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Jethro Tull / Stormwatch 40th anniversary ‘Force 10’ deluxe edition

The Cure / 40 LIVE – CURÆTION-25 + ANNIVERSARY deluxe box sets

Chris Rea / 2CD deluxe reissues

Chris Rea / The Rea-issues

Stone Temple Pilots / Purple reissue

Stone Temple Pilots / Purple reissue

Marvin Gaye / What’s Going On live

Groove Armada / Twenty One 4CD deluxe set

Groove Armada / Twenty One: 4CD deluxe edition & 2LP coloured vinyl

Five Star / Gold (CD or vinyl)

Generous triple disc CD set offers realistically all the Five Star most people will want with two discs of single versions and a third of 12-inch versions. The gold vinyl is a more straightforward 14-track affair.

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Five Star

Gold - 3CD set


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Five Star

Gold - coloured vinyl


31 responses to Out This Week / on 18 October 2019

  1. Mary Dryson says:

    There isn’t a single Jethro Tull album that is in need of the Steven Wilson box set treatment more than 1982’s “The Broadsword And The Beast.” It not only needs a remix, but Tull wrote close to 4 albums worth of material for the album…..some of it still in the vaults. One of the songs, “Motoreyes,” is on a late 80’s box set that is no longer in print. The outtakes are better than several of the album tracks, and they are scattered across too many compilations. “Nightcap” has a number of them, and that compilation is out of print as well. Wilson and Ian need to get all the “Broadsword” outtakes on to one compilation, and combine them with tracks that are still in the vaults. “Broadsword” is actually one of the band’s biggest releases in terms of sales in Europe. It would truly be a shame if Wilson were to stop with “Stormwatch.” BTW…..I think “Crest” is a fantastic album as well. But they have to do a “Broadsword” box set. I don’t care if Ian has to hire another engineer besides Wilson to do it. Too many songs spread across too many releases.

    • george glazener says:

      @Mary Dryson; I wholeheartedly agree….It was an excellent album even in it’s released form, so just imagine some of the outtakes and demos without the synth treatment and production values. I bet Ian has over a hundred songs we poor fans have never laid ears on yet. What an incredible musical talent he is..! Let’s storm Hadrian’s Wall tomorrow and march on the gates of Tullington Manor to voice our demands…!!

  2. Sean Hewitt says:

    Just had an email from Burning Shed re: the Jethro Tull Stormwatch set. They are also putting the release date back to November 15: “We are sorry to say that due to a mistake by Warners there was not enough stock left to supply all of the UK and Irish independent shops who wanted copies.

    “(To be clear, we placed our order with Warners four weeks in advance so they were aware how many copies we needed. Normally, these arrive about a week ahead of the release date so that we can start packing).”

    • george glazener says:

      “Out of Stock” at too..!! What the heck is going on? I just took delivery of the first one which I ordered 3 weeks ago, but I can’t order a 2nd copy at this time. Is this a Short Print Reissue or just a temporary shipping hiccup…?

      I wish I’d ordered several Songs From the Wood 2 yrs ago. Heavy Horses seems to be still widely available.

  3. Stan Butler says:

    Dan McCafferty’s “Last Testament”, his first album since sadly having to leave Nazareth due to illness, comes out this week.

  4. CJL says:

    According to Amazon UK, the Tull set has been delayed until Nov 15th! Delayed by a month, two days before it was due to be released. Grrrrrr!

    • John Manning says:

      Very frustrating. I had this from Amazon uk overnight:

      “Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:
      “ Jethro Tull “Stormwatch (The 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition)”
      “stimated arrival date: November 20 2019 – November 21 2019”

      I’ve had this kind of notice in the past though, only for a release to turn up on the original date. Sometimes wondered if it was more to do with a supply/quantity issue. Lessee!

      • Stuart Ansell says:

        Burning Shed have just emailed to say

        “We are sorry to say that due to a mistake by Warners there was not enough stock left to supply all of the UK and Irish independent shops who wanted copies.

        (To be clear, we placed our order with Warners four weeks in advance so they were aware how many copies we needed. Normally, these arrive about a week ahead of the release date so that we can start packing).

        As a result of the error, the UK/Ireland release date has been put back to 15th November 2019 while they make some more copies. The 18th October remains as release date for everywhere else outside UK/Ireland”.

        Very poor from Warners, great communication from Burning Shed.

    • Juerie says:

      Burning Shed said, they pulled it back only in UK and Irland, the release date for the rest of the world is still on 18.10.

  5. george glazener says:

    Broad question; I have not listened to much Marillion yet, but I am curious. Which albums would you all suggest as essential listening to get me started? Are they much like Genesis, as in having several period styles over their career? Thanks..!

    • EdwinM says:

      Look at te back. If it says Fish, buy it.

      • Chris Squires says:

        My nephew, aged 25, would say…”Look at the Back, if it says Steve Hogarth – buy it”. He’s seen them a dozen or more times so it’s greater than a passing phase.

