Out This Week / on 18 September 2020

Nick Mason's A Saucerful of Secrets / Live at the Roundhouse

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets / Live at the Roundhouse

Cat Stevens / Yusuf - Tea For The Tillerman 2

Cat Stevens / Tea for the Tillerman 2

Tasmin Archer / Sweet Little Truths – The EMI Years 1992-1996

Matt Berry / Phantom Birds

Duran Duran / Liberty at 30

SDE’s lengthy interview with producer Chris Kimsey re Duran Duran‘s Liberty is released on Friday as a printed ‘keepsake’ booklet edition. It is limited to 500 copies and will ship at the end of this week. Order yours here.

John Coltrane / Giant Steps (60th anniversary)

John Coltrane‘s first record with Atlantic is 60 years old. 2LP vinyl and 2CD editions offer a bonus disc of alternate takes.

Compare prices and pre-order

John Coltrane

Giant Steps (60th Anniversary Edition) [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order

John Coltrane

Giant Steps (60th Anniversary Edition)


27 responses to Out This Week / on 18 September 2020

  1. Steve says:

    I got the Nick Mason LP and had to send it back,, quality was shocking. Out of the sleeve records were dirty and looked like an old flimsy 90s LP. Hope this was just a one off but for £30 I’d have expected better, not even 180g discs

  2. Wayne C says:

    Is anyone else looking at October 9th with excitement and apprehension as well?, Why they put most of the releases for October on that day is bewildering . My bank account ain’t looking forward to it that’s for sure!. I’ve got Divine Comedy/Sade/ Tears For fears and Kraftwerk all due on that date. Expensive times !.

  3. Neil says:

    Also out this week is It’s Immaterial ‘s House For Sale

  4. FrenchDuke79 says:

    Sorry to hear people are having issues with their Richard and Linda Thompson boxsets. I didn’t purchase it myself but having had issues with other boxes in the past I can sympathise. It’s always sad to hear there are box issues especially when the cost of them is taken into account. I am curious about something though. If the discs play on CD players without issue but can’t be ripped on a PC/Mac are Universal obliged to replace them? I appreciate there is the issue of not being able to play the discs on a PC/Mac drive to listen to them but is ripping something that legally the label is obliged to ensure is supported? There are potential grey areas all over this which would make it hard to enforce. The best thing would just be to replace the faulty discs but it sounds so random across different discs that it may be tricky. Alternatively they could just replace full boxes but that would be a rather hard pill to swallow business wise. I’m not trying to defend this issue by the way before people get upset and think I am. The customer deserves to get the product they purchased in the best quality. I’m genuinely just curious.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I’d agree that if ripping is the issue, then universal don’t really have a duty, as they are providing a product to be played. Reports of software A working but software B doesn’t further compounds this – are record companies obliged to cater for every combination of cd drive and software on the market so that people can make personal copies of their product? My understanding is that they can’t prevent people copying, but have no duty to enable the practice.

      But lots of discs are showing play issues – usually on the last track. And it isn’t any one disc in particular reports vary across customers for the whole set. That’s a lot of replacement discs to make and distribute.

      The other issue that has arisen is the USA wrangle over Shoot Out The Lights preventing release there, that also means there is no digital release in the USA, so downloads as an option is not going to cover a lot of customers.

      I’m good so far on 4 out of 8 discs. UI eventually will rip them, but as Windows Media Player works, I should be ok. I’ve never felt the need for more specialist software.

  5. MelodicMusicIsTheBestMusic says:

    Well to those trying to rip maybe the manufacturer has put in some copy protect system to stop people copying them, but that all seems a bit late now I remember back in the early 2000’s having a few CD albums and CD singles and on them saying copy protected which was absolutely rubbish because you could still copy them, maybe it was just a deterrent but it didn’t stop people doing what they’ve always done, anyone remember the old cassette albums in the 1980’s with the picture of a cassette and two bones with the slogan saying “Home Taping Is Killing Music” “And It’s Illegal”
    Article on this is here…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Whatever has happened there’s no way it will be any kind of ‘copy protection’ system. The music industry had their fingers burnt on that many years ago and have moved on.

