Out This Week / on 20 November 2020

Neil Young / Archives Vol. II now available to pre-order

Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder restored, re-edited and remixed

UFO / Strangers in the Night deluxe

Elvis Presley / From Elvis in Nashville

Chris Rea / ERA 1 (As, Bs and Rarities 1978-1984)

Chris Rea / Era 1: Rarities 1978-1984

Now 7 reissued as a 2CD set

Now That’s What I Call Music 7 to be reissued as a two-CD set

Coldplay / Parachutes on yellow vinyl

The Specials / More Specials (half-speed mastered vinyl)

This 40th Anniversary Edition of More Specials has been mastered and cut at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using the original production tapes. This is a 2LP set cut at 45RPM and includes a bonus seven-inch single (also cut at half-speed) which originally came with the initial run of the album in 1980.

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The Specials

More Specials 2LP half-speed vinyl


Jewel / Pieces of You reissue

The American singer-songwriter’s debut album Pieces of You is reissued for its 25th anniversary. 4CD, 2CD and 4LP editions feature remastered audio, outtakes, rarities and B-sides.

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Pieces of You - 4CD deluxe


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Pieces of You - 4LP set


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Pieces of You - 2CD deluxe


Nick Cave / Idiot Prayer (2CD set)

Idiot Prayer is Nick Cave ‘Alone at Alexandra Palace’. This was recorded during lockdown and features 22 career-spanning tracks.

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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Idiot Prayer - 2CD


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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone (2LP)


Tim Minchin / Apart Together

Tim Minchin has achieved so much in his career, in the field of musical comedy, notably writing the music and lyrics for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s award-winning Matilda the Musical (which was incredible). Remarkably, Apart Together is his debut studio album and you can pick up a SIGNED copy on CD via Amazon in the UK.

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Tim Minchin

Alone Together - signed CD

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Tim Minchin

Alone Together - vinyl LP


Annie Lennox / A Christmas Cornucopia (10th Anniversary edition)

Annie Lennox‘s album of traditional festive songs (which includes the original composition ‘Universal Child’) is reissue for its tenth anniversary. It features a new recording of ‘Dido’s Lament’

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Annie Lennox

A Christmas Cornucopia - vinyl LP


27 responses to Out This Week / on 20 November 2020

  1. MelodicMusicIsTheBestMusic says:

    Out this Friday…
    Neil Diamond – Classic Diamonds With The London Symphony Orchestra 2020
    Classic songs by Neil who’s recently re-sung new vocals and added the legendary orchestra.

    Josh Groban – Harmony
    Josh delivers some superb renditions of his favourite songs plus 2 new songs.

    The Dirty Knobs – Wreckless Abandon
    New group formed by guitarist Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

    Out the previous Friday and definitely worthy of a mention…
    George Benson – Weekend In London
    Which is Benson’s first new live recording in 30 years, capturing his 2019 performance at London’s intimate 250-seat Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

  2. Cordwangler says:

    I’m pretty sure Bowie’s Great Live Adventures Pt. 2 is released on the 20th November. Not enturely sure – as I’d have bought it anyways I ordered my copy without paying full attention to the release date. It seems to have been announced far closer to the release date than was the case with Pt. 1. Hope that’s of some interest to somebody.

  3. Michael says:

    Jimi Hendrix live Maui hawaii cd dvd due for for release 20 11

  4. Sascha H. says:

    … and what about the new Jimi Hendrix box set ? ( I did post this before but I just don´t know why I can´t see it here. )

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you *know* about something (which you clearly do) then why not share the info with fellow readers, instead of keep asking why it isn’t covered…

