Out This Week / on 13 March 2020

Tears For Fears: box sets available again + SDE booklet & vinyl pic disc

Clannad / In A Lifetime anthology

ABBA / Live at Wembley 3LP vinyl

ABBA / Live at Wembley / 3LP vinyl

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Hexagonal Phase / 3LP vinyl

Maria McKee / La Vita Nuova

Maria McKee / La Vita Nuova

Toyah / Coloured vinyl reissues

Following the Toyah Solo CD box set, Demon are issuing coloured vinyl pressings of five of her solo albums including Minx, Prostitute, Ophelia’s Shadow, Take The Leap and Velvet Lined Shell.

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Minx (180g Translucent Red Vinyl) [VINYL]


22 responses to Out This Week / on 13 March 2020

  1. Jose M Mendez says:

    So, what’s the verdict then for TEARS FOR FEARS reissues?

    Are they both sold out for real? Or is it just a stock & distribution issue that will get solved?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The deal is that The Hurting was a week late, which caused delays, and their appears to be no more stock since Universal can’t supply SDE with any more of either box.

  2. gwynogue says:

    I haven’t heard ANYTHING from Amazon, which really bugs me. If the TFF boxes are delayed, fair enough, but they should at least f*king tell me! Usually if there’s a delay now/ahead, Amazon send me an email about it and offer a cancel or refund, but it’s just dead silence. The only indication that something’s amiss is the money’s still in my account.

    I missed ‘Hurting’ and ‘Chair’ boxes first time around so I hope I don’t miss out again.

  3. Paul G says:

    If anyone is still looking, have both SFTBC and The Hurting box sets in stock .

  4. Paul Taylor says:

    Oh well, the world works in mysterious ways.
    The Hurting delayed/dog sick for 2 days/order for both boxes cancelled to cover vet bill. Universal must’ve known she was going to be ill

  5. Robert says:

    Well Zoom is delivering Songs but told Hurting delayed but more stock on way!

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Same with Record Store. SFTBC in stock but The Hurting ‘More Stock In Soon’. That is particularly worrying since they are an outlet of UMC who are publishing the bloody thing! Bizarrely Banquet Records site implies they have it….

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Every retailer is in the same position with The Hurting. Universal aren’t going to be able to supply it to ANYONE until the middle of next week at the earliest. NO ONE has it right now.

        • Paul Taylor says:

          Oh well, at least we know it’s across the board.
          Thanks for that, Paul

        • John 79 says:

          Yes Amazon,the same,even though at 4am it was saying the Hurting boxset would be delivered today but then same as everybody else,I’m gutted,I was really looking forward to enjoying this boxset

        • Jonathan Riley says:

          Does that mean people who ordered both from your store will have to wait until they both come in stock for shipping

        • Jonathan Riley says:

          So have you got the hurting set in yet for people who have ordered from your store. Just wondering since mine still shows paid but unfilled
          I also never got an email about the delay

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Hi Jonathan – we started shipping them yesterday. We did send out an email, but it didn’t get to everyone due to a slight cock-up. I’d encourage you to follow SDE/the SDE shop on twitter and facebook since it was mentioned there too.

  6. Quante says:

    Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for the Tears For Fears booklet, which has just come through the letter box. The front cover is stunning – you must be proud of what you’ve produced?

    I’ve only read the introduction page so far, which sets the scene really well, and am looking forward to reading the rest later on.

    Talking about good reading on making records, I’d recommend the book on Prince by Duane Tudahl. The paper back version, which I’m currently reading through, is the definitive version of the recording sessions in 1983 / 84. He’s got a new book out in 2021 covering the 1985 / 86 Parade and Sign ‘O’ The Times period.

    Thanks once again for the booklet – I much prefer this format to the Simple Minds one.


  7. Chris says:

    I am SO excited about the Maria McKee album. It’s been a very long 13 years since Late December. I hope my preorder is rushed out and I don’t have to wait too long for delivery to me in Australia.

  8. K says:

    Also, Factory Benelux’s re-re-releases of The Other Two’s albums (same as previously reissued) just shipped.

    But now there is a bonus disc that you can order as the add-on “second disc” to either album. You just can’t order it by itself.

    • Gerd says:

      I remember on the original (re-)release there was also a Bonus Disc. I have to check it out at home if this one is the same or really exclusive.
      Bei the way, the LTM shop Looks very similar to the Factory Benelux shop.

      • Klaus says:


        According to the Discogs-listing there is no bonus-CD for both albums re-issued, just the exact same bonus tracks as in the 2010 editions on LTM records bringing the running time of both albums up to more than 75 minutes.
        What there is is a cd named “The Other Disc” exclusive to order for buyers of one of the two re-issued albums from the Factory Benelux-website, including eight (!) different versions of the track “Swing”, two of them released before on a 12″-vinyl-record in 2011 accompanying an exhibition by Peter Saville and Anna Blessman and an additional track named “Satisfied”, earlier released in 1995 in a 12″-vinyl-record of the song “Innocence”. The running time of this is about an hour: 55 minutes of “Swing”, 4 of “Satisfied”.

  9. Stephen dC says:

    I see David Gray’s White Ladder 2CD has come down to a respectable £8 on Amazon.

    Now just need Neneh to follow suit..

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