Out This Week / on 28 August 2020

Four classic Peter Gabriel live albums reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl

Yello / New album Point

Yello / new album POINT

Elliot Smith / 25th anniversary two-disc edition

Elliott Smith 25th anniversary edition

Tim Bowness / Late Night Laments

Dead Or Alive / Unbreakable: The Fragile Remixes 2LP coloured vinyl

America / Half Century box set

David Bowie / I'm Only Dancing (The Soul Tour '74)

New David Bowie Record Store Day release announced

Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony / S&M2 (box set)

Live album recorded with the San Francisco Symphony in March 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original ‘S&M’ concert in 1999. This box set contains four coloured LPs, one Blu-ray and two CDs and some other ‘bits’ in a 12-inch lift-off lid box.

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Metallica San Francisco Symphony

S&M2 box set


30 responses to Out This Week / on 28 August 2020

  1. Peter Nicholas says:

    Hi Paul,

    I ordered the Dead or Alive through your shop, showing status as unfulfilled. any idea when its due in ?

  2. CJ Feeney says:

    Email update from Peter Gabriel today:

    “Unfortunately, some delays at the vinyl pressing plant mean we have to move the Live in Athens and Secret World Live release dates by a few weeks. Here are the revised release dates for these albums. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    “Live In Athens 1987 moves to 16 October (was 25 September)
    Secret World Live moves to 6 November (was 23 October)
    Growing Up Live stays on 27 November”

  3. Pompeygeorge says:

    Any guesses as to possible bonus content for Fugazi? The 2cd + a Real To Reel tour gig?

    • Ryk says:

      Well, I would hope also a blu-ray with 5.1 mix like the others, as that is the main reason I’ve been purchasing this series of re-releases.

    • Mark says:

      Do we know a possible release time frame for this?

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Side 2 of Real to Reel was fantastic. I’m not a bootleg nut, but I assume the whole show (Leicester de Montfort) was recorded . If so it would be a nice addition.

  4. Pompeygeorge says:

    Damn, hoping the Peter Gabriel was something interesting, but just more pointless vinyl reissues. Very underrepresented on the SDE front.

  5. Shawn C. says:

    Is it my imagination or do America release a new box set every other week?

  6. Cordwangler says:

    This may well be a stupid question which has been asnwered already at some point here somewhere: are there any rumours about the David Bowie Something In The Air live show being made available in a physical (CD type) format at some point in the future?

  7. Paul Kent says:

    Just noting (as my last response wasn’t posted) that November is not definite. The latest is “before Christmas or maybe next spring”, as the band’s manager advised on social media earlier this month :)

  8. David says:

    Peter’s the person who gets robbed to pay you.

  9. Shane says:

    Peter will you be covering the newly-announced Sigue Sigue Sputnik reissue?

  10. Seikotsi says:

    Bargains in HMV Southend
    – Street fighting years 2cd: 4.99
    – Robert Palmer 5cd box set: 2.99
    – about the young idea 2cd: 2.99
    – hurting box set: 24.99 – lots available

    Of vinyl on sale for 12.99 but I guess most people know that

    • Juerie says:

      I can’t find any hurting box here in Austria or online for a reasonable price and HMV sell them off.

    • DaveM says:

      Bargains in HMV York. I bagged 7 Mike Oldfield remasters and the first two Jon & Vangelis albums remastered for just short of £26. They weren’t labelled as cheap, but 8 went through at £2.99 and Tubular Bells was £1.99. Once I found out I kept getting them scanned. Some kind of back catalogue sale on. Worth checking your local shop.

  11. Larry Davis says:

    Thought the Yello was not out till the following week on September 4?? Wonder how long it will take for JPC to ship it from Germany to the US?? It is paid for, thank goodness…my Gene CD box should be arriving this week…turns out, that signed Menswear box is available on Amazon US as a pre-order too, for a decent price as well…also, today I will be receiving 4 key releases from this past Friday…Lemon Twigs, Old 97s, Mandy Barnett & Bully…new Mavericks album in Espanol can wait but want that too, same with Chuck Prophet…not sure which RSD titles I will be getting either…

  12. Kittens69 says:

    Can’t wait for Covid to be over so that the record releases get a bit more exciting. With the exception of the Tears For Fears and Beloved re-releaseS I’ve been hard-pressed to find anything too exciting to buy. The news that Madonna may resign with Warners is a hopeful sign we ‘may’, finally get some special editions…

  13. Peter Muscutt says:

    It’s not released until September 4th, but having heard the album early for review purposes I thought I’d mention Young Knives have a new album out – “Barbarians”. It’s been a while since their last LP, but this one’s a cracker – a radical departure from the sound on their first couple of albums, and there’s a heap of bundles (deluxe vinyl box set with alternate artwork, signed prints, lyrics book, badge, CDs, T-shirts, cassette featuring bonus ‘outtakes’ album etc.) at their website:

    The album seems very much a DIY project, released via their own label, and they’ve also designed/printed/will distribute the box sets themselves. They’ve also been doing live streams each week (although I believe these have ceased now as they gear up for the album launch) but the whole set of 12/13 shows are on the site too.


  14. Ryk says:

    Not a comment on this week’s releases, but a question on a future release. In a previous post someone mentioned that the next Marillion super deluxe, of Fugazi, was to be released in September. September is only a week away but as far as I know there has been no news. Does anyone have an update on this? Cheers.

    • Atane says:

      Fugazi SDE Box set will be released later this year (November).

      • Ryk says:


        Thanks for that. I’ve spent too much this month anyway. I guess that means the Season’s End (March 2021) and Holiday’s In Eden (Sept 2021) rumoured release dates are now pushed back as well.

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