Out This Week / on 11 September 2020

Richard and Linda Thompson / Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982 box set

PJ Harvey / To Bring You My Love

Suzanne Vega / An Evening of New York Songs and Stories

The Flaming Lips / American Head (new album)

The Flaming Lips return with their 21st studio album, American Head. The 12-track album is produced by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann.

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The Flaming Lips

American Head


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The Flaming Lips

Flaming Head - vinyl LP

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Roachford / Twice in a Lifetime (signed CD)

Roadford‘s much delayed new album is finally issued this week. Pick up a signed CD edition.

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signed CD

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Not The Nine O’Clock News / Hedgehog Sandwich splatter vinyl

Following last year’s Not The Nine O’Clock News box sets, you can now pick up the vinyl individually, including this exquisite ‘hedgehog splatter’ version of Hedgehog Sandwich. The first album is also available as a ‘gob on you’ green vinyl pressing!

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Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not The Nine O' Clock News - Hedgehog Sandwich (180g 'Hedgehog Splatter' Vinyl) [VINYL]


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Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not The Nine O'clock News (180g 'Gob on You' Green Vinyl) [VINYL]


57 responses to Out This Week / on 11 September 2020

  1. CJ Feeney says:

    Umusic on Twitter now saying they will offer downloads and replacement discs to people affected by the Hard Luck Stories playing/ripping issues.

    “Hey uDiscover shoppers! We’re aware of issues affecting some CDs in a small number of the Richard & Linda Thompson 8CD boxed set, ‘Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982’.
    Having spoken to the manufacturer, it appears likely that these were caused during the hand-packing process

    “If you have been affected please email, including proof of purchase, and we will send you a download code for the full contents of the package. If you request them, we will also arrange to send replacement discs to you.

    “If you have been affected please email, including proof of purchase, and we will send you a download code for the full contents of the package. If you request them, we will also arrange to send replacement discs to you.”

  2. CJL says:

    Update. My R & L Thompson box has been dispatched! I’m not complaining, but WTF are Amazon playing at?

    • Beechlander says:

      No idea, I had the same mixed messages from Amazon (yesterday then October then tomorrow) before it arrived today. Fine looking set it is too.

  3. Larry Davis says:

    Well, just checked my order and it says my Richard & Linda Thompson box will arrive in NY between September 20 & October 7, not bad…my boxset list are that, the Prince, Bob Mould & TFF…not too shabby!!

  4. Stan Butler says:

    Got an email from Amazon this morning telling me the Richard and Linda Thompson box is delayed.
    Estimated arrival date now : October 02 – November 04 !!
    Anyone know the reason for this and why did they wait until the day of release to inform me?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure what’s happening. We’ve shipped all the SDE pre-orders and have availability >

      • graeme ewan says:

        Hi Paul, can you assure me there is no issue with any of the Richard and Linda sets you supply please? What is actually the issue with the production of this set? 2 boxes already returned to 2 seperate points of purchase. both with playing and ripping faults. UMC surely have to be accountable to buyers,and sellers such as yourself, alike. This is costing everyone a small fortune in shipping and return costs for faulty product. Can we get a “headline article” on SDE anytime soon please? Thanks in advance. G

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Hi Graeme… I have no idea if any of the SDE stock is problematic. Our stock was all shipped last week before this came to light. I have been in touch with UMC and was expecting them to issue some kind of statement. Will try and update tomorrow. P

    • hedley says:

      Well Stan, I think you are in good shape !

      Here in the Great State of Michigan, I got notice this morning to expect delivery of the Thompsons (the box set not the actual Richard and Linda) October 7th to November 25th from

      Looking for to round this off nicely by messing up my Bob Mould autographed box set.

      And since the USPS has become “unreliable” I am expecting Christmas delivery for both

    • Jonathan Riley says:

      My new delivery date email gave september 20th to October 14th for delivery of the set
      Im sure it will come sooner since i dont think is shipping without tracked to the USA during pandemic

    • Stan Butler says:

      Update: Email now telling me the package has shipped and will arrive Monday. Hopefully others will recieve similar messages.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I got an identical message yesterday (Friday) despite my account page saying all week it would be delivered on Friday .
      Then today I got a despatch notice email saying it would arrive tomorrow (Sunday).
      Amazon are infuriating sometimes.

  5. CJL says:

    Well, no Richard & Linda Thompson box for me today. Just received an email from Amazon UK saying that delivery isn’t due until the end of the month. Curiously, some places do seem to have it in stock (eg therecordstore). Paul, did you receive your stock?

  6. Andrew Abley says:

    Called into the Local Sainsburys and they are selling off a number of thier special editions for £10.00
    Mott The Hoople CBS years – orange
    T-REX Gold – Gold
    Hank Marvin – Throw down the line
    Small Faces – ogdens nut gone flake – red
    GO Girls women of Red Bird – Red
    Couple of Dr Who’s

  7. David says:

    I have my hands on the Richard and Linda and at a physical level it’s gorgeous! (Obviously the music is – very nearly all – great as well. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this one.

