Out This Week / on 26 June 2020

Rolling Stones vinyl reissues

Johnny Cash / The Complete Mercury Albums 1986-1991 box set

Depeche Mode / Spirits in the Forest four-disc deluxe sets

INXS / Live Baby Live Wembley concert film issued on 4K UHD blu-ray

Eric Clapton / Riding With The King 20th anniversary edition

Eric Clapton & B.B. King / Riding with the King 20th anniversary reissue

Frank Zappa / The Mothers 1970 4CD set

Frank Zappa / The Mothers 1970

Dead Or Alive / Nukleopatra 25th anniversary coloured vinyl

Dead Or Alive / Nukleopatra 25th anniversary 2LP coloured vinyl

Rolling Stones issue brand new studio recording ‘Living In A Ghost Town’

Diana Ross / Supertonic mixes

Longpigs / The Sun Is Often Out blue vinyl

Buzzcocks / Sell You Everything box

Haim / Women in Music Pt III signed CD

Pre-order a signed Haim CD

Adeva! Ultimate 4CD set

Alabama 3 / Exile On Coldhardbour Lane (5CD box set)

Five CD box featuring the 1997 album Exile On Coldhardbour Lane  (which contains Sopranos theme tune ‘Woke Up This Morning’) plus four CDs that include previously unreleased and reworked versions of tracks which may sound familiar. Singer Larry Love says “The box set is also a cosmic guide through Alabama 3’s various drug habits over the years,” he says. “We want people to put their spacesuits on and dive in”.

Compare prices and pre-order

Alabama 3

Exile On Coldharbour Lane


19 responses to Out This Week / on 26 June 2020

  1. johnny says:

    Received Sticky Fingers today, and slightly surprised that it doesn’t have the ‘working zip’ or any attempt at re-creating it… It’s just an ordinary photo sleeve., with every expense spared…

    It’s defiinitely the new half-speed, as sticker confirms this. I’m not especially bothered, but some people might have been expecting the zip !

  2. Paul E. says:

    Also just released this week and available now at PolyVinyl Records is “Inlet” by Hum. Hum’s first release in 22 years. Highly recommended and several vinyl, cd, t-shirt, bundle, etc. options available both at the UK and US store(s).

  3. Andrew Abley says:

    Love Record Store Day was great some of the releases top class and unexpected. Ordered and then collected on the day using click and collect so still local. Many are still available either direct from the stores or Discogs.
    For me
    Cherry Ghost on vinyl inspired
    Jacqueline Taïeb* ‎– Lolita Chick ’68 great left of centre choice
    John Grant – Queen of Denmark – excellent pressing
    Words And Music By Saint Etienne – Delivery delayed to next week. Not the end of the World but welcome back on vinyl at a great price
    last minute purchase impluse purchases on the day
    Caribou ‎– Swim : plenty copies still available – great
    Nirvana ‎– Bleach – only slight disappointment dealer said not in store but will have for me next week to collect
    For ebay it will never change. A few silly prices for hard to believe items that are not even rare or that collectable. Strange world

  4. paul wren says:

    Too much moaning about RSD etc. The line up of product this year for RSD is to my eyes almost unbelievable, easily the best RSD offering for years. Yes, I will probably end up on Ebay paying inflated prices but I see this as an opportunity for great music, not a problem as many commenting on here see it. You need to be glass half full people!

  5. Keith Hill says:

    Daniel…Gang of Four is still avail at some stores I browsed last night (24th June) I was surprised, but they are still out there, go thru the Love Record Shop website, list & links to participating stores.

  6. Alan Blevin says:

    Not exactly about new releases this week but a frustrating story about the barriers to getting physical music.
    2 weeks ago was the CD release of Peter Gabriel’s Rated PG.Definitely will get it but…
    -Not being released in Australia
    -Had it preordered at Importscd but they moved straight from preorder to back order which means they did not receive stock.
    -JPC say they may get stock in 1-2 weeks
    -Amazon Global Marketplace say they may get stock in 1-2 months
    And they wonder why CD sales are falling.

