Out This Week / on 25 October 2019

The Kinks / Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

King Crimson / In The Court of the Crimson King 3CD+blu-ray

XTC’s Dukes of Stratosphear vinyl LP and CD+blu-ray reissues

Paul Young / No Parlez limited edition signed coloured vinyl pressing

Pet Shop Boys to release ‘Dreamland’ as a physical single

Moloko / Things To Make And Do / Limited edition 2LP coloured vinyl

The Happy Mondays / The Early EP’s coloured vinyl box set

Rhino repackage Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’ super deluxe edition

The Jam / Snap! 2LP with 7″ single

Shakespears Sister / Ride Again

Rick Astley / Best of Me signed CD

Rick Astley / New greatest hits ‘The Best of Me’ / pre-order a signed CD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Colorado

Pre-order the new James Blunt album as an exclusive signed CD edition

Stereophonics / New album ‘Kind’

Ringo Starr / What’s My Name

Ringo‘s new album features a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Grow Old With Me’ which features old bandmate Paul McCartney on backing vocals and bass.

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Ringo Starr

What's My Name - vinyl LP


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Ringo Starr

What's My Name - CD edition


29 responses to Out This Week / on 25 October 2019

  1. JohnBlutarski says:

    Are you doing a Kinks Arthur Super deluxe unboxing, Paul? (Love this site, I’m a big fan, keep up the good work!)

  2. Tim says:

    I received my Kinks box set today and I’m shocked. The cd’s are in a horrible state. Anyone else having the same issues?

    Haven’t got the chance to rip / play them. But afraid secure / accurate rip will be impossible with the state of the cd.

    Why couldn’t they include the 96-24 hi-res on blu-ray or dvd? It’s available at Qobuz, HDtracks,…

    What a disappointment.

  3. SimonP says:

    Bruce Soord of the Pineapple Thief has a new solo album out this week. The SDE has a DVD with two 5.1 mixes included apparently along with HD versions of the two CDs. Get it at Burning Shed, it’s nearly a tenner cheaper there than the tax avoiders.

  4. Alan B says:

    Bought the Elbow signed exclusive from Amazon. Can anyone fathom out how they decide which albums come with Autorip or not? The signed edition and corresponding Amazon mint pack edition (both are the same) do not come with Autorip but the regular jewel case edition does. Weird.

    Also does anyone else get annoyed when part of the album artwork is a sticker (not a hype sticker) which is placed on top of the shrink wrap? The Elbow CD is one such instance. The band name and album title are on a sticker on the shrink wrap and you lose the whole effect of the album cover when you remove the shrink-wrap. Why can’t they place on the actual cover and then seal it?

    Also I got my Dukes of the Stratosphere CD/Blue-ray last Thursday with my postcard signed by Sir John Johns aka Andy Partridge.

    • RJS says:

      “lose the whole effect of the album cover”

      But instead get the whole effect of the cover photo (which is probably the thinking behind the design).

    • Richard S says:

      I thought the auto rip was based on whether it could find a match within “Amazon music”. I recently bought the Blondie “Heart of Glass” EP. The auto rip version I got was indeed called the same but a completely different remix EP.

      • SimonP says:

        I once bought an album from Amazon (I think it was a Freeez deluxe re-release) and it turned out that the digital version had some different tracks compared to the 2 CD version. Best of both worlds!

  5. Bill Buddington says:

    2019-50=1969=The release of Arthur by the Kinks

  6. RJS says:

    Cigarettes After Sex release their second long player, Cry, this week. They sound like Mazzy Star, the lead vocalist has an androgynous singing voice and all of their songs sound the same but it’s a winning formula.

  7. OB says:

    Rick Astley signed edition looks quite not available… James Blunt, too.

  8. Richard says:

    Amazon currently have a great deal on the new Space Anthology – 6 CDs with loads of bonus and unreleased stuff for only £19.99.

  9. Shaun says:

    And still no mention of the Motorhead reissues due on Friday.

  10. THOMAS NEWMAN says:

    New Sean O’Hagan album “Radum Calls, Radum Calls” is released on Friday!

  11. Warren says:

    There’s also a 6 CD complete recordings set from Prog/Psych rockers Mighty Baby – while I realise that’s pretty niche, I’m looking forward to it and can recommend it to anyone who likes the 69-71 crossover period between Psych and Prog because those guys nail it and it’s only about £25.

  12. Eamonn says:

    Pulp’s HisnHers is also out on Friday reissued on vinyl as a 25th anniversary edition with a further limited run in white too.

  13. David says:

    Bruce Springsteen – “Western Stars” (Songs from the film) – released Friday, October 25, 2019.

  14. Tim South says:

    Cherry red Records are releasing Alan Price’s classic 1974 album Between Today and Yesterday this week , a new remaster .

  15. John Whelan says:

    The second lot of Prefab Sprout reissues are out this Friday as well.

  16. Vic Matusak - Baltimore says:

    Paul, I read the site regularly. Just want to say thanks for all your efforts, I love the news and info. …If I lived in the U.K. I’d buy you a beer and talk records!

  17. Roberto R says:

    Hello Paul , do you know if the Live Box set (2 blu-ray + 4 cd) by the Cure has been released in the UK ? thanks

  18. Caroline says:

    Also out this week are the latest reissues from The Fall, all on Cherry Red: Hex Enduction Hour is a 3LP set with the hour-long album over 4 sides for the first time and a disc of Peel Session and live material and also a reproduction of the “Look, Know” 7″, neither side of which is on the LP. Room To Live comes as a double LP, the content being the same as the CD edition from 2006. Instead of doing standalone CD editions, there’s a 6CD boxset called “1982” which includes Hex, RTL, the Fall In A Hole live album and a further live set as well as various bonus tracks. There’s nothing previously unreleased to be had but it’s an interesting approach to the CD format and how it continues to labour in the current market place.

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