Out This Week / on 26 April 2019

Popol Vuh / The Essential Album Collection, Vol. 1 / 6LP vinyl box set

Prince / Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic / Vinyl and CD reissues

Art of Noise / In No Sense? Nonsense! / deluxe 2LP blue vinyl with bonus tracks

Generation X deluxe edition

The Moody Blues / Live at the BBC 1967-1970 / 3LP vinyl

Alan Parsons / The Secret

Big Country / The Crossing 2LP reissue

Van Der Graaf Generator / The Aerosol Grey Machine 50th anniversary reissue

Van Der Graaf Generator / The Aerosol Grey Machine 50th anniversary box

Kiefer Sutherland / Reckless & Me exclusive signed CD edition

The Cranberries / In The End limited edition vinyl LP picture disc

The Cranberries / In The End limited edition vinyl LP picture disc

Marvin Gaye / You’re The Man (CD)

CD edition of the ‘lost’ Marvin Gaye album that was supposed to be the follow-up to the classic What’s Going On. Vinyl edition was issued back in March

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Marvin Gaye

You're The Man


Leo Sayer / Selfie

Brand new studio album from Leo Sayer. Recorded at his home studio in Australia it features 15 new songs including three co-written with Albert Hammond (who wrote ‘When I Need You’ with Carole Bayer Sager).

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Leo Sayer

Selfie - PINK vinyl LP


20 responses to Out This Week / on 26 April 2019

  1. Mark says:

    The estate has made a deal to release the post Warner years albums first… then the Warner reissues will come. I’ll wait for them I think

  2. Georgie says:

    No need for mention of reissues and remasters (which sometimes feel like overloaded releases by the labels), sometimes it’s nice to get some new music and tunes to the collection instead.
    So, here’s my pick of the albums released this week, brand new album from Australian psychedelic-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Their new album “Fishing For Fishies” is out on friday. I know I will be picking it up..and I recommend to check this band out, it’s definitely one of the most interesting but very productive band around.

  3. Freek says:

    I made two bonusdiscs for LoveSexy with every non-album song and version currently circulating. I’d love another few discs with stuff that no one has heard before.

    The truth is, us Prince fans are hard to please because there is so much music and we want it all, but no way that is what we’re gonna get.

  4. David says:

    Graham Parker’s “Squeezing Out Sparks: Solo Acoustic 40th Anniversary” (CD version) due to come out April 26…

  5. Albais says:

    There’s also a doublé lp with a cd included of J.J. Cale unreleased songs from all his career which think is a good relase as well toe let be known here,,,

  6. Steven Campbell says:

    I’m hoping in terms of Prince that the Batman soundtrack he did which I thought was great will be reissued as I can then replace my original which has a jump onit due to being played with a worn stylus on one of the tracks. There’s also some ace mixes from that period that could be used as bonus tracks.

  7. Aaron says:

    also out this week:

    Nils Lofgren’s new album – Blues With Lou

    features 6 tracks co-written by Lou Reed – 5 previously unreleased:
    Attitude City, Give, Talk Thru The Tears,City Lights, Don’t Let Your Guard Down, and Cut Him Up

  8. CJ says:

    Pre-ordered the Prince set when it was announced on here, though what I’m really hoping for is that this is the pre-cursor to getting a physical wide-release of Chocolate Factory and Welcome 2 the Slaughterhouse. Giving a wide-release to the fanclub-only sets would be a good bridge into getting deeper into the vaults, since the fan club sets wouldn’t need remastering and whatnot, allowing time to do whatever cleanups might be needed to gett the vault material ready for the market.

    Please let Dream Factory and Roadhouse Garden not be too far away.

    • Francois says:

      While it is not a physical release, and does not exactly answers your dream, the two releases you mention have been available on streaming sites like deezer or Spotify for a couple of months now. I must say I was not impressed by the slaughterhouse and that chocolate factory has its moment, but they are few..

  9. Alan B says:

    Doves have just announced that their first 3 albums are being issued as coloured vinyl double LPs to be released on 31st May. They have just returned from their hiatus and are rumoured to be writing new songs. Last album was released 10 years ago. They have never been prolific. They have only released 4 albums since 2000 (5 if you include their solo projects). Almost as “prolific” as The Hives who have only released 2 albums in the last 15 years, 7 years and counting since their last one. If the Beatles were as quick as these two at issuing albums we’d still be waiting on the release of Sgt Pepper.

