product community”.

    FYI there is a SDE of Japan’s superb “Quiet Life” imminent and Cheery Red have announced Be Bop Deluxe’s final studio outting “Drastic Plastic” for 2021. A landmark Nelson release as is the Red Noise “Sound on Sound” album. Crossed fingers they will do that too. Hope you can continue to give editorial space to Bill.

    Best Murray

  10. Philip Wilson says:

    Just had the message that my Mansun boxset from SDE store was being delivered today. Let operation ‘Hide it from the Wife’ begin. Then read the finer detail, coming between 4.30 and 5.30 (when she will be out). Result.

  11. Kauwgompie says:

    With all the excitement of the Prince, Tears For Fears, Elton John, Divine Comedy and Ultravox excellent SDE’s as well as the German 3 for 2 and some other Black Friday deals, I completely forgot about the Shakespear Sisters SDE I ordered months ago. I filed away my irritation about a good amount of vinyl being included that I will never touch as well as the outrageous shipping price to the USA ($44 if I remember correctly), just to get the expanded CD’s. They better not reverse course and release those separately. I’m not surprised that this very exclusive box is still available even though they only printed 1000 of them. Greatly looking forward to it.

  12. Stephen A Sears says:

    Paul, do you realize how many of your readers would love to take you out for a drink? I think most of us find this site a great escape from the world. I even watch unboxing videos for SDEs I have no interest in! Lol

    Thanks so much for all you do.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Stephen. One of these days we’ll find an excuse to have that drink…

      • John Archbell says:


        You’re also one of the main reasons why I’ve been so broke this year!!


        All the best (as McCartney says) and have a great Christmas!

        PS I don’t want to see your name appear on my social media again this year.

  13. Paul Wren says:

    Yes – our postie gets a Xmas card and £20 for the sterling work he does in delivering tons of vinyl to me safely and leaving it in prearranged safe places if we’re out. Top man!

    • Alan B says:

      You are lucky. I get a change of postie very frequently. And even then we rarely get him delivering every day as a temporary substitute will be used frequently most weeks. And it’s a miracle if I get anything before midday. One of those substitute posties delivered my mail at 5.20pm a few weeks ago. A few years ago I got fed up with LPs being left under my “Welcome” doormat outside my front door in all weathers. It got so bad I got rid of the doormat. I have stood on many not realising there was a record underneath. Leaving unattended packages is against Royal Mail policy but they do it all the time. I’ve complained to the local head post master. Didn’t even get a reply the last time. Mind you makes a change for the previous ones where he promised to have a word only for a new postie to begin the round and it all start up again. In my previous town he was like your postie. Top bloke, regular as clockwork and never left unattended parcels. Luck of the draw I guess.

      • WayneUK says:

        I have to agree with you here. Our postie can change every day of the week sometimes. We had one a few years back who was regular for about 3 years, he was great, but then they changed him to another round and now we seem to get anyone. I’ve had packages turn up delivered by people who have received them by mistake further down the road, others who have just been left on the front door step in all weather. I’ve complained, but no change. The post seems to be a law unto itself nowadays.

  14. Jonathan says:

    I got the zoom link for the Shakespeare sisters pre-order and its processing
    The only good thing is I paid for them when I Pre-ordered so now don’t have to worry about payment

  15. Joel Ivins says:

    shakespears sister…my last SDE for the year…i have to say that with the seeds of love, jewels pieces of you and now the sisters…i have thoroughly enjoyed an SDE a month for the last three months(had to pass on sign o the times)…and it is all due to paul and his timely information…have also enjoyed the comments and such…sometimes very entertaining…best wishes and a safe and happy holiday season to everyone who gets a thrill just seeing there is a new email from SDE

  16. David says:

    Paul, what do you think of the Neil Young? Recommended or not?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I would like to see what this new cover effect is like but I’m not paying £100 for a vinyl record so it’s the CD for me.

  17. Philip Wilson says:

    Paul, can you confirm the Mansun tracklist is as you first published? Have asked Paul Draper on Social Media, he points you to the official store, who do not have the tracklist. Originally spotted a few ommisions, but he said everything was on there so wondered if it had changed.

  18. CJ says:

    Pre-ordered the Shakespears Sister and Roxette sets already, and very much looking forward to both. The Shakespears Sister was a bit of a debate at the price their charging, especially when I’ll never use the vinyl, but I couldn’t pass up getting the expanded CDs.

  19. Peter Muscutt says:

    Waiting to see the effort on my postie’s face when that Mansun set is delivered. Maybe I ought to get them a Christmas card this year… or some sort of weightlifter’s belt! Thanks for the video, Paul – can’t wait for it to arrive. Plus the sweetener of the limited bonus CD of course. Merry Xmas! (Is that too early??)

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