Out This Week / on 22 September 2017

Wet Wet Wet / "Popped in Souled Out" super deluxe edition

Wet Wet Wet / Popped In Souled Out (5-disc super deluxe)

He would swear by his mouth almighty…” Wet Wet Wets fine 1987 debut – whose singles were all over UK radio at the time – gets a pleasingly comprehensive five-disc super deluxe edition. Remastered album, expanded Memphis Sessions, B-sides & remixes, a disc of unreleased recordings and a DVD with videos and TV appearances. Very good indeed. Read more

Spandau Ballet / Through The Barricades (reissue)

Arena rock was the order of the day for Spandau Ballets fifth studio album. This reissue delivers a remastered version of the album, all the remixes and an excellent hour-long documentary that will get you all misty-eyed as you reflect on the ‘good old days’ of the 1980s. Read more

The Rolling Stones / Their Satantic Majesties Request / 50th anniversary special audiophile edition

The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request (reissue)

The Rolling Stones‘ 1967 album is reissued as a 50th anniversary edition. There’s no extra tracks but double ‘audiophile’ vinyl and two SACDs should deliver great-sounding versions of the mono and stereo editions of the album. Not cheap. Read more

Neil Finn / Out Of Silence (new album)

Neil Finn‘s new album Out Of Silence was recorded live online a few weeks back. It’s been available digitally for a while, but here’s the first opportunity to own a physical version with the CD release. No special edition, but the vinyl will follow in October.

David Bowie / Heroes (7″ picture disc)

This beautiful looking 40th anniversary seven-inch picture disc of David Bowie‘s Heroes whets our appetites for the A New Career In A New Town box set, which follows a week later. Features unreleased B-side not featured in the box set (groan).  Read more

The Killers / Wonderful Wonderful  (new album)

The Killers fifth studio album is out on Friday. The deluxe edition has a different front cover and features three bonus tracks, including a ‘Jacques Lu Cont’ Remix of first single The Man.

Van Morrison / Roll With The Punches (new album)

They’ve changed the front cover, but the audio on this 15-track new Van Morrison album remains the same. A mixture of self-penned numbers and a hand-picked selection of rhythm and blues classics. Read more

Arcade Fire / Funeral (reissue)

If you’re a recent convert, catch up with early Arcade Fire as their new label Sony reissue their debut Funeral (and follow-up Neon Bible).

Janis Ian  / The Essential 2.0 (2CD)

New double-CD set that features highlights of Janis Ian‘s output from the Columbia, Verve, and Rude Girl labels, with much newly remastered for 2017.

Various Artists / Electric Dreams (3CD)

Electric Dreams is a quite good looking three-CD compilation which, broadly speaking, has an electro-pop remit. Although still decent value, the over-a-tenner price-tag might prevent the ‘why not?’ casual purchaser.

32 responses to Out This Week / on 22 September 2017

  1. Phil Wilson says:

    Cannot work out why Disc 4 of Wet Wet Wet has 3 mixes on when they would fit on disc 3 (the remixes / b-sides disc)? Have uploaded it to iTunes and corrected this!

  2. Neil says:

    Listening to Through The Barricades right now and i have to say the sound is top notch which is no surprise really considering it was Gary Langan who remastered it. Not got round to the DVD yet but i would imagine it’s going to be annoying with all the swear words beeped out in the documentary.

  3. Joshua says:

    Paul …in the US on Amazon the China Crisis Deluxe Editions come out on Sept. 22 so you might want to add that or make mention on your sight that they will be available in the United States. That would make a big difference maybe.
    Just a friendly heads up….Thank you.

  4. Steve says:

    It’s the font on out of silence as much as the awful picture. As for the album… well…. it’s better than Dizzy Heights, but that isn’t saying much. The days when anything by Neil Finn was essential listening are long gone.

  5. RJS says:

    The Finn cover looks more like a passport photo.

    • Gisabun says:

      What’s with the crappy photos and art work of late? this one, Steve Winwood [live], last Clapton studio release, The doors “Singles” release, …

  6. Simon says:

    Forget the cover of the Neil Finn album. This is his best solo album. A bit low key yes but very very good songs. I’m a kiwi and lucky enough (and old enough) to have seen Neil open (solo) at 16 years old for Split Enz before he joined Split Enz. His talent was blindingly obvious even then.I’ve seen him dozens of times since. His solo albums have been I think somewhat inconsistent but this one I believe hits the mark.

