Out This Week / on 20 December 2019

Queens of the Stone Age vinyl reissues

Andy MacKay & Phil Manzanera / Roxymphony CD+DVD deluxe edition

Frank Zappa / Hot Rats Sessions box

Tubby Hayes / The Complete Fontana Albums 1961-69 (13CD box set)

The British Jazz musician worked with some of the greats including Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington. This box features remastered audio and includes previously unreleased material from Tubby Hayes‘ Fontana years. Also comes with a 152-page booklet with extensive liner notes.

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Tubby Hayes

The Complete Fontana Albums (1961-1969)


Gaz Coombes / Sheldonian Live EP

The Supergrass frontman releases this live vinyl EP featuring four songs recorded live at the Oxford Sheldonian in 2019. Pressed on blue vinyl, proceeds go to charity.

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Gaz Coombes

Sheldonian / Live / EP [VINYL]


8 responses to Out This Week / on 20 December 2019

  1. Baj7 says:

    The last Gas Coombes album, World’s Strongest Man, was absolutely stunning. Some of the most enjoyable music I’ve heard in years. looking forward to this live set.

  2. MüllerMüller says:

    On 16.01.2020 comes a blue 7“vinyl of Dreamland by the Pet Shop Boys with the German Musikexpress

  3. Tom m hans says:

    I never heard of Tubby Hayes, read the Wiki and headed to Amazon Canada. 48 USD incl. Shipping to Florida… intrigued… to say the least.
    Good Night!

  4. Gisabun says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I found this season to be “meh” when it came to physical releases….

  5. andrew R says:

    Has anybody factored in the import duty plus the usual £12 handling fee from good old
    Royal Mail?

  6. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    And Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars bluray, days before its USA release.

  7. Colin Harper says:

    Yes, I’m stunned at the Canadian price for Tubbs. It’s available for £60 direct from Universal’s website, with the option of some mechanism to get it down to £54. Simon Spillett. Tubbs’ biographer, is a superb essayist. His notes and the promised quality of the mastering direct from the original tapes make it essential for anyone interested in 1960s British jazz.

  8. Stephen Hance says:

    I know we have got used to the price differentials between territories – but look at that mark up from Canada to UK on the Tubby Hayes!

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