Out This Week / on 21 June 2019

Prince / Originals

Prince / Originals

Glen Campbell / The Legacy 1961-2017

Travis’ The Man Who box set returns

Will Young / Lexicon signed CD

Def Leppard / The CD/Vinyl Box Set: Volume Two

This is the second in four planned volumes that will bring us the “complete recorded output” of Def Leppard. This 10LP or 7CD set features albums and rarities and the audio was remastered by Ronan McHugh and Joe Elliott at Joes Garage.

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Def Leppard

The CD Box - Volume Two


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Def Leppard

The Vinyl Box - Volume Two


The Raconteurs / Help Us Stranger (new album)

The Raconteurs‘ reassemble for a third studio album, Help Us Stranger, and their first since 2008’s Consolers of the Lonely.

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The Raconteurs

Help Us Stranger - CD edition


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The Raconteurs

Help Us Stranger - vinyl LP


Hot Chip / A Bath Full of Ecstasy (new album)

Hot Chip‘s new album is described as a record that is “a celebration of joy but recognises the struggle it can take to get to that point of happiness.” It is produced by Philippe Zdar and Rodaidh McDonald.

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Hot Chip

A Bath Full of Ecstasy


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Hot Chip

A Bath Full of Ecstasy [VINYL]


Transvision Vamp / Velveteen (red vinyl LP)

Transvision Vamp‘s second album Velveteen (originally released 30 years ago in 1989) is reissued on 180g red vinyl. Features the single Baby, I Don’t Care. Debut Pop Art is also issued on the same day on white vinyl.

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Transvision Vamp

Velveteen - red vinyl


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Transvision Vamp

Pop Art - white vinyl


47 responses to Out This Week / on 21 June 2019

  1. Ray Oakley says:

    A belated thanks Paul, for the heads up on the crazy preorder price of the Def Leppard Vol 2 CD box set from Amazon Spain. I took a punt fully expecting it to not be honoured, but it arrived with me in the UK this week at the ordered price of 21.35 €, a massive saving compared with the current Amazon Spain price of 82.93 €. Great work with the pricing widgets!

  2. pinkfloyd says:

    re: Def Leppard The CD Box Volume 2
    Just received email confirmation that the item has been dispatched @ €17.80, shipping excluded, to Malaysia.
    Wishing to say thank you to SDE for the price widgets that provide an opportunity to purchase at such a bargain!
    There were also some comments made that amazon will not honour the price. Glad many of us who took a chance at such unbelievable price and are rewarded for it!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Cheers! Mine’s on the way too, but the looks of things…

      • Dave R says:

        I had my doubts given a past experience similar to others. Well worth taking the plunge to see what would happen in any case, but also had confirmation that mine is out for delivery and slated to arrive today by all accounts.
        Paul, would like to also say a big thank you for the pricing updates and the work you do on this site. Greatly appreciated!

      • Carl Myerscough says:

        My Def Leppard CD Box Set Volume Two has arrived – it was delivered this afternoon (Sunday) here in the UK. I ordered it on Thursday evening from and I paid £22.92. Woo-hoo! Thanks to everyone who pointed it out, and thanks Paul.

  3. Tom m hans says:

    My def leppard box was just shipped for a total of $32. Now it seems to be back at 96 Euro.

  4. Gordon Downs says:

    Has anyone who orderd the Def Leppard Box Set 2 from Amazon Spain had either shipment confirmed or the order cancelled? So far I’ve had neither; it’s been showing as in stock all day!

  5. Sir Guy of Gisborne says:

    I have actually enjoyed the Prince offering, got it as a HD download to try out, excellent tracks. The quality varies slightly but what do you expect though.

    • Dave R says:

      Will wait until the Prince gets reduced in price to under a tenner as the packaging is really flimsy and not worth the £15 that HMV or Fopp are charging for it at present.

  6. J T says:

    To quote the Kumars, “is Will Young available” next month or this week?

  7. Shane says:

    Thanks Paul, I was in a very lazy tone and didnt want to google for the date. And totally forgot about the calendar thing. Ill check it out

  8. Matt Wise says:

    Really, really silly question I know so apologies, but I never buy from the overseas Amazon sites but the price for Def Leppard Vol 2 is ridiculously low at the moment for CD version. So the stupid question is, will the booklets, track listings, etc be in Spanish or English?? Sorry guys, love my boxsets but usually wait to see if there is a reduction on Amazon UK! Thanks

  9. UFZ says:

    Def Leppard volume 2 cd box is $30 to US delivered on amazon Spain … ordered. Didn’t want to buy it but can’t say no at this price …

  10. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Rolling Stones Rock n Roll circus deluxe is IN STOCK on Amazon USA and it has been for some days now. Bridges to Babylon is released all over the world ECEPT THE UK on the 21st and it is actually IN STOCK on FNAC Spain.

