Out This Week / on 22 July 2016

Heaven 17 / 5 Classic Albums (5CD box)

Five CDs featuring Heaven 17s five albums of the original era. Simple packaging for a great value price. Read more

Culture Club / Kissing to be Clever on limited edition 180g yellow vinyl

Culture Club / Kissing To Be Clever (yellow or black vinyl)

Culture Club‘s fantastic 1982 debut is reissued on black and limited edition yellow vinyl. Read more

Pet Shop Boys / Inner Sanctum 12-inch

There was an early scare for fans, when it looked like these had sold out, but this Pet Shop Boys vinyl seems easily available now. Read more

XTC / English Settlement (CD)

The lavish double vinyl edition was out last week, but if you want to keep things cheap and simple, then a new remastered CD edition of XTC‘s 1982 album is also available

Toni Braxton / Secrets (2CD deluxe) 

Braxton‘s 1996 album features the classic Un-Break My Heart and comes with a generous 18 bonus tracks (mostly remixes).

Simon & Garfunkel / Greatest Hits (vinyl LP)

Surely virtually everyone who wasn’t buying the albums at the time, got into Simon & Garfunkel via this timeless hits collection. This was featured in last years Complete Columbia Albums vinyl box, but is now available on LP separately.

11 responses to Out This Week / on 22 July 2016

  1. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The Paul Young Boxset was complied by Paul, the remastering was by Tim Debney

  2. RJSWinchester says:

    Wilco released a new download only song via their website last Friday. Free to download at

    • Albais says:

      Download song “Advance” BTW of new álbum coming ouy in september 9 called Schmilco that can be preordered on various packs and as well a pair of instant downloads from Locator and If I Was A Child that can be Heard on main page too.

      Have to say, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that cover ;D

      And if isn’t enough that same day we got the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds álbum, oh such a great friday is goin to be…

      • RJSWinchester says:

        Oh yes, they’ve changed the page since I posted the link! A new Wilco album is always good news.

  3. mike says:

    Why does it matter if its remastered? I have never heard an 80s album improved by remastering, though to my ears opinion of course.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      Agreed, remastering is overrated. For a tenner I’d just buy the Heaven 17 Box set. At £2 an album, it’s a steal!

    • Le Baron says:

      @Mike: you must be kidding!! (no offense) :)
      Just have a listen at the incredible Paul Young 4-CD box set that Paul (Sinclair) released last year and you’ll understand how remastering should always be !! ;)

  4. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The Heaven 17 CD set is currently £9.99, go on take a risk…

  5. elliott buckingham says:

    id plump for the heaven 17 if the overlooked pleasure one was remastered

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