Out This Week / on 23 August 2019

Joan As Police Woman / Limited coloured vinyl reissues + signed print

The Doors / London Fog 1966

Billy Ocean / Remixes and Rarities 2CD

Massive Attack / Mezzanine 2CD deluxe

Finally! After nearly a year of delays Massive Attack get their act together and actually release the 2CD remastered and expanded version of Mezzanine. This can be ordered via the SDE shop. It’s not all good news… the band cancelled the 3LP vinyl deluxe, although you can now pre-order the Mad Professor remixes as a standalone coloured vinyl edition.

Steven Wilson / Hand.Cannot.Erase. (CD+blu-ray edition)

If you don’t own Steven Wilson‘s 2015 masterpiece I urge you to get it. An incredibly accomplished and genuinely immersive work and this reissue includes a blu-ray that offers and embarrassing amount of content for the price, including 5.1 surround sound mix, instrumental version plus seven additional tracks, including alternative & radio mixes. You won’t regret it.

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Steven Wilson

Hand.Cannot.Erase (CD/Blu-Ray Digipack )


29 responses to Out This Week / on 23 August 2019

  1. Redders says:

    I was introduced to Blackfield a couple of months ago by a friend. By golly, is there no end to the genius of Mr Wilson?

  2. Shane says:

    Well I certainly wont be missing having to shell out a lot (= too much) for the Mezzanine vinyl reissue.

  3. O(+> Peter B says:

    Been enjoying the Ride album released last Friday, “This Is Not A Safe Place”. Although album of the year for me so far is “Future Ruins” by Swervedriver.

  4. Trump, The King of Poop says:

    Now if only Insurgentes was released on BR.

    • Francois says:

      It was released on DVD-audio, in a CD-sized book with the CD. There is an MLP track and a DTS 24/96 mix for those not equipped with a DVD-audio player. You need a really high end system to hear the difference with a Blu-ray.
      All of the subsequent releases by SW have been released on stand alone Blu-ray. There are very easy to find.

  5. Chris Hanington says:

    Strange thing about the Massive Attack release…I ordered mine from back on Sept 20, 2018 ($15.87 CDN) , and it arrived on July 22, 2019. Was this a mistake from Amazon or is this a manufacturing issue and that’s why it has been delayed again?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      God knows!

    • Tim-Meh says:

      I wonder if the issue of the Manfred Mann sample in Black Milk has raised it’s head again hence the delay.

    • slapshot says:

      I am so confused by all this talk about Mezzanine being delayed again, and by Amazon showing it as a pre-order. I’ve had it for months. Iirc, it showed up back around March. 2 discs, “Mezzanine XX/2018 remaster” and “Mezzanine Mad Professor”. UPC & catalog number on the back are 00602567427551/6742755, and it’s shown as being made in the EU by Universal International with a Netherlands address. Did I get some kind of elaborate bootleg from Amazon, or were a limited number somehow officially released (months) early? Very strange…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I think you got lucky and some got out early. I can confirm the SDE shop is shipping tomorrow.

      • Tim-Meh says:

        You must have dropped lucky. I ordered it when it was announced and all I’ve ever got are a series of emails telling me its delayed.

  6. Vernon says:

    I ordered the Massive Attack 2CD from in the spring, and I’ve had it since June, yet now it’s being listed as a pre-order…

  7. backwards7 says:

    I’m hearing 6th September for Mezzanine.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Blimey… more delays then!

    • Tim-Meh says:

      Officially confirmed via the band’s news update that the album will be released on the 23rd.

      • Klaus says:

        …and i can confirm that too. ;-)

        Just received my copy from

        Of course it’s title is not correct anymore, because it should be called “The XXI. Anniversary (Go ahead and grab a pint)-Edition” now.

  8. Simon Cuddeford says:

    Another good starting point for Steven Wilson is “The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)”.

    • Oliver Thurau says:

      The Raven album was probably addressed by Paul above (“…Steven Wilson‘s 2013 masterpiece…” – H.C.E. is from 2015).
      And btw.: Raven will also be released as CD+BD combo, Sep. 20th

  9. Steve Robertson says:

    Ive not listened to the Steven Wilson stuff before. Is this a good entry point?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      A big fat YES. Superb album.

    • Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

      Check out Porcupine tree – stupid dream and signify they are both unmissable Steven Wilson releases,

    • Erik says:

      If you want to take advice from someone you don’t know and who’s musical tastes you have no idea of, I feel this is one of the finest albums ever made. Definitely an album, not a collection of songs, and best listened to in one sitting.

      • Francois says:

        I agree, although for a first time listen of SW works, “To The Bone” is more accessible and it features all the sides of Steven Wilson’s art (the prog, the pop, the accoustic and even the electronic)

  10. Alan says:

    For 70s soul lovers two great three CD sets from The Emotions (complete Columbia/Arc) and complete Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes from their Philadelphia International years. Both on SoulMusic Records also out this week.

  11. Juerie says:

    Is the Bluray of Steven Wilson the same content as the standalone Audio-Bluray of the album, or is there some new stuff on it? Do you know rhat?

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