    • RJS says:

      Six studio albums. Jez and Andy Williams’ Black Rivers released their eponymous debut in 2015.

      • Alan B says:

        Yes I knew about Jimi’s solo album and the Williams Black Rivers release. What I meant was each of them have released 5 studio albums – 4 Doves plus their respective own project. When they got back together in December it was initially for live performances. They later confirmed they had started writing together. Which begs the question. What have they been doing song writing wise in the past 4/5 years since their solo projects were released?

    • Wayne C says:

      Was wondering why these releases didn’t get their own heading surely worth it!!, I have all the originals and pre ordered these no brainer purchases before the weekend!. Essential !!

    • Martyn Alner says:

      Thanks for the heads up on Doves, Lost Souls is one of my favourite albums. Ordered!

      Now if someone can re-release the album of their previous incarnation, Sub Sub…

  10. Simon Thornhill says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why . LoveSexy hasn’t been reissued , nor have we seen super delux reissues (boxsets) for purple rain / sign o the times.

    For me LoveSexy was Prince’s last classic LP . Sure there where some excellent singles throughout the years following, thieves in the temple, sexy mf & black sweat. …etc etc. But for me he’d never release and amother truly classic LP again.

    It just seems odd that the reissues have bypassed such a brilliant album (LoveSexy) in favour of several frankly mediocre later day (no pun intended) albums.

    But whatever the estate / record company decide to reissue. I am grateful that I got to see his hit & run tour , when he played Manchester Academy (for two nights) He played for nearly four hours on thee Saturday night & it was incredible!!!

    • CJ says:

      The Rave set is an easy reissue to do, because it really didn’t need any remastering, and the Rave In2 disc was so limited as a release that it fetches big money on the third party market. An archival release like LoveSexy (and I’m right there with you on wanting that ASAP) would mean going through the Vault, finding the material appropriate for it, selecting what is “release-worthy” then going through the entire process of mastering and whatnot to prep it for release. With someone like Prince, the company knows (though may not always care) that the fans are well-informed enough to know what “should” and “shouldn’t” be on the set, so there would be meetings with the original engineers to try to make sure that everything is what it should be.

      This is assuming, of course, that the label would do it properly. They could just as easily do a half-hearted remaster, slap some remixes and b-sides on a disc, and say “Here you go,” then hit you up five years later with the “deluxe remaster,’ then five years later with the “super deluxe remaster,” then five years after that with the “Ultimate edition,” thereby regulating the flow of vault material as strictly as possible and aiming for maximum profit. Except at some point that anger the fans, and people stop buying the projects, then the label decides there’s “not a market for it anymore,” and we get nothing.

      Wow, I may be getting cynical.

    • RJS says:

      They released a SDE of Purple Rain a couple of years ago. Some will disagree, but I think the general consensus is that Lovesexy was Prince last great album. I think his last great song was Baltimore – a classic Prince song.

      • CJ says:

        Yes, but Purple Rain was in progress before Prince died. And it still took quite awhile for it to come out even then. The time lapse from initial announcement to eventual release was several years. If we want decent archival releases with the material that belongs on them (and some people would argue that Purple Rain didn’t even get that right), then we’re probably at least a good year or two away from that happening. I agree the LoveSexy was likely one of his last great solid front-to-back albums (though I have a soft spot for both Graffiti Bridge and Batman), but the reality, unfortunately, for those who want that to be the next focus, is that the record company is likely going to look at original global sales, and we’ll be more likley to see Sign ‘o’ the Times, Parade, or Around the World in a Day before they go for LoveSexy.

        Out of curiosity, I was wondering if, when it comes to a LoveSexy reissue, would people prefer the original album itself be released on CD as it first was (everything on it in a single track, so you can’t skip songs unless you fast-forward), or in the iteration that record company eventually re-released it in with no fanfare (individual track numbers for the songs)? Or would you want both versions in a comprehensive set, even though they are essentially the same aside from indexing?

        And what is your dream list for bonus material?

    • Veesoo says:

      Diamonds&Pearls, Crystal Ball disc4 (the truth), HitNRun2… are all great albums
      Black Muse is simply brilliant!!!

  11. Steve says:

    Leo Sayer has turned into Rachel Dolezal

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