Out This Week / on 29 March 2019

Heaven 17 / Play to Win:The Virgin Years / 10CD deluxe & 5LP vinyl box

Heaven 17 / Play to Win:The Virgin Years / 10CD deluxe & 5LP vinyl box

Heaven 17 / Exclusive signed SDE ‘keepsake’ interview booklet

Erasure / Wild 2CD deluxe

Erasure / Wild 2CD deluxe

Michael Nesmith / Songs 12CD box

Rain Tree Crow reissued on 180g vinyl

Love Unlimited Orchestra / The 20th Century Records Albums 1973-1979

Keith Richards / Talk Is Cheap 30th anniversary super deluxe edition

Universal to issue ‘lost’ Marvin Gaye album, ‘You’re The Man’

Kiki Dee / The Rocket Years

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quandary Phase / 2LP coloured vinyl

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Quandary Phase / 2LP coloured vinyl

Altered Images / Greatest Hits pink vinyl

Donna Summer / Another Place and Time 30th anniversary deluxe edition

Yazoo remasters on standalone vinyl

Frank Zappa / Zappa in New York: 40th anniversary 5CD box & 3LP vinyl

Simple Minds / Rejunvenation 2001-2014 box issued on CD

The Yardbirds / Live and Rare 4CD+DVD

Sparks / No.1 In Heaven (coloured vinyl)

40th anniversary of Sparks’ 1979 album. This is issued on coloured vinyl and the price is now back up to ‘normal’ levels, having been very cheap for a while!

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No.1 In Heaven:40th Anniversary Edition [VINYL]


44 responses to Out This Week / on 29 March 2019

  1. Bifford Michael Pechacek says:

    My Heaven 17 box arrived with no discs?!?

  2. Mar Wolfgang Mixa says:

    I was going to order the Heaven 17 LP set only to see that shipping costs have gone through the roof and now one must pay import fees upfront to I decided to wait until I myself show up in the UK next time. I wonder if this is related to the original Brexit date or simply a coincidence.

  3. Alan Blevin says:

    Also out this week on CD and vinyl is the Ben Folds Live At MySpace concert from 2006.This is a legitimate release not a bootleg and is from the same company that put out Sessions From West 54th last year.
    No publicity prior to release not even from the Ben Folds mailing list!Great show by the way.

  4. Jon says:

    Just got the single CD for Stevie Nicks new hits album. The credits are very wrong as it listens nearly everything as being a single version. Here is the real deal:
    1. Edge of Seventeen – appears to be a new edit at 4’34 as the US edit was 4’05 and the UK edit was 3’36. This “new” edit restores a refrain that was cut out of the single versions (probably at Stevie’s request)
    2. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (actually is the LP Version)
    3. Leather and Lace – this is the 3’32 edit that was on the original 7″ singles
    4. Rooms on Fire (Listed as US Single Version but it’s actually the LP Version)
    5. Stand Back – this is the actual single version
    6. If Anyone Falls – listed as single version, but it’s the LP Version. I don’t recall there even being a “Single Version”).
    7. Talk To Me (listed as single version but it’s the LP Version)
    8. I Can’t Wait (this is the actual single remix, first time on an official Stevie compilation)
    Everything else if the CD except “Maybe Love” which is the radio mix, is the standard album version. The two live songs are taken from the concert shown in the 1982 video “Stevie Nicks in Concert”.

    This is a cheaply made release, no liner notes, just a couple of pics and credits. Tracks are in chronological order expect for the strange placement of “Rooms on Fire” and the unnecessary live tracks.

  5. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    even now i listen to the 30th anniversary edition of “another place and time”. from me a warning to all donna summer fans who think about to purchase it or not.
    1. the 7” mix of “this time…” is obviously the same as the album version.
    ( anyone can hear a difference ? – i do not, but i’m still interested to learn )
    2. the extended mixes of “whatever your heart…” and “if it makes…” are a disaster. everyone at home can do better “new club mixes”. they are a cheap combinations of instrumentals and vocal album versions. no ideas, no new parts, no drum intro or outro. like very simple fan made mixes. maybe even worse. really disappointing!
    3. the unreleased “pete hammond remixes” of “love’s about…” are the evidence why they weren’t released in 1990. his 7” mix is irritating the last 1:30 min. like a neverending loop.
    4. sadly only the masters of “sentimental” and “if it makes you…” are used for this release. these 2 versions are interesting for a die hard fan like me. why no more of this ?
    5. the “new mega mixes” are horrible and again really simply made.
    all in all: the 5 “unreleased” versions are not worth the money and it is a shame they let so much known treasures left out this time again:
    – whatever your heart desires ( alternate version from japan 3” cd single )
    – breakaway ( instrumental version )
    – another place and time ( instrumental version )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( extended vocal mix )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( karaoke master )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( original 12” mix )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( new straight run )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( new 12′ master 2nd mix )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( pete waterman 12” master mix )
    – this time i know it’s for real” ( pete waterman 7” master mix )
    – love’s about to change…” ( 12” remix master mix )
    – love’s about to change…” ( 7” master no fade )
    – love’s about to change…” ( donna’s 12” )
    – love’s about to change…” ( donna’s 7” )
    – love’s about to change…” ( donna’s instrumental no fade )
    – love’s about to change…” ( phil harding remix instrumental )
    …and not forgetting the most interesting but still unreleased
    – love’s about to change…” ( pwl 12” mix )
    the 30th anniversary should make donna summer fans happy.
    as for me: i’m really disappointed about these donna summer fan money milking strategy.

