Out This Week / on 2 February 2018

Roxy Music's 1972 debut to be reissued four-disc 45th anniversary super deluxe edition

Roxy Music / Roxy Music super deluxe edition

Roxy Music‘s stunning debut is finally reissued. Lots to like here, including a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix, the early demos, radio sessions and more. Questions remain over the price, the apparent change of heart over SW’s stereo mix and missing B-side The NumbererRead more

Simple Minds / Walk Between Worlds  (new album)

Simple Minds‘ 18th studio album is available in many, many formats including the double vinyl coloured pressing pictured above, which comes with three bonus tracks. Read more

Average White Band / Pick of the Pieces (5LP vinyl box)

Excellent Average White Band vinyl package that ticks all the boxes, including coloured vinyl, print signed by band members and a reasonable price. None left on Amazon UK but still available via other vendors. Read more

Tony Banks / 5 (new album)

Genesis founder member Tony Banks issues a new orchestral album Five. Tracks written by Banks and this is produced by long-time collaborator Nick Davis. Read more

Blank & Jones announce So80s 11 / 2CD set of 12" extended mixes from the '80s

Various Artists / so80s 11  (2CD)

Blank & Jones‘ latest so80s collection is officially available from Amazon from Friday, although these are much cheaper via the SDE shop (we only have a handful left).

Compare prices and pre-order

Blank & Jones

Present So80s (So Eighties) 11


Various Artists / LOVE (3CD)

In the old days, CBS and rival labels would put out single disc, various artists ‘love’ themed compilations called Cheek to Cheek or Songs For Lovers and with a healthy TV advertising budget, sell billions of copies. These days you get 60-track Goliaths like LOVE which offer more music but basically keep to the same premise, which means songs by Sade, George Michael, Chris De Burgh (guess which one), Alison Moyet etc. To be fair the third disc offers a more contemporary selection with tracks from the likes of Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis.

Compare prices and pre-order




36 responses to Out This Week / on 2 February 2018

  1. AndyB says:

    Zappa. “The Roxy Performances.”

  2. Chris Squires says:

    For those interested: (also posted on deals thread)

    Pick of the Pieces, the 5LP Autographed white Vinyl release from the Average White Band is available again.

    It doesn’t surprise me, it’s due for release tomorrow so I guess those that placed a holding order caved at the last minute so a few of the 500 pieces are back up.

  3. Chris says:

    Off topic, but I hope it’s OK for me to ask this question here and that other SDE readers in the U.S. will see it:

    Is anyone else in the U.S. trying to take advantage of some of the deals here involving European outposts of Amazon and having trouble with i-parcel/trouble receiving their packages?

    I have tried to take advantage of a fair number of great deals that Paul has made us aware of, ordering from,,, etc. Less than half the orders I’ve made have arrived on or before the expected international delivery date (which is typically about four weeks after I order). Worse, fully one-third of the orders I’ve made have never arrived at all, with Amazon eventually canceling the order and refunding my money on their own initiative, without me even requesting that they do so.

    The orders seem to ship, and i-parcel seems to have the packages; and then they just disapppear with no tracking info at all, until they either suddenly arrive late, or Amazon cancels and refunds my money.

    Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

    • Steve says:

      I have only had one order cancelled, by, without my request. Otherwise, at least over 12 other orders, from and other European outlets have been delivered, including several related to the 40% off deal that is ending today, with no issues.

    • Vishal says:

      Hey Chris, I have been ordering a bunch from the various Amazon international sites ever since I discovered Paul’s wonderful website and, knock on wood, have not had any such issue like yours. Most of my orders are shipped using DHL though and normally take 3-5 weeks. I would complain to the customer service to see if they can maybe switch carriers. Good luck!

      • Chris says:

        Steve: did Amazon use i-parcel?

        Vishal: yeah, I hadn’t had trouble back when they used DHL –DHL were slow, but the package never disappeared from tracking and did get here.

  4. Richard NYC says:

    This is for anyone interested in Black Sabbath: It’s $289.95 USD.

  5. chris says:

    I have yet to see a SDE maintain its release price for more than a few months. Most SDE sets that I am aware of are issued to celebrate the Nth anniversary of a given album/artist. So, you’ve waited 20?ish + years for the bonus material (some of which you probably already have), will waiting a few more months, on principle, kill you? I’m of the mind that the release price for these boxes is the gift price. Ie. Let’s get dad that u2 box he’s been talking about for his birthday…

  6. RJS says:

    All those complaining about the Roxy Music SDE, just give it a miss and play your existing copy of the album because none of the extra material is likely to be better than what ended up on the album. I bet there’s loads of music on SDE releases that never gets listened to more than once or twice anyway! Not a RM fan myself but if I was after this album, I’d pick up a CD copy for a fiver.

    • EW99 says:

      Well, we have been listening to it for 40 years so please excuse a little excitement at the prospect of hearing the BBC stuff in good quality and a peek behind the curtain with the demos. I think you may well be right in that the demos could be a seldom-to-be-repeated pleasure but we can live in hope.

