Out This Week / on 25 January 2019

Buzzcocks / 40th anniversary vinyl

Paul Young / The CBS Singles Collection / 20-disc CD singles box set

Vangelis / Nocturne: The Piano Album

Springsteen on Broadway / 2CD or 4LP

Steve Hackett / At The Edge Of Light

Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge / Radio Series vinyl box set

Roisin Murphy / Overpowered (2LP coloured vinyl)

Murphy’s 2007 album was always very rare on vinyl, so this 2LP vinyl reissue is welcome. Like the original this is pressed on orange and pink vinyl but this time around includes a bonus track ‘Parallel Lives’.

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Roisin Murphy

Overpowered 2LP coloured vinyl


Bananarama / Viva (2CD deluxe)

Bananarama‘s 2009 album is reissued as a two-CD deluxe with a bonus disc of remixes and extra tracks. Drama is also reissued, this time as a 3CD set.

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Viva (Expanded Edition)


36 responses to Out This Week / on 25 January 2019

  1. Neil says:

    Surprised you never included Trevor Horn being out this week when you did a piece on it. Having heard it’s actually not bad.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It was supposed to come out next week…. I wasn’t definitely today was the release. But as you say, it seems to be!

  2. Redders says:

    The Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’ re-issue which was going to be coming out in November …. and was then re-scheduled I believe for 25th January has now been put back further to 19th April from what I read today.

  3. O(+> Peter B says:

    2 new albums also out on Friday: Future Ruins by Swervedriver and Toast To Our Differences by Rudimental (deluxe CD available)

  4. Gisabun says:

    Also this week, pre-Pearl Jam Green River [2 releases with bonus tracks] and Neal Morse latest double CD The Great Adventure are released [the later has a box set exclusively at Radiant Records]. The Great Adventure also has a 2CD/1DVD edition but the DVD is mostly useless. Just another “making of” documentary.

  5. Trash says:

    Hi Paul –

    For those that ordered the Buzzcocks releases via the SDE site I was just wondering when you expect to send them out?

    No pressure at all, just wondering when I am likely to receive them (I’ve not ordered anything from the store before).

    Many thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      These should go out on Thursday :)

      • Trash says:

        Excellent thanks.
        Are they nice? :-)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Stock is arriving tomorrow, so I haven’t seen them yet…

          • Trash says:

            Hi Paul –

            Just to say a big thank you – my order arrived safely and was well-packaged (I have been away and have only just returned).

            I will definitely look out for more items on the SDE store in future.


            P.S. Disappointed that “Another Music…” doesn’t reproduce the closed loop on side 2 of the original. The sound at the end of “Moving Away from the Pulsebeat” should repeat ad infinitum.
            Wonder if they will get it right on the forthcoming “Penthouse and Pavement” release…

          • Paul Sinclair says:


  6. Larry Davis says:

    Well I am kinda gutted because the Paul Young box is pretty much sold out…I had it on preorder but cancelled it because of my cruise to the Bahamas leaving Friday and wanted the max available cash…it was selling slowly so I figured I’d cancel and order it when I get back beginning of February… Nope sold out…wish ID have known and get the $60 other ways and keep the preorder intact…maybe someone will return it or it’ll pop up somewhere else like eBay or discogs…

    • Trash says:

      Paul Young or cruise to the Bahamas…?
      Hmmm let me think…. :-)

      • Larry Davis says:

        Cruise was paid for but money for unexpected expenses and spending money was needed… It was a risk I took to cancel but had to do it…perhaps someone ordered two and wants to part with one?? Sometimes it happens, sometimes not…I’m just glad I got the Bobbie Gentry box as a birthday gift in October…that thing is going nowhere from my collection!!! The cruise is the ‘Outlaw Country Cruise #4’ and has like 35 artists/bands playing…major acts are Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Drive By Truckers, Margo Price, Old 97s, solo sets by Patterson Hood (DBTs) and Rhett Miller (Old 97s), tons more…

        • Klaus says:

          @Larry Davis:

          Sounds fun, enjoy your trip.

          …and the Paul Young-box is still open to pre-order via for EUR 69, though i don’t have a clue how much that will be if sent to the U.S.

  7. jeff says:

    If you are a QUEEN fan and who isn’t…..there is a really cool 2 LP set coming from CODA Records sometime this month

    Queen News of the World – In Concert: The Legendary Broadcast Import 2LP (Green Vinyl)
    Limited Edition Green Vinyl – 300 Copies!