    • Joe Donato says:

      I too ordered the Rated PG CD from Amazon USA, expecting it to come on the release date, and it keeps telling me that they have received my order and will let me know when it will ship. Did they not print enough of them out?

  7. Richard says:

    Luckily I did get the items I wanted on Love Record Store day a yellow vinyl Nirvana Bleach, blue vinyl Belle and Sebastian Tigermilk and an ice blue Twin Peaks soundtrack so I can’t really complain. However I only realised afterwards that not all the records on Love Record Store Day are actually in stock. In fact the Twin Peaks soundtrack is a preorder that isnt even released until 28th August. I will certainly enjoy adding these records to my collection but if you go on ebay the number of yellow Nirvana Bleach vinyls that are being bought for over £90 is crazy and this is the problem. If an ebay seller can potentially make more than £70 profit on one vinyl record by clicking a few buttons on their PC on a Saturday morning then why wouldn’t they do it. However it is obviously at the expense of people who want to enjoy Love Record Store Day and buy a record for their collection at the retail price.

    • Tim b says:

      Spot on. These events are supposed to promote vinyl and help out retailers, but now it’s all about making a quick profit for someone who doesn’t give a damn about the music, artist or retailers. Shame.

  8. MelodicMusicIsTheBestMusic says:

    Out this friday is the new album from Jessie Ware “What’s Your Pleasure”? Her fourth album, It’s been delayed a couple of times but it’s definitely out this week, signed copies are still available on Amazon UK for £9.99

  9. Dean says:

    Record store Day does little to help local stores. Pulling people in for one day based on strictly limited items won’t keep them afloat, and it’s anti-music lover as people aren’t able to get what they want. They turned a worthy cause into a farce.

    • deceased says:

      A CD of new songs or very hard to come by rarities from an artists back catalogue would tempt me but not a rehash of old readily available tracks on some new colour hipster wax that feels like a release just for the sake of a release rather than a release that the artist &\or label have put some time & thought into…such a shame, a real wasted opportunity every year…

      • CJ Feeney says:

        RSD, as I understand it, was set up to reconnect music lovets with bricks and mortar shops. It did in my case, about 5 years ago.

        The is now a steady drip feed of Indies only vinyl editions throughout the year if I want something exclusive, but I don’t see the need to turn out on RSD unless there is something very special – for me that means new or othetwise unreleased music such as the 1+1=X album, Bobby Gentry at the BBC or Michael Kiwanuka’s live ep from a few years back. There’s not much of that in the release schedule most years.

  10. Alan B says:

    I am surprised there has been no mention of Love Record Stores Day held on Saturday with special releases available online only.

    • stephen king says:

      Don’t get me started on that farce. Fastest finger ensures you get the standard price record to chuck on for auction before you’ve even received it yet again. At least with Record Store Day you can get a decent chance of being in the queue early enough to stand a hope to find things instead of just having the fastest internet connection. Yes, I am bitter about spending a couple of hours seeing items disappear from my basket whilst trying to pay once I’d found someone who hadn’t sold out or wasn’t even stocking what I wanted. Or shops that didn’t even have an online store..
      I did get 2 out of the 3 I was after but that seemed to be pure luck.

      • Keith Hill says:

        Found it a little uninspiring…maybe my age. bought 2, from Scotland in the end 1 seemed hard to get elsewhere (belle & sebastian) & the other because I could..Matt Berry.

      • Daniel says:

        Yep…I was interested in the Gang of Four orange vinyl 12″…clicked on about 7 stores that didn’t have it then found one that did, but it was sold out. I support local record stores, but that was a ridiculous waste of time.

      • Guy says:

        You got 2 out of 3 and you’re moaning? If you really keen to get all the releases you wanted, the two hours you spent after 9am would have been better served researching who had what & whether they had an online store beforehand. I know I’ve got a poor internet connection compared to many but having done my research I was surprized but pleased to get what I wanted by 9.10am – but was prepared to go without if I didn’t. Some you win, some you lose.

        As for the Ebay flippers, there’s not that many – and I’m not one of them, just to add. I did have a look and there tens of the more popular releases up for auction compared to the several hundreds or well over a thousand released. It’s not guaranteed you’d have got what you wanted even if Ebay didn’t exist.

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