Out This Week / on 24 July 2020

ABBA: The Studio Albums coloured vinyl box set

ABBA / The Studio Albums / Limited edition coloured vinyl box set

P.J. Harvey / Dry demos on vinyl & CD

Now That’s What I Call Music 6 to be released as a two-CD set

Fiona Apple / Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Andrew Gold / Lonely Boy: The Asylum Years Anthology 6CD+DVD box set

Diana Ross / Supertonic mixes

Bob Marley & The Wailers / Legend limited edition vinyl picture disc

Pet Shop Boys / It Couldn't Happen Here standard edition

First edition of Pet Shop Boys blu-ray sold out, but standard set on the way

Nick Kamen / The Complete Collection

Nick Kamen / The Complete Collection

Rick Wakeman / The Red Planet (new album)

Wakeman’s new album is in his words “keyboard heavy” and in a similar style to his 1973 debut, The Six Wives of Henry VIII.

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The Red Planet - CD+DVD


19 responses to Out This Week / on 24 July 2020

  1. Trev says:

    Hi Paul 2 TONE 7″ Treasures Box Set is on Amazon at the moment for £68. Lowest i’ve ever seen it. Had to bag one at that price + the Slip Mat & Autograph

  2. Larry Davis says:

    How about this?? Taylor Swift is dropping a surprise 8th album tomorrow called “folklore”…with collabs with Bon Iver & other indy-folk leaning artists, as well as Jack Antonoff…and for only 1 week, there are 7 limited edition covers/packages and 1 bonus track…I do sorta collect her stuff, so I ordered 2 different special editions & a new T-shirt reflecting the new album…it’s really cool & artsy…so it’s free shipping…will be interesting to hear her latest direction…

  3. MüllerMüller says:

    Interesting 4 PRINCE fans
    Ben Liebrand Grand 12inch 17
    Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl 12“/Album Version
    Apollonia 6 – Sex Shooter Dance Mix
    Taja Sevelle – Love Is Contagious B.L.Mix
    further listening – Art Of Noise ft. Tom Jones. – Kiss Battery Mix
    Out this friday on cd
    Wait 4 SOTT

  4. Mark Yon says:

    Woah…. I have the Rick Wakeman album. I’m sure my signed copy was only about £25 from Rick’s website.

    It’s good – Wakeman fans will like it, but even I’ll admit that £44’s a bit steep.

    I might use the money I saved to buy the PSB Bluray, which I foolishly cancelled two days before its original release… *sigh*

  5. Andreas says:

    Abba box still at 119,15 EUR on!

  6. Davi Regan says:

    Tad expensive the Rick Wakeman Red Planet especially for 1 CD and 1 DVD..hope for a huge price drop on that one but £44 come on its not worth that…I expect that for a vinyl release not a CD/DVD release

  7. Mark says:

    Now 6 down to £8 on Amazon UK…..

  8. John McCann'. says:

    Rip q magazine,I remember buying the 1st edition in John Menzies argyle streetGlasgow, October 86,cant say I’ll miss it as it’s been beyond poor for years,but it was great when it was great, amen

    • Paul E. says:

      @John – that’s not good to hear but I agree with your comments about diminishing interest in the magazine…my last purchased copy was from December 2011 that included the U2 “Achtung Baby” or officially the “Ăhk-to͝ong Ba͞y-bi” covers CD [a nice mix of bands on that disc]. Here in the States anyway, you’d find retailers selling Mojo, Q, etc. sometimes with the disc [i.e. Borders] or intentionally removed at the newsstand [i.e. Barnes & Noble] (or just the aftermath of one large glue spot to remind you it was thieved by the previous “reader”).

  9. Neil O'Sullivan says:

    Also out on Friday is John Foxx & The Maths’ new album called Howl. What I’ve heard so far sounds very exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      I got a dispatch email from Banquet yesterday so it’s looking like we’re being treated to that rarest of events – an album being released early!

  10. Francisco says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just wondering if you’re aware of an Absolute Beginners special edition coming out on the 7th of August?
    Popped over to Fopp to pick up the standard edition and they mentioned they never got any vinyl stock in on release day, but will definitely get the one on the 7th.
    Apparently coloured records, limited.

  11. Patrick Cleasby says:

    Was last week in the states. I also saw people with copies of Dry Demos!

  12. SimonP says:

    Is Fiona Apple being reissued again so soon? I thought it came out last week?

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