Out This Week / on 24 April 2020

Pet Shop Boys / new single I don't wanna

Pet Shop Boys / I Don’t Wanna

Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs / Occasional Rain

Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne follow up their 2017 English Weather compilation with Occasional Rain. This is another various artists collection that according to the boys is supposed to evoke “the feel of a wet Saturday afternoon at the dawn of the 70s spent flicking through the racks, wondering whether to buy the new Tull album or maybe take a chance on that Christine Harwood album in the bargain bin.” Available on vinyl and CD.

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Various Artists

Occasional Rain - vinyl LP


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Various Artists

Occasional Rain - CD


22 responses to Out This Week / on 24 April 2020

  1. Michel75 says:

    The Ace series curated by Bob Stanley (mostly together with Pete Wiggs except for Tim Peaks) is absolutely stunning whether for the track selection, the booklets and the covers: English Weather, Paris in the Spring, State of the Union, Three Day Week and Tim Peaks are definitely must-have compilations. Haven’t got yet The Tears of Technology (most recent one) but do suspect another great one given the exquisite tracklisting. Bob Stanley confirms he holds firmly the crown of King of Pop (hist reference book Yeah Yeah Yeah is another must have for anyone in love with Pop).

    • Adam says:

      Whole heartedly agree, the Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs compliation series are fantastic, as was the recent Tim Peaks one with Tim Burgess, with the aforementioned Paris In The Spring and State Of The Union being my favourites -Three Day Week has the correct vibe for these current times as well, if not for the sunny weather. Don’t forgert the recently reissued/rebooted comp, Tea & Symphony ~ The English Baroque Sound 1968-1974 which is also fantastic.

      Definitely looking forward to English Weather’s sequel, unfortunately as said below, Occasional Rain has been delayed a month.

  2. Shane says:

    My PSB singles have been given a shipping date by so I’m happy.
    I will always buy them. For the quality has always been there.

  3. Alan B says:

    The delayed Strokes vinyl was supposed to be out this Friday. Just checked their online store and release date is now stated as May 1st. No email from the store to this effect yet. Two days before the album release I got a message from them that the vinyls were delayed 2 weeks. Surely as production runs are done months in advance of a release it shouldn’t be a shock to them a few days before release that they don’t actually have the stock.

  4. Rare Glam says:

    I’ve been tracking that Occasional Rain’ set as well since it went up. More release date uncertainty is for the Riley Riley Wood & Waggett / Shape of The Rain 3 X CD set on Cherry Red. Originally slated for 24th April, it still is on Cherry Red’s site, they even released a teaser promo on Youtube for it last week. On Amazon it says 22nd May and on one eBay seller’s offer it say May 1st!

  5. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    I know they are not physical media releases but quite important to merit at least a mention: Bob Dylan’s new song “I contain multitudes” and also Prince’s 4 live songs from Las Vegas as an advance for the state’s next release.
    All available to listen to from your usual network services.

  6. Peter Muscutt says:

    The Occasional Rain compilation sounds like the one Tim Burgess from The Charlatans did called ‘Tim Peaks’ (nothing to do with the astronaut), where he tries to summarise the feel of the surreal David Lynch series but only using British bands…I’ve not heard it but reads like it’d be intriguing. Actually, I have a feeling that was with Bob Stanley or Pete Wiggs – one of them, at least…

  7. daveid76 says:

    New PSB single is disappointing Im sorry to say but one of the remixes isn’t bad. The song itself is one of the most boring thing they’ve ever written let alone released, more like a dull b side than album track. I nearly always come round to these later but not this time. The b side is also unusually poor. Having said that I’ve still ordered both formats.

  8. Michael says:

    I just learned that in Japan YMO are having their 1993 reunion album Technodon reissued as a remastered SHM Cd, Vinyl and SACD hybrid options. Plus the 2 remix eps from Towa Tei and The Orb are united on one new remastered cd. The live 1993 Tokyo Dome concert is also out on Blu Ray including a bonus SACD hybrid of the show (minus 4 songs). I just preordered the Blu Ray from Amazon japan as it is about 15 dollars discounted right now. Comes out on the 22nd.

  9. Larry Davis says:

    A surprise release just dropped digitally 6 months early…new Fiona Apple…Fetch the Bolt Cutters…now I don’t normally buy downloads but I jumped at this early release being so early.. like what the hell…it’s really good & interesting, like Bjork is…title included…cheers…

  10. MüllerMüller says:

    Lucinda Williams got a new album this friday!
    Amazing artist – great voice!

  11. Erik says:

    Without hearing a note of it, that description of “Occasional Rain” really makes me want to buy it.

  12. David says:

    Amazon still showing next week. With luck if it’s May 29 that gives time for the price to fall a bit.

  13. Matt says:

    According to Ace’s website, the Occasional Rain release date has been pushed back to May 29.

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