  8. Nico says:

    fingers crossed that i’ll really get the thompsons’ box set for 30€ from and that my preorder’s for tears for fears and thin lizzy will both pass there as well for only 20€ each (!)

  9. Dave says:

    Is the Richard and Linda Thompson box being officially released in the U.S.?

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Andrew Batt (on Steve Hoffman forum) said at time of announcement that it would be released in USA and announced once some legal clearance was sorted out.

      But I haven’t seen any update on that recently. It seems to have dragged on longer than anyone expected.

      If Mr Batt pops by, he may be able to update us.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        Andrew Bart posted this yesterday on SHF:

        Warner Brothers/Shoot Out The Lights is holding up US release- it may never com out officially in the States- we’ll see.

        Most of the live stuff on Disc 5 is new, and a smattering of the other live recordings on the other discs. I hated the mix and master of the live in concert 1975 cd so didn’t want to use any of that, and the live cd is out there so it didn’t really need to be on the box anyway. I did do a new version of Things You Gave Me though, and the other two 75 tracks are the original Guitar Vocal versions which are to be preferred. I may go back to those ’75 tapes and do a new mix- i don’t think they always used the right takes either. As to QEH concert, the recording is incomplete- i used everything apart from one song, and the ‘muslim’ tour from ’77 is all that survives. I did want to use the whole of the second set of the Bloomington ‘tour from hell’ concert, but couldn’t get a consensus on the tracks, which was a shame as its an incredible show and some of the performances were imo flawless. I think its case closed on that especially as Rhino put out a live disc from the tour on the deluxe they did of SOTL.”

        • Larry Davis says:

          Hey…my Richard & Linda box is coming (I’m in the US), happy I was able to get it around the fact no official US release… what’s Warners’ problem??…coupla questions…is the box the same size as the Bobbie Gentry box he did prior?? And what’s up with the Gerry Rafferty sessions?? A friend wants to know, as he knows their connection well & is a huge hardcore Rafferty fan…hell, he even travelled from NYC to Scotland to Rafferty’s funeral and got on Scottish TV news that covered it…also, received my Yello box from JPC Germany, beautiful & love the care they exuded in packing/shipping it, very impressed!! Lastly, and this is interesting…3 releases are out Friday that join forces between the Outlaw/alt-country/Americana world and the alt-rock/pop world…one is the Flaming Lips as acclaimed cosmic country artist Kacey Musgraves is on 3 songs, second is Marilyn Manson as his new album is a total collab with Shooter Jennings (Grammy winning son of Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter) & third is groovy psychedelic country artist Elizabeth Cook whose new album “Aftermath” is produced by Butch Walker!! She’s like Sheryl Crow’s hippy dippy eye-poppingly dressed cousin…

          • CJ Feeney says:

            Od suggestvgoing to the Hard Luck Stories thread on Steve Hoffman and search for Andy B s posts. Lots of questions answered. The Rafferty question is asked multiple times.

            Both Richard and Linda said no to the excluded tracks. Only the ones previously released on RTs Watching the Dark and LTs Dreams Fly Away are included here.

  10. SANDY COWAN says:

    if you want a good autograph, get it early on in a bands career when they care. best i ever got were Edgar Froese and Philip Glass.

  11. SeanL says:

    Signed CD’s by Steps & Amanda Holden on Amazon right now……….. press that order button now before it’s too late !

    • Stan Butler says:

      Is this the collaboration the world has been waiting for?
      Always thought that Amanda was the ideal person to push Steps to the next level of musical creativity.

  12. Mearsi says:

    James McCartney sold a signed version of his CD via his website. He really shouldn’t have bothered. It’s barely even his initials.

    • SeanL says:

      James McCartney is by far the worst signature I have received in 40 years of buying music memorabilia, I was so p***ed off about it I haven’t actually listened to the CD lol !

  13. Alan Crane says:

    Also available on ‘Red and ‘Alien Emissions’ Orange Vinyl’ is the third Not The Nine O’Clock News album ‘ The Memory Kinda Lingers’

  14. Dean says:

    My Richard and Linda was ordered through Amazon UK, and currently shows “Arriving Fri, 11 Sep “. I don’t slavishly look at the dates to be honest, they get here when they get here. Take the latest Brian Eno releases…. I’d pre-ordered those, and the first arrived on Friday, and the second arrived today. Folks in the US have had theirs for a week. I think the pandemic continues to do it’s thing.

    Which brings me to new releases – I’ve been waiting for something new to be announced that I can get excited about, but it seems nothing much is being release in the coming months. I know a lot depends on the type of thing you like (a lot of you enjoy 80’s and 90’s pop, but it’s not my thing) but there’s usually two or three things that get me out of my chair…. not lately though. I mean, the R&L is new, but I have all the albums in it, and I ordered it in July…. feels like I’ve owned it forever already. LOL

  15. RichG says:

    I posted this on Hot Rats (Supergrass related) article but that’s pretty old now, so probably not very visible. The “Turn Ons – 10th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Signed Exclusive)” 3CD/DVD Box set is back available on Amazon UK. It “sold out” very quickly during lockdown, but it’s there now at £26.99. Turn Ons – 10th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Signed Exclusive)

  16. Gary Fowles says:

    I’ve just received an email from Amazon UK saying they have no release date for the Richard and Linda Thompson set. Hope it isn’t too delayed.

