Out This Week / on 27 November

Shakin Stevens / Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection 19CD box set

Shakin’ Stevens / Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection

Supergrass / Live On Other Planets

Supergrass / Live On Other Planets

Paul Weller / Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix

Paul Weller / Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix

Four classic Peter Gabriel live albums reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl

Now 7 reissued as a 2CD set

Now That’s What I Call Music 7 to be reissued as a two-CD set

Perry Farrell / The Glitz; The Glamour

Spandau Ballet / To Cut A Long Story Short 12" and hits set

Spandau Ballet / To Cut A Long Story Short 12″ and new greatest hits set

Al Stewart / 24 Carrots (3CD)

40th anniversary edition of Al Stewart‘s 1980 album offers a new remaster and two additional CDs featuring demo sessions and a CD of live recordings made at Hammersmith Odeon in London in December 1980.

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Al Stewart

24 Carrots - 3CD deluxe


23 responses to Out This Week / on 27 November

  1. Jonathan says:

    The shaky boxset is one of the nicest looking sets of the year.
    It’s heavy and each disc is housed in a cardboard outer case placed inside the hard book. Each case and cd has matching artwork styles
    As far as swag it has a poster, 3 photos, a music guide of how to play one of his songs, the autograph book which has his signature inside and a booklet which has tour posters of the majority of his tours.

    For $77 shipped this is one of the nicest sets i have seen this year but I suppose it will change when I get the mansun or divine comedy or the porcupine tree set.

  2. Michel75 says:

    Not to forget 3 essentials coming out today:
    – a lost album from the cult duo Kruder and Dorfmeister (1995)
    – an amazing boxset from one of most underrated songwriters from the 80s eg Chaz Jankel (Glad to know you – The anthology 1980-1986, with all 4 albums (3 never edited on CD + one CD of remix and rarities)
    – a deluxe edition from label Les Disques du Crépuscule « From Brussels with Love », 2 CDs and a magnificent 60 pages booklet in a book format. Quintessential compilation from the 80s in what can be considered as a peak of elegant songwriting and design.

  3. J says:

    Good lord, I don’t know how this works but on Amazon USA I just ordered the Fleetwood Mac new box & it was marked down to $34 from $55 & when I checked out it came to $17.99. WOW no complaints here.

  4. Karen says:


    a good deal on the Fleetwood Mac 1969-1974 down to £24

  5. James Lee says:

    I echo the comment about Al Stewart. This is very exciting for his fans. Quite frustrating from a SDE point of view that my favourites are Al Paul Simon Nanci Griffith Stackridge etc We don’t get many SDEs. I ordered the Al from Cherry Red a few months ago cheaper as well. A real shane we didn’t get something special for Year of the Cat and Bridge over Troubled Water. The release for the latter was half hearted.

    Keep up the great work Paul loving the videos even where the content is not of personal interest.


  6. Prince Fan says:

    Free Design 4CD collection ‘Butterflies Are Free ~ The Original Recordings 1967-72’ out this week.

  7. Larry Davis says:

    Will prob order the Shakey box after Friday…looks like plenty of signed copies left…now that Amy Winehouse box, I have an older set, Frank & Back To Black, 4CD in book box like the Marillion sets, it’s basically the 2 double CD deluxes repackaged with an extra track on Frank not on the double, and it has the UK exclusive tracks not on the US versions… Addicted & Help Yourself…this new set, yes it has the live, Remix & Lioness discs but doesn’t have the bonus discs or UK exclusive tracks, so it’s a pass for me…will always cherish the time I saw her live & met her in person…have the setlist too…

    • Quante says:

      Lucky you Larry. Amy was a true talent, the best in a long time. Such a shame she had the personal life she had. The latter part of the film of her life was hard to watch in the light of the outcome. I did have tickets to see her, but was too jet lagged to go and stand, so my wife took a friend. It was her later period when her concerts were a mess, but I still wish I’d gone.

      • Larry Davis says:

        The only thing I regret regarding Amy was I never got her signature…almost did before her show but she was off to an interview, it’s when I met her…so I figured OK, after the show like the original plan…waited with a few people, going fine, then this idiot paparazzi photographer runs into the venue, freaks her out, she runs out of the venue into a waiting car & she takes off…oh well, next time I thought…as we all know, there was no next time…banned from coming back to the US for visa & drug problems, then in 2011, she died…still, I have pics, setlist & memories…

  8. MelodicMusicIsTheBestMusic says:

    Wow thank you Paul for mentioning this now 40 year old Al Stewart re-issue, I already knew about it but it’s so good to have Al talked about on here, He’s a superb singer songwriter and there’s a lot more to him than just Year Of The Cat definitely worth checking out his other fine albums…Cherry Red are consistently doing a great job of putting out some cracking good albums by a wide variety of artists and long may it continue.

  9. Luke says:

    What about Chaz Jankel’s boxset ?! That one’s out next friday!

  10. Kauwgompie says:

    The Paul McCartney Flaming Pie deal is back. $148 – $30 coupon = $118!

    • Guy.S says:

      Has anyone in the UK received theirs from the U.S, I ordered mine on the 9th Nov but now have a message saying it should arrive between the 21 -25th Nov but if it doesn’t I can get a refund on the 26th. The tracking states Shipped with DPD but the updates finish on November 12th with – ‘Package departed Amazon Facility’ Trenton NJ US.

      I haven’t used the U.S Amazon before, is this usually what happens, is it worth hanging on?

      • SimonH says:

        Guy, US shipping can be v slow, I’ve had tracked stuff that seemed to travel all over and take long periods of time hanging around airports!

      • William Miller says:

        i had a similar issue with something else i ordered from amazon us, shipped within usa with dpd tracked to nov 18th then nothing, contacted amazon says its considered lost as no tracking updates for 48 hrs, id ask for a refund dont think youll get

        • Guy.S says:

          Thank you Simon and William for the messages. I will give it a few more days then get my refund if it hasn’t improved. I know this is a great deal, but not if Amazon are sitting on my money for too long without the goods.

  11. Ian Harris says:

    Also out this week – the 3CD reissue of Jimmy Somerville’s Home Again album.

  12. WayneUK says:

    Also out this week a new Amy Winehouse CD box set called The Collection. 5 CDs including her 2 studio albums plus the posthumous album that was released after her death. And on CD for the first time a concert that was recorded and a CD of remixes.

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