Out This Week / on 20 September 2019

Midge Ure / Soundtrack 1978-2019 / 2CD+DVD anthology

Liam Gallagher / Why Me? Why Not.

Liam Gallagher / Why Me? Why Not.

Best of Billy Bragg at the BBC

Dusty Springfield / Dusty In Memphis 50th anniversary half-speed master

Keane / Cause and Effect

Black Box Recorder / Life Is Unfair (vinyl box)

This has been out for a while, direct from One Little Indian, but Amazon in the UK now have it listed for release this week for just £47. I paid nearly £75 earlier on this year! A must-have for fans of The Auteurs or Luke Haines’ other work. Read more

Massive Attack v The Mad Professor Part II (pink vinyl)

Massive Attack‘s Mezzanine super deluxe vinyl box was cancelled, but band and label have at least put out the Mad Professor remixes as this standalone coloured vinyl release.

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Massive Attack

Massive Attack vs Mad Professor Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes ’98) [VINYL]


Red Hot Chili Peppers / Californication (vinyl picture disc)

The 20th anniversary of the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ seventh album is celebrated with this special vinyl picture disc.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication [VINYL]



The Belle Stars / Turn Back The Clock (3CD+DVD set)

The Belle Stars were a seven-piece, all singing, all playing, all female combo who enjoyed seven UK singles chart entries between 1982 and 1984. This compilation offer loads of content, including the band’s eponymous album, all the non-album A and B-sides, three previously unreleased tracks produced by Anne Dudley, a  61 minute concert recording from 1983, nine period 12-inch remixes and more.

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The Belle Stars

turn back the clock 3CD+DVD set


18 responses to Out This Week / on 20 September 2019

  1. Larry Davis says:

    What I picked up this weekend?? Liam (Deluxe), Keane (regular US deluxe), Fitz & the Tantrums, finally the Belle & Sebastian, finally Bat For Lashes, new act on Sub Pop called Weyes Blood (they were on TV, very cool, female fronted & Bacharach infused indie pop), the US deluxe Taylor Swift #4, new one from Lindsey Stirling, and a few used titles…good release week…

  2. Richard says:

    Anybody getting distortion on side 2 of Liam’s LP ? I’ve got the green pressing.

  3. Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

    new Robbie Robertson album out this week, although at the time of writing Amazon are looking for £20.53 for the CD!!

  4. Adam says:

    The magnificent Scott 4 is also getting the Abbey road half-speed cut along side Dusty this week.

  5. Charlie Waffles says:

    The Ramones It’s Alive 40 th Anniversary was supposed to be out Friday but now Amazon US says currently unavailable. Not good.

    I also want Flotsam and Jetsam on cd. There are a lot of great songs on it. Peter, you need to release a three or four cd set of remixes only. I would purchase it.

    iTunes also has Growing Up Live that was released earlier this year. This would make a great physical release, Peter.

    If you will not give us new music, Peter, please put everything out on physical cd. Deluxe Editions are also wanted, especially US (his best album).

  6. RJS says:

    “I paid nearly £75 earlier on this year!”

    Life Is Unfair.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was going to say that in the piece, but decided there are worse ‘unfair’ things :)

      • Gorecki says:

        And extremely frustrating! Can anyone justify paying £50 for a box set they don’t particularly want just to get a live CD? I certainly find that very very hard to do.

    • Mark G says:

      I was supposed to get my £47 Black Box Recorder Vinyl box delivered today, but I just checked the status, and it’s labelled as “Damaged, not to be delivered” and on it’s way back to the supplier and to be fully refunded.

      I just checked, and the price has gone up. OK, only three pounds, but.

      So, how does that square with the Amazon Price guarantee? Or am I likely to get a message to that effect?

  7. Alan R says:

    Midge & Liam Lp’s just ordered from here.
    As I also ordered the signed No Parlez Lp on Saturday and took delivery of Haircut 100’s Pelican West Lp and the Kate Bush Booklet last week, SDE has recently becoming my first stop for vinyl purchases! The quality of products offered are matched by the high level of care and consideration given in the packaging and prompt delivery of each item.
    Coupled with the recent revamp and extensive vinyl section growth in my local HMV, (in Plymouth), Amazon’s previous monopoly on my record buying has loosened somewhat!

  8. Kauwgompie says:

    There is also a streaming-only Peter Gabriel Rarities album released. It contains a treasure trove of remixes and other rare tracks. This must be released on CD!!!!!!!!! I always wanted these Peter Gabriel Remixes on CD.