  7. Piotr says:

    I recall Steven Wilson saying that if he thinks the original stereo mix can’t be bettered, he won’t deliver his stereo mix which he creates as a basis for his surround mixes. He said record companies use it as an extra marketing tool, so now he refuses. Maybe Steven could comment if he delivered the stereo mix?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      He said that recently. He did his mixes for this Roxy Music six years ago, in 2012. We know he did stereo mixes, because a few tracks were used on the RSD vinyl.

  8. Simonf says:

    I saw some cheap Sony/CBS compilation CD’s in Sainsbury’s last week covering the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 3 CD sets each costing only a fiver. Shurly shome mishtake over the pricing of that Lurve collection above?

  9. Kauwgompie says:

    My strategy with Roxy Music’s insanely expensive set is to wait. It has to come down. Even when you do a 3 for 2 in a potential future German promo, this set will be still way too much and you will end up paying 3 for 4 in stead of 3 for 2. It simply has to come down in price. $70 seems about right. Not double that. And the similar boxes that are $70, I buy with a Deal Alert well below $70 so… chance I will pull the trigger at this price.

  10. Phil G says:

    Mr. Manzanera is ahead of schedule – my RM set was waiting for me when I got home tonight!

  11. J Cullen says:

    Simple Minds have a signing (Jim & Charlie only) in HMV Glasgow (Argyle St) on the 2nd Feb if anyone’s interested. Believe you need a preorder that entitles you to a wristband for the signing

  12. Colin Harper says:

    Paul, have you tried getting an answer from anyone at Universal about why the Steven Wilson remix is nowhere available in stereo form? I have a feeling the truth is simply that Bryan is out of touch, but it would be nice if someone made an official comment on the matter – whether hogwash or not.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think a bit of reading between the lines is probably in order here. From what I can tell Bryan Ferry has been calling the shots in virtually all aspects, so if something isn’t there that we hoped would be there, then it won’t be an accident or because someone forgot…

  13. Stevie B says:

    Magazine’s Real Life and The Correct Use of Soap albums get 180g vinyl re-issues this week, although with no bonus tracks and apparently no re-mastering, I’ll stick with my 1980s originals.

  14. seikotsi says:

    The so 80s 11 is actually the first one i bought. It has a really good flow (especially disc 1), which makes the compilation better than the individual tracks. The only annoying song is We Need Protection on disc 2. I bought vol 10 and 9 afterwards, but not really attracted by the ones before that as they are a bit too mainstream.

  15. eric Slangen says:

    I will also wait for a reasonable price but I DO want this set.

  16. poptones says:

    Yep. I won’t buy this Roxy Music box set unless it drops under €50. I did the same for the “Roxy Music ‎– The Studio Albums” vinyl box set. After one year, I found it twice on sale at half price (€80). First it was at Utrecht’s Record Fair and then it was on sale at the same price at last june.

  17. Gary Hunter says:

    Agree with you Neil regards SO80S 11, it has a dire track listing, definitely the worst of the series, the Roxy Music deluxe release price is a total joke, who in their right mind will pay £130 for that!!!

  18. Martin Power says:

    I would agree with Neil that the RM box set is a record company rip off – Will await a drop with interest. I guess it comes down to want vs need and the companies know the die hards will jump straight in. It looks a really great set so fingers crossed for a good SDE deal….

  19. Gerbrand says:

    Same mistake again, Paul. It’s “The Numberer”, not U2/Johnny Cash’s “The Wanderer” ;-)

  20. Bobbyjean says:

    Roxy box is way overpriced no vinyl no blu ray .how much does it cost to make this box?.I’m a massive fan but I won’t be treated like crap and tricked into buying this.labels are aware if you like the band you pay no matter what price .just like no matter how much your favourite teams football shirt cost u will buy.but this is the 1st time I will actually say no no no no no .£60 would be a good price .big thanks to you Paul for always finding the great deals

    • Daran says:

      I’ve resisted Joshua Tree, Automatic For…… and Hotel California SDE’s last year simply because of the price vs content. I thought I would cave in as I want them all, but I am not missing not getting them like I thought I would. Seems there is a price point that my head and heart won’t accept!

  21. Allan says:

    Missing Roxy Music B side ‘The Wanderer’? I think you mean ‘The Numberer’ unless Bryan likes to Roam Around, Around, Around!

  22. Paul Kent says:

    Re: Chris De Burgh “Love” comp… is it Patricia The Stripper?

  23. Neil says:

    Anybody buying that Roxy Music box set is just encouraging record companies to charge stupid prices and if the people who complain about the prices would stick to their guns and refuse to pay these ridiculous prices then maybe the record companies would get the message or maybe not. That so80s 11 price on Amazon is a total joke just as well you are selling copies on here Paul though i have to say it’s the poorest compilation they have released so far.

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