Out This Week / on 19 August 2016


Sex Pistols / Live ’76 (4CD)

Four CDs and four 1976 Sex Pistols gigs in this box. Namely, the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, the ‘Midnight Special’ at Screen on the Green in Islington, Chelmsford Maximum Security Prison and the 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent. Read more

Madonna / Bedtime Stories (vinyl reissue)

Madonna‘s excellent 1994 album is reissued on vinyl LP. Features the US mega-hit Take A Bow, plus the Björk-penned title track. Read more

Elvis / Way Down in the Jungle Room (2LP vinyl)

This new Elvis set which features some of The King’s last recordings. The double vinyl actually features only the newly mixed outtakes Read more

The Spencer Davis Group / Taking Out Time (3CD)

Taking Out Time is a new three-CD set that collects of all the recordings made by The Spencer Davis Group during their post-Winwood era, 1967-1969. Read more

The Turtles / The Complete Original Album Collection (6CD)

This six-disc set contains the whole of The Turtles’ recorded output from 1965 to 1970 and includes plenty of bonus material. Out this week in the USA and Canada but due in September in Europe. Read more

Faith No More / We Are Care A Lot (deluxe band edition)

Faith No More‘s 1985 debut album receives and expanded edition with the band fully involved. Eight bonus tracks include demos and new 2016 mixes. Read more

The La’s / coloured vinyl reissue

First ever vinyl reissue for The La’s superb 1990 album. This is a limited edition on ‘sky blue’ vinyl – there is no black vinyl version. Read more

David Brent / Life on the Road

Ricky Gervais‘ heads back to the office for some more David Brent. This is the soundtrack to the forthcoming comedy film Life On The Road. Read more

The Monkees / Forever

New 14-track Monkees hits collection, brought up to date with the inclusion of She Makes Me Laugh from the new album. Available on CD and vinyl. Read more


John Barry Plays 007

Compilation of early John Barry work, including music from Beat Girl, Zulu and three versions of Monty Norman’s James Bond Theme.

Culture Club / Kissing to be Clever on limited edition 180g yellow vinyl

Culture Club / Kissing To Be Clever yellow & black vinyl

Culture Club‘s 1982 debut reissued on vinyl with a limited run available as a yellow vinyl pressing. Read more


Simon and Garfunkel / The Concert in Central Park CD+DVD

Issued last year in the US, this CD+DVD combo set of the famous Simon and Garfunkel concert is now issued in Europe and features remastered audio. Read more

5 responses to Out This Week / on 19 August 2016

  1. Neil M says:

    Sorry didn’t know where else to put this but Amazon have Changesbowie with the black/clear vinyl lottery for only 11.79 just now, just bagged one!

  2. John says:

    I won’t personally bother with the Sex Pistols live box having heard the poor quality live material on the NMTB deluxe set.

    • Paul Wren says:

      Three of the shows are direct from soundboard tapes by the bands touring sound man, with only one show (the last one) being a fan bootleg – so good quality on 75% of the release as verified by various reviews I have read as well.

  3. Galley says:

    Andrew Sandoval has confirmed that he is working on the More Of The Monkees [Super Deluxe Edition] CD boxed set, and that there is probably enough material for the two remaining albums to receive the same treatment!

    • JP says:

      Is still like to see a reissue of the old Headquarters box in the new configuration. I missed it the first time around.

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