    The 1977 News of The World Tour spanned from November 11, 1977 to May 13, 1978 and covered three legs – North America, Europe, and The United Kingdom. One of the shows on the North American leg was at The Summit in Houston, Texas which is what we find here on this Green Vinyl LP limited to 300 copies.

    • Limited Edition – 300 Copies
    • Green Vinyl

    Side A:
    1. We Will Rock You – Fast
    2. Somebody To Love
    3. Death On Two Legs
    4. Killer Queen
    5. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
    6. Keep Yourself Alive
    7. Love of My Life
    Side B:
    1. Now I’m Here
    2. You’re My Best Friend
    3. Bohemian Rhapsody
    4. Tie Your Mother Down
    5. We Will Rock You
    6. We Are the Champions

    • paul wren says:

      Top tip off and I’ve ordered this via Discogs. This site is excellent for contributors posting early warning of additional niche, limited releases like this – it has made my day

  8. stevieb says:

    I’d much rather they’d just re-issued the now out of print de-luxe versions of those two Buzzcocks albums from c 2007, which included b-sides, sessions, demos, live stuff etc, and priced them at around £12.99p. I’ve no interest in buying straight CD versions of stuff I had on vinyl 40 years ago.when I know that there”s better version of these around.

  9. Andrew says:

    Do the Be With releases come with download codes or CDs as I’m interested in getting the Roisin Murphy album and a couple of the Themes KPM releases but don’t have a turntable at the moment?

    • RJS says:

      There’s a lot of KPM music getting reissued by various labels at the moment but sadly for CD aficionados, it’s all on vinyl.

    • Richard says:

      I don’t think it comes with a download card, but it’s eligible for Amazon’s autorip anyway.

  10. Walter says:

    Also released this week is the 3CD Expanded Edition of Jimmy Somerville’s album “Manage The Damage”. This set has 43 tracks which includes the original album tracks, B-sides and quite a few remixes from that era.

    More info:

  11. Simon says:

    Viva is a fabulous album, better than Drama for me. I would say more but I lost my copy a while ago.

  12. Jason says:

    Roisin’s album showed up in my US Mail over a week ago. Sounds stunning and one of the best pop albums of this millennium.

  13. wesley mc dowell says:

    Also out last week 18th jan. was the new album by Joe Jackson Fool.Hope to purchase it along with Steve Hackett,s new one shortly.

  14. Le Baron says:

    I’m a bit sad the Paul Young box set is released so early this year…every other release in 2019 will look poor and pale compared to it! :)
    Can’t wait !!

  15. Aaron says:

    Anthony Phillips Seventh Heaven reissue out this week…3xcd+dvd clamshell box

  16. Geert De Wilde says:

    Roisin Murphy / Overpowered – to me only a pale shadow of the original Moloko brilliance … This album keeps slipping into disco clichés

  17. Neil says:

    I think now any Cherry Red related releases i will be buying them directly from their website and certainly not From Amazon with those inflated prices.

    • Caroline says:

      Yeah, there’s something funny going on there – at the weekend, Amazon wanted over £17 each for the next two Residents reissues, direct they’re £11.99.

      • Chris Squires says:

        The only issue I have with Cherry Red is that I struggle to get onto their website. More often than not it remains in loading mode. Just to prove me wrong, I just got straight in…D’oh. But it has been frustrating when trying to do some research and I can’t get it loaded. If they were having issues, hopefully they are all fixed now as what they produce is, in general, quite lovely and I have a lot of time for them.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Viva is £12.99 (+£1.35 postage) from Cherry Red. £18.86 on Amazon!
      The latest McCartney 2CD sets are similarly overpriced.

      • Neil says:

        Obviously the knock on affect with what’s happening with HMV they can now charge what they want without any competition. Also you can add on another £2.99 for postage for that Bananarama which takes it to over £20.

  18. Richard says:

    I ordered a copy of “Overpowered” directly from Be With records back before Christmas. It came early, about 3 weeks ago. I have to say it sounds simply stunning! and on coloured vinyl too!

    A fantastic pressing of a truly excellent album! If You’re cautious because it’s on coloured vinyl then don’t be. It’s getting heavy rotation here ! :-)

    • Dan says:

      My copy arrived early too and I agree, it sounds absolutely sublime. Very happy with this pressing.

    • hamicle says:

      I haven’t picked up ‘Overpowered’ but do have a couple of other Be With releases – their reissue of Ahmad Jamal Trio’s ‘The Awakening’ is excellent, which has set high expectations for anything else they do!

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