Out This Week / on 17 July 2020

Depeche Mode / Violator: The 12" Singles vinyl box set

Depeche Mode / Violator: The 12″ Singles / Limited edition box set

Joy Division / Closer reissued on clear vinyl for its 40th anniversary

David Bowie / Tin Machine II reissue

David Bowie’s Tin Machine II to be reissued on coloured vinyl and CD

Bob Dylan / New album Rough and Rowdy Ways

Bob Dylan / Rough and Rowdy Ways

Queen / Studio Collection back in print

The Lickerish Quartet / Threesome Vol. 1 EP

Introducing… The Lickerish Quartet

JARV IS / Beyond The Pale

Essential / Level 42

Level 42 / Essential 3CD set

David Bowie / Absolute Beginners

Absolute Beginners soundtrack reissued

Fiona Apple / Fetch The Bolt Cutters

The Hotrat / Turn Ons 10th anniversary 3CD+DVD signed by Gaz and Danny

The Hotrats / Turn Ons 10th anniversary expanded deluxe edition

Be Bop Deluxe / Axe Victim deluxe

Pretenders / Hate For Sale

Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency 3LP coloured vinyl

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency stars Harry Enfield as the singular detective in this full-cast BBC radio dramatisation of the novel by Douglas Adams. First broadcast on Radio 4 in 2007, this comedy sci-fi drama is presented on triple coloured vinyl with an exclusive sleeve note by Dirk Maggs.

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Douglas Adams

Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency - 3LP coloured vinyl


19 responses to Out This Week / on 17 July 2020

  1. The Misnomers says:

    I may be late but wanted to share – I just saw Dave Hemmingway from Beautiful South/Housemartins fame has a new album out with his new band Sunbirds and it’s only £10 (+£4 shipping to US) on their website (! Now if only he’d release his impossible to find solo debut, “Hello Cruel World.”

  2. martin farnworth says:

    sucked in now to buying the DM boxes. i hold Paul Sinclair partially responsible for the unboxing videos :) Decided i wouldn’t bother at first. Now got the last four. Decided i’d stop with Violator as it’s the pinnacle for me . Although with SOAD next not sure i’ll have the discipline.

  3. Peter Coulson says:

    It is great to see Weller top the album charts in five separate decades. It is even more astonishing when you think that his two greatest albums, All Mod Cons and Setting Sons (both from the 70’s) never reached number one at all: otherwise he would have set a unique record of top albums across six decades. “You waste my time when my time comes…”

  4. Larry Davis says:

    3 titles I have on preorder you do not have listed…the Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks) “Gaslighter”, this David Sanborn anthology & new Ellie Goulding…yes I stuck with following her career…

  5. Kauwgompie says:

    Would it be possible to add to your pricing widget? It would be very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Nelson Lee says:

    New album by Kansas out this Friday.

  7. O(+> Peter B says:

    Nice to see Paul Weller’s On Sunset album debuting at number 1 on the UK album charts, giving him number 1 albums in 5 consecutive decades. Australians like me trying to get the deluxe CD from JB Hifi have to wait at least until 17 July for it, not too long. Hopefully it doesn’t get pushed back, such as has happened a few times with getting the Prince One Nite Alone box set over here.
    I heard The Buzz by The Pretenders in the last week and was really impressed

  8. 2wicky says:

    Hi Mark,
    the same question occured to me last year. I did a little google research back then and the result was that if you have a good pressing then the colour of the vinyl shouldn’t make any audible differences.
    You might suffer bad sound if the raw material is of inferior quality (e.g. recycled vinyl etc.) but that has nothing to do with the colour of the vinyl in the first place.
    The only pressings which are inferior in sound quality by design are picture vinyls – those are produced for optical pleasure but not for sound fetishists. Basically these are not ‘pressed’ like a regular vinyl disc but you can imagine these as transparent flexi discs glued onto printed cardboard.
    Hope this helps :-)

  9. CJ Feeney says:

    HMV have listed a coloured vinyl edition of Absolute Beginers, but don’t say what colour.

  10. Mark says:

    Beginner’s question: is there any difference is sound quality between opaque and transparent vinyl pressings?

    • colm47 says:

      One’s a bit clearer than the other!!

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Theoretically, at least, black vinyl should resist degradation from sunlight better than translucent vinyl.

    • Michael says:

      Info from a manufacturing plant below


      (Surface noise 1= quietest / 8 = noisiest)

      1. GGR Black vinyl

      4. Transparent Colors (Blue, Green, Clear, Gold [orange], Transparent Red, Coke Clear, Fluorescent Colors)

      6. Non-Mixed Opaque Colors (Pink, Red, Yellow, Violet, Brown)

      7. White

      7. Opaque Mix (Mixing opaque and translucent color(s) in particular; and also tend to have visible “staining” after a few hundred records, which can be seen in certain light).

      7-8. Random Color / Recycled Color Shades

      8. Hand-made variants

      8-10. Glow In The Dark / Glitter Records

    • paul William wren says:

      Transparent or clear vinyl is the purest form of vinyl and therefore the best sounding vinyl. Any colour (including black) introduced into clear vinyl technically worsens the sound as it has slight magnetic qualities which interfere with the pick up on the end of your tonearm. High end systems are more likely to reveal these differences. Avoid modern picture discs like the clappers unless you just want to look at them and not play them – picture discs from the eighties and beyond tend to play much better than their modern counterparts due to different manufacturing processes back then.

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