    1 Strawberry Fields Forever (feat. The London Symphony Orchestra & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) 2:33

    2 Slowburn (Extended Version) 5:15

    3 Perspective (Single Version) 5:07

    4 D.I.Y. (Re-recorded Single Version) 2:53

    5 Teddy Bear 2:17

    6 Mother of Violence (Single Mix) 3:15

    7 Solsbury Hill (Live at the Bottom Line) 5:10

    8 I Don’t Remember (Alternate Version) 3:26

    9 Biko (Remixed Version) 9:00

    10 Shosholoza 5:19

    11 Jetzt Kommt Die Flut 4:57

    12 Soft Dog 4:14

    13 Shock the Monkey (Instrumental) 5:50

    14 Across the River 7:01

    15 Kiss of Life (Live) 5:12

    16 I Don’t Remember (Live Single Version) 4:55

    1 I Have the Touch (85 Remix) 5:11

    2 Sledgehammer (Dance Mix) 7:28

    3 Sledgehammer (Extended) 5:38

    4 Don’t Break This Rhythm (Full Version) 6:09

    5 In Your Eyes (Single Mix) 6:20

    6 In Your Eyes (Special Remix) 7:18

    7 Big Time (Extended Version) 6:14

    8 Curtains 3:29

    9 Ga Ga (I Go Swimming Instrumental) 4:32

    10 Walk Through the Fire (Single Mix) 3:33

    11 Biko (Live) 6:31

    12 Digging In the Dirt (Raw Stylus Mix) 7:23

    13 Digging In the Dirt (Instrumental) 5:12

    14 Quiet Steam 6:26

    15 Bashi-Bazouk 4:48

    16 Games Without Frontiers (Massive/DB Mix) 5:20

    17 Steam (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix) 6:43

    18 Steam (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix Dub) 5:46

    19 Mercy Street (William Orbit Mix) 7:55

    20 Blood of Eden (Special Mix for Wim Wenders Until the End of the World) 6:42

    21 Digging In the Dirt (Rich E Mix) 7:28

    22 Kiss That Frog (Mindblender Mix) 6:45

    23 Shaking the Tree (Bottrill Remix) 5:53

    1 Summertime (feat. Larry Adler) 3:49

    2 Suzanne 5:12

    3 I Have the Touch (Robbie Robertson Mix) 5:30

    4 In the Sun 6:44

    5 Shaking the Tree 97 (with Shaggy) [Jungle Version] Peter Gabriel & Youssou N’Dour 5:38

    6 I Grieve (City of Angels Version) 8:12

    7 The Tower That Ate People (Red Planet Remix) 6:28

    8 Animal Nation 7:21

    9 Signal to Noise (Gangs of New York Version) 7:38

    10 More Than This (The Polyphonic Spree Mix) 5:08

    11 More Than This (Elbow Mix) 5:05

    12 My Head Sounds Like That (Röyksopp Remix) 8:24

    13 Sky Blue (Martyn Bennett Remix) 5:18

    14 Growing Up (Trent Reznor Remix) 6:30

    15 Growing Up (Stabilizer Remix) 4:51

    16 Growing Up (Tricky Instrumental Mix) 1:31

    17 Darkness (Engelspost Remix) 14:09

    18 Curtains (Broad Mix) 5:59

    19 Father, Son (Daniel Lanois & Richard Chappell Mix) 4:38

    20 Courage 4:35

    21 Courage (The Hexidecimal Mix) 5:25

    22 I’m Amazing 7:33

    23 The Veil 5:51
    Released: 13 Sep 2019
    ℗ 2019 Peter Gabriel Ltd
    Also Available in iTunes

  9. Kauwgompie says:

    Looks like an excellent Belle Stars Compilation. I always loved “Sign Of The Times”. It was a bit of a hit in The Netherlands where I grew up and I bought the 45 as a kid. Nothing happened after that so I lost track. Too busy with Duran and Simple Minds. Later in life I heard their other singles which were all excellent. Too bad they disappeared so quickly. Will get this compilation for sure.

    • Larry Davis says:

      I too loved Sign Of The Times, and want that Belle Stars box, looks superb & great value…Iko Iko was a fluke US 1-hit wonder and at the time I did not put 2 & 2 together that the same band did Sign Of The Times and Iko Iko…now with this set, get the whole small catalogue…I noticed the Groove Armada box was pushed again to October 18…as for PG, if those comps were on CD, I’d buy em too…as for exclusive vinyl, just received the new Lana Del Rey, Norman Effing Rockwell, from US clothing plus chain Urban Outfitters with an exclusive cover & pink vinyl, unedited cover & album & song titles…very cool…

      • Larry Davis says:

        Hey…was just researching things and there was an earlier 2CD Belle Stars comp on Edsel that people complained about because it was missing a huge US Billboard Dance Club hit (#2) from 1986 called “World Domination”…I was like, well I’m sure they fixed that on the new set…lo & behold, I went over the tracklisting, and it is missing here too…why?? Masters lost?? Copyright snag?? I saw the clip on YouTube and what a cool track!! May have to find the 12” vinyl cuz there was no album with that single…I read on Wikipedia, it was owned by Trevor Horn when Stiff was bought out by ZTT and US distribution by the cool street-oriented 4th & Broadway group via Island…no wonder it was a huge US club hit…wish it was on this box tho…

  10. Alan B says:

    New Elbow album available again as a signed edition on Amazon. It was on the Amazon UK site a few weeks but became “unavailable” after 2 days. Maybe the band are signing some more or it is cancelled orders being made available.

  11. CJL says:

    Amazon UK have the Midge Ure set listed as now being released on the 27th.

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