Out This Week / on 13 September 2019

Prince / Emancipation, Chaos and Disorder and The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) reissues

Prince / Trio of mid-nineties albums reissued on CD and vinyl

XTC / Black Sea 200g vinyl reissue

XTC / Black Sea 200g vinyl LP

Haircut One Hundred / Pelican West Plus 2LP expanded coloured vinyl

SDE presents Kate Bush: Before The Dawn 'keepsake' A4 booklet

SDE presents Kate Bush: Before The Dawn ‘keepsake’ A4 booklet

Prince / Sign ‘O’ The Times / 1987 concert film reissued as 4-disc deluxe

INXS / Dekadance vinyl LP

INXS / Dekadance vinyl LP

Mott The Hoople vinyl reissues

The Cult / Sonic Temple 30th anniversary expanded sets

The Cult / Sonic Temple 30th anniversary expanded sets

Pixies / New album Beneath the Eyrie

Stereolab continue reissue campaign

Belinda Carlisle / Runaway Horses 30th anniversary SIGNED vinyl box

Belinda Carlisle / Runaway Horses 30th anniversary vinyl box

The Monkees / Christmas Party (vinyl LP)

Hate to mention the ‘C’ word so early, but let me just tell you that last year’s rather great Monkees Christmas Party album is released on vinyl this week.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Monkees

Christmas Party [VINYL]


17 responses to Out This Week / on 13 September 2019

  1. John Barleycorn says:

    Away from the concept of holding the music in your hands I see that Peter Gabriel has issued a 62 track “album” of rarities on Tidal, Spotify and other streaming platforms I presume… I wonder what Paul and other readers make of that?

  2. probablyrustin says:

    If you act fast, Rough Trade UK (and I’m sure a few other scattered indie retailers) have the Stereolab reissues available on clear vinyl. Just had the trio shipped to me today!

  3. Le Baron says:

    I heard there would be a second batch of Prefab Sprout vinyl reissues this october (Andromeda, Gunman, Protest Songs and Steve McQueen).

  4. Colinthebruce says:

    Red box (yes red box!) 4th album out this week. If it sounds like the first two “singles” then we could be in for the best one since Circle and the Square. Waiting patiently for vinyl announcement.

  5. Tony says:

    The new Supergrass box set looks great, all the vinyl are picture discs, £150 with the signed print

  6. Paul E. says:

    Cherry Red have four Dinosaur Jr. remastered + expanded 2 CD releases set for release on September 27th: Green Mind (1991), Where You Been (1993), Without A Sound (1994), and Hand It Over (1997). It looks like they cover all the b-sides and the second disc in each set contains a live show recorded from the corresponding year of release. I ordered these a few weeks ago and can now forgive myself for missing the 2006 U.S. and 2012 Japan previous remasters (these have more non-album tracks and the extra live concert on disc two).

  7. Tim-Meh says:

    There’s an excellent Muse boxset that was announced over the weekend, and for once its pretty good value for what you get – 9 CDs and vinyl.

    • Wayne C says:

      Yes I got information about that from Muse seems like a great set to own , roll on Saturday when I see them for the umpteenth time.

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      Looks like an intriguing set from Muse, more an expanded reissue of their first two LPs, so a different way of reissuing rather than separately. Seems to be early demos, early EP tracks, the first two albums, their 2011 Reading festival gig and the first two LPs on coloured vinyl and a hardback book with removable inserts like early gig posters and set lists. About £125 it seems… it’s on the Christmas list!!

  8. stevieb says:

    Also out this week on DVD and Blu Ray: John & Yoko – Above Us Only Sky, new documentary that aired on Channel 4 in the UK last winter but now released commercially, with a small amount of bonus content. Reviews at the time of the broadcast were positive and includes an interview with Yoko.

  9. Dean says:

    Only the Pixies of interest to me. I’d actually forgotten I’d pre-ordered it.

  10. David says:

    Belle and Sebastian: “Days of the Bagnold Summer.”

  11. CJL says:

    Amazon UK list the Cult set as being released on the 20th Sept.

  12. G. De Wilde says:

    Glad to see finally adjusted its price for the Emancipation vinyl edition. Ordered of course!

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