  11. Shane says:

    Also out this week is Kylie Minogue’s conpilation “Step Back In Time” right?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, that’s next week. You do know there is now a handy SDE Release Calendar that shows you exactly what’s due out, when! :)

  12. Darren English says:

    Sorry… that should read ‘Wings Wild Life is AU$32 at’

  13. Darren English says:

    Unrelated…. Wings Wild Life 2LP is a lowly AU$32 on Amazon. Best price I have seen. Now waiting on Red Rose Speedway to do the same

  14. Carsten Hansen says:

    The Def Leppard CD box is extremely cheap on at the moment, €21. Couldn’t resist at that price.

    • Paul E. says:

      I couldn’t resist the Def Leppard set either at Amazon es. $40.12 delivered to the U.S. Will I need to pay any cross border fees? I appreciate the help and have never ordered from Amazon es to the States.

  15. Tim Baldwin says:

    I just took advantage of the crazy price difference on the Def Leppard box from Even though shipping to the US was almost as much as the CD set itself, I still got it shipped for about $40. Thanks for the widget, Paul!

    • Neil says:

      Just a note on that Def Leppard box set last year i preordered the first box set from Amazon Italy and it was roughly about the same price when it should have been a lot more of course my order was cancelled so don’t be surprised if the same thing happens here.

  16. Alan B says:

    Has anyone else noticed the increased fashion for rip off postage charges from some retailers and record companies? I ordered an LP from Domino Mart (Domino Records own store) and they charge £5.70 for a single LP that is posted SECOND class. An LP costs £3 to send second class and even if you add in their mailer cost (with bulk buying should be no more than 50p) that £2.20 postage profit per LP probably more than the profit margin on the LP itself. Sandbag are charging £5 for the same second class postal service. Townsend Records Artists Stores charge £5.50 but post first class. Recordstore are the best. They charge £3.95 and only post first class.

    • Andrew M says:

      Spare a thought for me. I’m moving to Kuwait in four weeks time and got an advert for the Jollification reissue on vinyl. Went to website to check shipping cost for a £21.99 vinyl. £18.99! Or £36.99 by courier. As with normal shipping over there there is no chance of actually receiving it, you’d have to pay for a courier.

      Guess my vinyl buying days will be severely curtailed……

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Hold fire because I’m hoping to be doing some kind of Jollification vinyl special on the SDE shop. Excuse the name-dropping, but I was actually speaking to Ian Broudie about it last night at the Needle Mythology event at Rough Trade…

    • Paul Taylor says:

      What Records charge maximum £8 regardless of how much you order

  17. AlexKx says:

    Still say that the cover for “Originals” looks like the cover for “Bad”. Obviously I guess because of the red spray paint. I wonder if there were any intention done with and for that. I would not be surprised if that were the case, eh!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think you’ll find Prince got there well before Michael.

    • 2wicky says:

      Just look at the cover (back and inside) of ‘Prince – Dirty Mind’ from 1980, you will discover the design there. The cover print was b&w then but it’s the same design – 7 years earlier than Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’

  18. Gisabun says:

    This era of Def Leppard will be a pain in the butt as it starts the bonus disc era. How much of that stuff gets onto these box sets.
    Same will go for the next Bowie studio box set. Plenty of bonus stuff there. Two different bonus discs for Reality and loads of stuff for “Outside”.

  19. Jonathan Sefton says:

    is the rolling stones…cd+dvd bridges to bremen still out on Friday 21st june

  20. Elizabeth Ursula Hirst says:

    Wow – price bumped up severely for the 2nd Def Leppard box. I know there are a couple more discs in this one, but given that I just got the first box in the current HMV vinyl sale for less than £70 and other than Adrenalize the albums here are from the period where their star was waning a little, I am thinking it’ll be worth waiting for a good deal on this one.

  21. Worth pointing out that the Prince album is released on CD this Friday, but the vinyl doesn’t come out till July 19th, apparently. This includes the deluxe edition.

  22. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Is Liam’s album seriously out this week? In all recent interviews he’s been saying it’s not out til September but there would be a couple more singles before that. So unless he’s releasing singles on Tuesday and Wednesday this seems surprising, albeit in a brilliant way.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hmmm I thought they were releasing the CD early but maybe not. Will have to double check…

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