  5. Dan says:

    I firstly wanted to support the many other comments I have read over a few years by saying what a great music website this is. Paul, your descriptions, reviews and video unboxing of so many fantastic sets are always spot on. I’m looking forward to the solo Nick Cave album ‘Idiot Prayer’. Nick Cave is a consistently fascinating artist stretching back to the days of The Birthday Party. The reissue of Pink Floyd’s ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ will also be a first rate listen. I also wanted to make a brief comment about what I consider the best box set of the year and that is the absolutely wonderful Richard and Linda Thompson set ‘ Hard Luck Stories’ 1972-1982. I was totally nervous when it arrived at my local record store in Canberra given all the trouble with crap discs for some people. My set played perfectly on my Marantz CD player and every album is a winner. I reckon the hidden treasure on this set is the 1974 album ‘Hokey Pokey’. Richard and Linda’s voices mesh beautifully and every song is heartfelt. The remastering of the set is a class act as are the photos in the book. Music doesn’t get better than this.

  6. RichardL says:

    Graham G/Re Amazon ‘packaging’. I ticked the ‘Gift option’ to try to get some decent packaging. A Neil Young back catalogue album came from Germany in a flimsy paper bag. Guess what? Similarly, things ordered from Amazon US seem to come in a soft eco bag. Again, guess what? I resent paying new prices for second hand looking goods on arrival that no retail shop would accept back as ‘in the condition sold’. I have also had Amazon threaten to refuse to sell to me because the returns I have sent back in their own packaging are arriving in poor condition! Waiting for the shops to reopen in the UK in the hope of getting Xmas presents that don’t look like charity shop buys! Avoiding Amazon as much as possible, which is difficult at the current time.

  7. Paul Mac says:

    Nights Of The Dead, the new Iron Maiden live album is also due out this Friday

  8. Joel Ivins says:

    the annie lennox is on lp as well as cd…cd is red with a supposed 24 page insert. very much looking forward to the jewel and annie

  9. Tom Walsh says:

    I would like The Specials vinyl but loath to buy from Amazon after I came home from work last week to find my copy of The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk sitting on the doorstep in the damp November air with zero packaging -just my address stuck to the shrink wrap!

    • Graham G says:

      That has happened to me too. Now I always tick the ‘gift’ option on amazon where it is available. When that’s selected they put it in amazon packaging. It can slow down delivery though.

    • Steve says:

      That happened to me a year or two back with the exact same album. I spent 20 minutes on chat having this weird circular argument with them –

      “You can send it back and we will replace”
      “What shall I send it in?”
      “You can use any box”
      “But I don’t have a box”


      Eventually they just gave up and sent me a second copy

    • hendry doran says:

      I got McCartney album, Paul is Live, delivered in exactly the same way. Phoned up to complain and got the album free.

      Amazon’s packing is abysmal at times

  10. Peter Robertshaw says:

    Didn’t David Bowie used to be in Tim Minchin?

  11. The Music Bubble says:

    Apart Together*

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes. I had Crowded House crowding my brain.

      • Albais says:

        Speaking of those guys they released a new song 2 or 3 weaks ago “Whatever You Want” and nope, not related to that other British rocking band ;D

        Have to say that Mr. Finn made it again for me and hope is the prelude of a new album. At least a tour for 2021 is coming…

        • Ryk says:

          Albais, I mentioned the new single in another thread when it was released. I also mentioned that yes, there is a new album; it’s called “Dreamers Are Waiting” and is due out early next year. They have a new line-up (Liam and Elroy, along with Mitchell Froom, are now in CH) and are back in NZ and prepping for a 10-date concert tour (of NZ) happening in March 2021 (tickets already on sale I believe). Source: the NZ Herald & local radio stations.

          • Albais says:

            Aha Ryk, thanks a lot for the info.

            I got the new theme thing through Discogs since got something from them added on my Wantlist and what found was the clip, dates from the tour including my city (Barcelona) on july 3 and the new line-up as well.

            Glad to see guys back again and waiting for the new album a lot.

  12. Gareth says:

    When he says it’s his first ‘proper’ album, does Tim Minchin mean it’s not a comedy album?

  13. Paul Gray says:

    Hi Paul. Any idea when Archives 2 will be available through “Normal” UK outlets such as your own?

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