Out This Week on 17 February 2017

Golden Earring / Complete Studio Recordings (29CD box set)

Legendary Dutch rockers Golden Earring see their long career celebrated next month with a 29CD Complete Studio Albums box set. Read more

Falco 60

Sony Germany issue a new Falco compilation across three-CDs, 2LP coloured vinyl and two-DVDs! Read more

Jethro Tull / Stand Up (Steven Wilson Remix)

Jethro Tull / Stand Up: Steven Wilson Remix (vinyl reissue)

The Steven Wilson stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1969 album Stand Up is issued on vinyl and CD. Read more

Angelo Badalamenti / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (2LP vinyl reissue)

Death Waltz Recordings follow-up last year’s vinyl reissue of the music from the Twin Peaks TV series with a double vinyl set of the music from the 1992 prequel feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. This time Angelo Badalamenti‘s music is pressed on ‘Cherry Pie’ coloured vinyl rather than the previous ‘coffee coloured’ pressing!

Tim Bowness / Lost In The Ghost Light (new album)

Tim Bowness (of No-Man) returns with the concept album Lost in the Ghost Light. The CD+DVD combo is tremendous value, offering a 5.1 mix of the new album and 2015’s Stupid Things That Mean The WorldRead more

Pete Townshend / Rough Mix (vinyl reissue)

Pete Townshend‘s 1977 collaboration with Ronnie Lane is reissued on vinyl. Features loads of famous musician friends, including Eric Clapton, John Entwistle and Charlie Watts. Who Came First, Empty Glass and All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes also reissued.

Iggy & the Stooges / Raw Power (2LP vinyl)

Iggy & The Stooges third album Raw Power is reissued on double 180gram vinyl with the first record featuring the original classic David Bowie mix of the album and LP 2 with the later Iggy Pop mix.

Big Star / Complete Third Vol 2: Roughs to Mixes (2LP)

Omnivore issue a second volume of Big Star‘s Third outtakes on double vinyl.

New Order Presents BE MUSIC

This triple CD and double vinyl package is a is a new compilation of productions by members of New OrderRead more

15 responses to Out This Week on 17 February 2017

  1. Larry Davis says:

    You didn’t list the new Icehouse 12CD/3DVD box “The Complete Collection” on Universal Australia out today…it’s pretty expensive, and there are a few things missing, but it looks 90% fine…

  2. Mr X says:

    Re: soundtracks, I’ve been waiting for the waxwork release of morricone’s the thing score.
    Released today and already one version sold out, so was going for the white vinyl version and including shipping it’s $54 to the UK.

    And that’s a single lp set!

    Can’t take the risk with customs whacking on their charge and then the post office doing the same.

    I hope somehow it’s licensed for release in the UK (hopefully not thru zavvi!)

  3. Chris S says:

    Not the spelling of PT’s surname, you’ve got *People* as his first name Paul!
    Amazon UK has Rough Mix & Who Came First as released this week, with Chinese Eyes & Empty Glass released March 17.
    Shame they didn’t do expended deluxe editions as the vinyl isn’t that hard to find.
    In fact, was just listening to my Classic Records copy of Rough Mix.

  4. Steve says:

    Twin Peaks vinyl is more like £38 if you order it from an actual record shop rather than Amazon. It’s a lot of money but it is (in my opinion) one of the greatest film soundtracks ever.

  5. Paul Murphy says:

    ‘People’ Townshend, Paul? Shurely shome mishtake.

  6. Charles Christopher says:

    Wait, “PEOPLE Townsend”? Is that right?

  7. gwynogue says:

    Looks like Big Star are taking the Neil Young approach to cover art…

  8. Le Baron says:

    Was interested in the Twin Peaks 2LP set…until I saw the price… :(

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