  7. Tom M Hans says:

    I like the Neil Finn cover.

  8. Tod Heller says:

    There’s also the first-ever Brian Wilson solo compilation, “Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology'” due out on Friday.

  9. spaceboy says:

    lol, Agree, this is not Neil’s best album cover. Looks like a stock photo. I haven’t heard the album. Hope it’s as good as the rest…

  10. Miguel Rocha says:

    Dr. John: The Atco Album’s Collection came out September 15! Covers 7 classic New Orleans swamp funk LPs from Dr. John (from Gris Gris to Desitively Bonnaroo) with accurate Mini-LP cover reproductions (not quite Japanese level but far superior to the Five Original Albums collections). Booklet/historical liner notes desperately lacking however, but very well priced.

  11. Kiki says:

    That compilation seems very weak but the inclusion of “Fade to grey” could be the right time to say that we absolutely need a ‘complete’ reissue of the 1980 Visage album !!!

  12. Steven says:

    That is a bizarre Janis Ian compilation. So many great songs missing in action….

    Presumably this is the first fruits from the deal signed with Sony last year to bring her catalogue back into the Sony stable. Apparently there are plans for an audiophile SACD/vinyl rollout…hopefully in the case of the former we might see some 4.0 mixes from back in the day.

    Paul, any idea on a timeframe?

    • Jarle L. Nyvoll says:

      Oh yes, please. I´m a huge Janis Ian – huge in every sense of the word, unfortunately – and I loved the “BREAKING SILENCE” SACD. An already great-sounding disc got even better. And yes, the music is also wonderful.

      I hope the rumours about SACD releases of her CBS albums turn out to be true, and yes, I´d love to hear the quad mixes.

  13. Gisabun says:

    Happy that Arcade Fire’s re-issues did not contain [for a example] a single extra track. I would guess they are relating for a future year when they crank out a 2CD or 3CD release.

  14. Brian says:

    Paul, your Amazon US link for the Neil Finn album is to order the import. Here’s the link for the actual US release, which, happily, is a lot cheaper than the import you link to but comes out a week later:

  15. Chris says:

    The Amazon UK listing for Popped In Souled Out shows only 3 discs – which incidentally is exactly the same trckliated and shown on the preorder for the download on Qobuz.

    Is this actually the 5 disc version on Amazon Uk?

    I am actually not to bothered about the DVD but would like all 4 audio disks – is there a chance that Qobuz is also wrong and will be expanded to the full 4 discs at release. The benefit for me being in Singapore is that I get the download on release day and it’s significantly cheaper (27 Euro).


  16. Stickman says:

    I love Neil Finn’s music, but that has to be one the worst covers I’ve ever seen!!!

  17. Kauwgompie says:

    Forgot about my pre-order of “Popped In Souled Out” after one of your Deal Alerts. Great album, much looking forward to it!!

  18. tim says:

    “Through the Barricades” is the good old days of the 80’s?
    Whatever you’re smoking it is pretty potent.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That comment was referring a bit more to the fun of the pop scene in the 1980s rather than that album, specifically…

    • Chris Squires says:

      I am not sure that is what Paul meant.
      Not “Through the Barricades” specifically, but any 1980s album that takes you back. Make it Big, No Parlez, The Ups and Downs, Steps in Time, Pleasuredome all get me nostalgic for the fantastic 1980s. Nobody would say that Steps in Time *IS* the 1980s, but it takes me back there.

  19. Coff9899 says:

    Hi Paul

    How do I decide which releases to showcase each week? Have you ever considered doing a full alphabetical list alongside? It’ not in this weeks update but I am particularly looking forward to the new release from Cradle of Filth out Friday – “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay”.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It has to be ‘curated’ due to time constraints, I’m afraid, but I think that works okay. It’s largely about stuff I’m interested in, which may sound a bit self-centred, but that’s how I started SDE, writing about stuff I was interested in, in the hope that there were plenty of like-minded individuals out there :) Over the years I’ve broadened that to a degree (Mariah Carey, Metallica etc.) but from feedback and general levels of readership, the core offering seems to hit the spot (more or less!).

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