Out This Week / on 16 August 2019

Todd Rundgren / Coloured vinyl reissues

ZZ Top / Goin’ 50

Florence + The Machine / Lungs: 10th anniversary coloured vinyl

Ride / This Is Not A Safe Place

Ride / This Is Not A Safe Place

Spear of Destiny / The Virgin Years (4CD clamshell box)

Great value 58-track four-CD package rounds up all of the releases on Virgin Records in the late 80’s by Spear Of Destiny. Features two studio albums with bonus tracks, a CD of extended versions and 1987’s Live at Hammersmith Odeon. Also includes a booklet with detailed sleeve notes. Sounds like a great little package!

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Spear Of Destiny

The Virgin Years


Kim Wilde / Aliens Live

We’ve had Kim Wilde‘s Here Comes The Aliens album back in March last year, the deluxe edition in October and now comes Aliens Live, which as you might gather from the title, is a live album of the tour. Double CD and 2LP vinyl offer plenty of hits.

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Kim Wilde

Aliens Live - 2CD set


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Kim Wilde

Aliens Live - 2LP vinyl


Lionel Richie / Hello From Las Vegas

Lionel Richie‘s new 12-track live album showcases his recent residency in Las Vegas. Available on vinyl and CD.

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Lionel Richie

Hello From Las Vegas


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Lionel Richie

Hello From Las Vegas [VINYL]


16 responses to Out This Week / on 16 August 2019

  1. Jules(Rules) says:

    This is weird. So they did remaster “I Gotsta Get Paid” to what looks like really good dynamics but could not manage to do that with “Piece” (which is at least level-shifted as to not be so goddamn loud) and the live tracks??

  2. Paul Mac says:

    Frank Turner’s new album No Man’s Land is also released this Friday. It’s almost a concept album, telling the stories of various women throughout history whose stories have largely fallen out of memory or been overlooked. He’s doing a series of podcasts where he looks into the story of the woman or women celebrated in each song, which is about halfway through its run at the moment (it’s being released at a rate of one episode a week, on Wednesdays).

    Bundles/signed stuff/exclusive blue vinyl still available from his store here:

  3. Sami says:

    New album, “Infest the Rats’ Nest” from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is also out on friday.

  4. Ryk says:

    Not exactly this week, but on the 20th of August Sixto Rodriguez’s 2 studio albums are re-released. If you are not familiar with Rodriguez or the interesting “mystery” of his disappearance, then watch the excellent “Searching for Sugar Man” documentary. Great music too!

  5. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Thanks for the Spear of Destiny Set Information.

  6. Shane says:

    Orange vinyl with that yellow/green sleeve is quite a choice, Kim.

  7. O(+> Peter B says:

    Glad to see the Ride album mentioned. Their last one Weather Diaries was so good, as was the Tomorrow’s Shore EP. I’ve got a great September ahead of me, seeing Ride and Swervedriver shows a fortnight apart in Melbourne. Shoegaze September!
    I also saw on the Paul Weller Instagram page that a P.P. Arnold album came out last week featuring contributions from Weller and Steve Craddock.

  8. Steve Holt says:

    There’s a 5cd version of Godley and Cremes Consequences out this week.

  9. DON COOPER says:

    “Where can I find Lionel Richie?”

    “Asleep at home in L.A., probably.”


  10. Gisabun says:

    Wondered how many people were didn’t know that there was a 3CD coming out later and bought the 1CD edition.

  11. Marcel Rijs says:

    Kim Wilde’s 2LP is pressed on orange vinyl, by the way… Usually you mention this Paul. :)

  12. eric says:

    Kim Wilde CD is done. Can’t wait for this release.

  13. JPMM says:

    Hi everyone thank you for these news. The Kim Wilde’tour last year was fantastic. I saw Kim in Live in 2018, London & Paris, It’ was so great. Can’t wait Aliens Live! We love Kim in France too.
    Good day to everyone :)

    • DIFI65 says:

      Kim Wilde’s first ever live album :)
      Can’t wait to hear this.
      She’s so great and rock live with her band.

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