        Being a tad older I would agree with Edwin about Fish, but it goes to show you’ll have to just dive in George. Everything I have ever heard has been pretty good to superb.

    • Phil G says:

      I’m a newcomer to their back catalogue but I particularly love Clutching At Straws (not just a great Marillion album but a great album full stop).

      Misplaced Childhood and Brave are also worth investigating.

    • Shawn C. says:

      I love Marillion. If you don’t know the band I’d recommend tracking down a copy of the 2005 double CD collection Best of Both Worlds. It’s an excellent summary of both eras of the band and how I first got hooked.

      As far as albums. My favorite from the Fish era is Clutching at Straws, though Misplaced Childhood is also outstanding. Of the albums released with Steve Hogarth, of which there are many, my favorites are Afraid of Sunlight (coming out soon as a reissue), Marbles, and their most recent- F.E.A.R.

    • Michel D. says:

      @George Glazener:
      Go with Misplaced Shildhood, then Brave, Clutching at Straws, Marbles, Afraid of Sunlight and F.E.A.R.

  6. Jon says:

    A-Ha’s reissues also come out this Friday.

  7. Colin Harper says:

    Even for a Jethro Tull fan, it’s hard to feel much love towards any releases after ‘Broadsword’ in 1982, though ‘Under Wraps’ (1985) seems much better in retrospect than it felt at the time – and here is one case in which a remix WITH REAL DRUMS ADDED in place of the cringingly 80s programmed drums – would be a massive improvement. A case could be made for ‘Crest of a Knave’ (1989) being the last ‘good one’, though I’m not wild about it personally. Beyond that, do enough people care?

    • Erik says:

      I must say I’ve always really liked Roots to Branches and thought of THAT as their last great album (I try to pretend Dot Com never happened). I even have a soft spot for Rock Island as that was the first tour I saw them live and has a few really good songs (especially Whaler’s Dues) but a lot I just skip over. I do agree that returning to Under Wraps and re-doing it with actual instruments would be wonderful as I hear very good songs in there just really badly executed (always thought all the synths sounded way too much like 80’s Dr. Who soundtracks) and had probably Ian’s last truly great vocal performance.

      Who am I kidding, I want the entire catalogue released in this special edition book format and would even buy the ones I don’t really care for.

  8. MFG says:

    Which Jethro Tull albums pre-Stormwatch have NOT been reissued in the DVD-sized hardcover book format? Filling in the gaps should be the next priority, before tackling Tull’s ’80s output.

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      ‘Benefit’. It was remixed by S. Wilson, but only released in digi-pack form.

      All others are now released as books up to Heavy Horses.

      If you’re watching Chrysalis, I’d be happy to just buy an empty book, and pay you good money for it!

  9. oskar says:

    R.E.M. – Automatic for the People Edizione 25° anniversario, Limited Edition
    4 CD, in amazon Italy at 30,43 €

  10. Simonf says:

    The Five Star CD set came out over a week ago. I picked it up in my local Sainsbury’s for a fiver on October 4th.
    Excellent collection with the third disc entirely devoted to those 12″ extended vocal mixes/remixes that were missing from last years disappointing box set. So glad I held back from that. Now got all the Five Star I want on one neat little set at a fraction of the price!
    Well done to the compilers of this.

  11. Isaías says:

    I’m very happy about the Jethro Tull Stormwatch release. Word has it it’s the last Steven Wilson 5.1 mix . If it’s really true I hope someone else to continue the job or Steven himself changes his mind. I’m looking forward to see from “A” album up to Rock Island and with a little luck the last two Chrysalis release, Catfish Rising and Roots to Branshes.

    Is it ask too much?
    As a diehard Tull fan I answer:

    NO NO NO, really !!!

    • Erik says:

      Not at all! Couldn’t agree more.

      And I would add to that releasing a book version of Benefit to fit in with the rest of them…and a reissue of Thick as a Brick as I missed that one and it would keep me from kicking myself over and over again as I’m really getting sore.

      • Brixet says:

        Agreed Erik! A ‘Benefit’ book version is desperately needed to satisfy most collectors (also: one of the ‘Benefit’ bonus discs my dog actually ate whilst I was ripping the set).

        • Michael says:

          Yes, “Benefit” must be re-released in the popular book-style packaging, so the entire collection finally matches. I would definitely buy this again, even if the book-style version of “Benefit” was issued with the exact same Steven Wilson mix and track list as the previous “A Collector’s Edition.” In the meantime, looking forward to getting “Stormwatch.”

          • CJ Feeney says:

            Benefit would be nice but not essential. The bonus disc was way too repetitive, I’m not sure there is anything to add audiowise in the book pack, as the Wilson 5.1 and stereo mixes are in the 3 disc set. The book would be nice, though.
            Although, the Carnegie show from the Stand Up 40th digi-pack needs a new home as it didn’t make it to the Stand Up book edition.

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