    • Stan Butler says:

      It isn’t copy protection or else no tracks would be able to be ripped.
      I’ve securely ripped all 8 discs and on every disc there are about 4 or 5 tracks that return error messages.

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      I think i own two cd’s that are impossible to copy. They are so copy protected that you can’t even play them at your computer. John Lennon’s Rock ‘N’ Roll cd which i own was also copy protected, but you don’t notice that at all. You can copy it like normal cd!

  6. Johnny says:

    I ordered the Nick Mason CD/DVD set (since there was no CD/BluRay option available) along with the fully signed print so looking forward to getting all this later this week.

  7. Alan Blevin says:

    Re Richard and Linda Thompson box Andy Batt has posted on Hoffman’s 9 minutes ago that he is “devastated” by the technical problems with the discs.He is going to take it up with Universal.I think hopefully there will be a disc replacement process.There is also a poll on that forum about the playing/technical issues.In early voting about 40% of the boxes play fine.There are ripping issues with nearly everyone who has tried to do this although some have got lucky.

    • Stan Butler says:

      My discs seem to play fine, It’s the ripping process that is at fault.
      They rip ok with Windows Media Player but when using a proper secure ripper such as dBpoweramp, that is when the errors occur.
      Hopefully replacement discs will be issued as it is a lovely box and the music is wonderful.

  8. Yousef says:

    Just wanted to add my voice: Thompson boxset full of ripping errors/discs not ripping here too. Really disappointed with the quality control on this one and hope they can make it right.

  9. DaveM says:

    Off topic, but anyone in East Yorkshire should check out the old Hall’s Music shop on Pasture Road in Goole. I mentioned it before lockdown, but they have loads of new vinyl & CDs (looks like ex record shop stock) at really cheap prices. Noticed today that they have a bunch of vinyl and CD box sets sealed, for example Pink Floyd Later Years for £200 and Eagles Legacy for £60. There was Buffalo Springfield vinyl box and loads more I can’t remember. They still have two George Micheal LWP boxes for a tenner each (I bagged one before lockdown). The single vinyl albums are a tenner.

    • Quante says:


      Thanks for the tip. I go to Goole once in a while, so I’ll definitely visit. £200 still doesn’t do it for me for the Pink Floyd box, but then again, I don’t think it is something I’d ever buy. LWP for £10 would be a yes.


      • DaveM says:

        Quante, no problem. Funny I couldn’t bare to pay £200 for the PF as I only want the CDs. Plenty of other interesting stuff and if you can’t see it ask as it’s all over the shop.

  10. Sean Hewitt says:

    I’ve had an email from Amazon UK about my order for the Saucerful of Secrets album. It says: “We don’t have an estimated delivery date for the items below. We’ll provide you with periodic updates on your delivery date, and notify you as soon as the items are ready to dispatch.”

    Anyone else had this?

    • Mike W says:

      Yeah, I got that email too. The listing still shows it as coming out on Friday though, so not sure what’s happening with it.

    • Al says:

      I had a similar email a while ago but a couple of days ago I received a further email confirming an estimated arrival date of 22/9

      • Steve Peatchey says:

        I had a similar email regarding the Sign O The Times boxset but when I checked the order on the Amazon site it’s telling me that all is on schedule so who knows. Also had the same thing with the Richard & Linda Thompson set and it turned up on time.

  11. Peter Stanton says:

    My Amazon Holland order has not been shipped yet either. n

  12. Barry says:

    Hi Paul – I hate to start the week on a negative but was wondering if you’d had any feedback on issues with the Richard & Linda Thompson set? I have problems with CDs being recognised and when they do play, an intermittent knocking noise coming from the drive. There’s a fair few folks over on the Hoffman forums also having issues (although this mainly seems to relate to ripping the CDs rather than playing them). Looks like I will have to return the set without the guarantee of a replacement. – Thanks.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’ve noted the comments and have put a query into the relevant person at Universal…

    • Graeme ewan says:

      Hi Barry. Yeah, all my discs are knackered. Wont rip.tried diff rippers. Even eac couldn’t do it. 2 hrs on 1 song on cd3 sounded like cd drive was going to explode and stuck. V poor show from Umc etc. Really not good enough. Will give it a week for umc to sort it or at least give timescale for replacement and then its getting returned as its simply not fit for purpose.

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