  17. Jonathan Riley says:

    My richard and linda Thompson preorder from now says delivery date pending. I plaved it when they had the cheap price

    Hopefully its not too delayed

  18. DaveM says:

    Looking forward to the Flaming Lips, the tracks I have heard so far are the best since The Soft Bulletin IMHO.

  19. Danny says:

    Has anyone else had an “item not available” email in their Richard & Linda Thompson preorder from Am*zone?

  20. poptones says:

    Big fan of the Flaming Lips, American Head is their 16th studio album. The total should be 23 if are included the cover albums (Dark Side of the Moon, Sergent Pepper, Stone Roses debut album), the Christmas album (under moniker Imagene Peise), the Fwend series (2 albums) and the collaboration album with Deap Valley as Deap Lips.
    It’s 21 if the Christmas album and Deap Lips are excluded (because they haven’t been released under the name Flaming Flips).

    One of the best bands I’ve seen live. You can even bring friends who don’t know the band and they will like the show and the music. That’s the beauty of Wayne Coyne and his band. They’re really amazing on stage.

  21. CJ Feeney says:

    I had the good fortune recently to find “RT (with Linda) at the BBC” used (but good condition) for just under £30. What a great set. Looking forward to the new box.

  22. Simonf says:

    Inspired by the separate release of the Not The Nine O’Clock news albums, I used the SDE search engine to go back to last years Not… box set. Wow, that’s steep! thought I looking at the widget price at Amazon UK; £97.51. Nevertheless I clicked it, and went through to Amazon to find the price was £57.99! Wot a bargain, and you get a nice box to put them all in and a booklet.
    So I treated myself to that (it actually works out about £10 cheaper than buying all three LP’s separately). Very nice package, and should hopefully arrive around my birthday. Amazon have four more to these box sets left if anyone else is interested, and the vinyl is coloured as with these separate releases.

  23. Caroline says:

    Andrew Roachford must have a portrait in his attic that’s looking a bit rough because he does not seem to have aged at all…

    • SimonP says:

      My wife and I always say that, too! We’ve been been to see the band live several times and Andrew bounces around like he’s in his twenties still. Can’t help noticing that his voice is a little gruffer these days, though.

  24. Alan B says:

    The delayed Suzanne Vega “And Evening of New York Songs and Stories is finally out on Friday. Managed to bag one of the 200 red vinyl editions with signed set list. Also the new Doves album is out. Just had an email from them with a “win a signed test pressing” offer if you order from their store. I already had so I’m in automatically. They included a picture of it. The autographs are awful. First names only. Three dreadful squiggles. They only had to sign one of these. Surely it’s not too much to ask for full, proper and clear signatures?

    • Rak says:

      It’s disappointing when a keenly anticipated limited signed edition comes back with a decipherable vague squiggle. I have complete sympathy for an artist given a large number of items to sign and some (for example Paul Young in the SDE shop) do take care and time over the task.

      However, my perception is that music items are generally not signed as clearly as books. Anyone got any other examples of nice autographs (or indeed poor ones)? And I won’t get started on fake autographed items (signed White Album, anyone).

      • Phil says:

        I got the recent signed Elbow CD from Amazon thanks to this site – I’m really pleased to have it, but it’s literally four squiggles. I can tell which is Guy’s as I’ve seen it before and it looks vaguely like “GG” but the rest could be anyone.

        Check out the autograph of John Convertino from Calexico. It’s beautiful!

      • Alan B says:

        You are right about book autographs being a whole lot better than music ones. I bought the new Hamilton Leithauser LP a few months ago – signed edition. Worst autograph I’ve ever seen. Signed it bottom left of the cover and could have been signed by a 2 year old. I have a signed CD edition of his first solo album and it is much better.
        I have loads of Manic Street Preachers autographed items. They always sign them beautifully. As does John Lydon. He’s got a new book coming out – all copies individually numbered and autographed. All 10,000 of them! I really wouldn’t want to sign my autograph that many times. I’d be driven insane. He can’t possibly keep up a high standard of autograph that many times can he?

      • Matt S says:

        I ordered a copy of the last Chrissie Hynde solo album that came with a signed print. Had I not known who the artist was, I could have never deciphered it from the signature. The first character looked vaguely like a “C” and good luck with everything after that. The real kicker was that they included an ad insert promoting her new book (more expensive) with a signed nameplate and the signature on the advert was as clear as day…

  25. Stan Butler says:

    Expecting the Richard and Linda Thompson box this week.
    Hoping it won’t be squashed into one of those rubbish flat Amazon envelopes.
    Any creases and it’s going back.

  26. Joe Embleton says:

    Morning Paul, Robert Plants Digging Deep (7″ Box Set with Book) is currently only £61.40 on Amazon UK. A good reduction from the £80 initially asked.

    • Paul Murphy says:

      Also on Amazon UK today, Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’ Super Deluxe at £59.29. And I thought my ‘Deal Of The Day’ price of £82 was a bargain some months back!

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