  6. Cornelius says:

    Received the Heaven 17 CD box today from Amazon, signed print included. Haven’t played anything from it yet. However, there are mistakes in the booklet. Six pages inside the book are duplicated, pictures and writing. Has anybody else noticed this?

    • Gary Russell says:

      You may have a one off or maybe there’s a wrong batch out there – my booklet is fine

    • Jan V. says:

      The centre page of my booklet hangs loose from its spine. I hope that there will be an address for a replacement. (returning the signed version to from The Netherlands is not an option) I did not check the tracks yet, but do do hope that Neil is wrong about the the errors for this collection. Why can’t Edsel just put some more quality control in it?

      By the way: I love the booklet, Paul. Flawless production!

    • Cornelius says:

      I know it’s been on your minds but i’ve received a replacement copy from Amazon, due to the mispressed booklet. All is fine with the new copy. Came with the signed print as well.

  7. Neil says:

    Got that Heaven 17 box today and noticed that Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [dub version] is not on it. Disc 9 has only 10 tracks not 11.

    • Neil says:

      Regarding Heaven 17 Counterforce is repeated twice in place of Counterforce 2 and Contenders [Edited Version].Let Me Go [Endless Version] is repeated and The John Potoker mix of Penthouse & Pavement which was on Endless is missing from this box set.

    • Gary Russell says:

      Disc 9 *should* only have 10 tracks – the CbtWoI Dub is track 6 on mine

      • Neil says:

        If you look at the track listing for CD 9 there were 11 tracks listed which was wrong. The dub mix and the extended dance mix are exactly the same and for some reason it was only ever called a dub mix on a US promo.

  8. Jonathan Riley says:

    My heaven 17 signed set is coming from amazon uk to usa by tuesday. Somehow they upgraded the shipping for free

  9. Kauwgompie says:

    You are entirely right Larry. Very expensive week. I canceled my signed Heaven 17 pre-order because you pay full price and the signed version is 2 signatures on the booklet. Whether that booklet is the artwork of the box set or Paul’s interview booklet doesn’t matter. Signed is signed. So I ordered Paul’s signed booklet and I’m waiting for a Deal Alert or a decrease in price for the regular box set. That’s the way collectors have to do it otherwise it gets to be too much.

    I want the Simple Minds and Donna Summer box as well but waiting for a deal alert on those. Especially the Donna Summer one is ridiculously expensive. 3 cd’s for $47? That box should cost something in the $20’s, so half price, or at least that’s what I think it is worth. I already have the now out of print previous 3cd release with the instrumentals included so no rush on this one.

    Still scratching my head at the Keith Richards release. It has no value whatsoever except 6 bonus tracks yet they want $150. I guess if you are as big as Keith Richards anything sells.

  10. jmurillo says:

    I placed the order on february 15 long before it was sold out. I thought Amazon supplied on a first received first out basis.

  11. Sami R. says:

    Also have to remind that my absolutely favorite band in the world, Iron Maiden continue their cd-remasters this week.
    On friday they will re-release the following albums: “Powerslave”, “Somewhere In Time”, “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” and “No Prayer For The Dying”.

  12. jmurillo says:

    Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

      Heaven 17 “Play To Win – The Virgin Years (Exclusive Edition)”
        Estimated arrival date: April 29 2019 – June 17 2019

    • Neil says:

      Mines has been Sent to Warehouse and is preparing for dispatch.

    • Deano says:

      Hmmm, is this the amazon signed edition? Sounds like they have oversold them (or maybe some were found to be damaged on dispatch). Maybe you’re having to wait for someone to cancel their order or for a customer return before they can send yours…

    • Jonathan RILEY says:

      there are 5 of them for sale on at the moment

  13. Gisabun says:

    Missing is Journey’s Escape/Frontiers 2CD/BR or 2CD/DVD combos. But they are pricey.
    Amazon Canada says Keith “I Should Be On The Walking Dead” Richard’s 2CD release is delayed almost 2 weeks.

  14. Larry Davis says:

    This is a very expensive week if you were to buy every new boxset…and with RSD coming up, I had to pass on just about everything…the only one I am getting is Kiki Dee…everything else can wait…the Heaven 17 box was too pricey and bad timing…I will order that signed booklet so at least I will have that in the meantime…the only new release of note, new albumswise, is the debut album by your daughter’s fave, Billie Eilish…Target exclusive version too…

  15. TheProgster says:

    Just to mention Paul that the Jack Savoretti album “Singing To Strangers” I was banging on about last week only came in at number 1 !!! in the album charts last Friday…Congratulations to jack on his first number one album and very well deserved…take a listen to some of his music he’s very talented.
    Out this coming Friday is American classic rock band JOURNEY “Live In Japan 2017 – Escape/Frontiers” their two classic albums performed live back to back…An essential purchase me thinks.

    • Aaron says:

      The Savoretti album is great. Contains the track Touchy Situation which is a co-write with the one and only Bob Dylan writing the lyrics. Great track.

  16. KevinS says:

    Big week for Chris Sievey and Frank Sidebottom with the cinema release of ‘Being Frank – The Chris Sievey Story’ on March 29th

    Also the ‘Being Frank’ Fantastic Original Soundtrack album is being released on limited edition picture disc (500 only) and CD (unlimited)

    You should all do yourselves a favour and go to the cinema and also purchase the brilliant soundtrack album.

    You know you should, you really should.

    Thank You.

  17. BJ says:

    New Edwyn Collins ‘Badbea’ also out this week. LP available with Art Print.
    Also Double LP of Fatboy Sim Best Of out this week. Signed copies at Norman’s site, but £10 cheaper at amazon.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Worth a mention: German early 1980s avantgarde duo 39 Clocks had their almost complete retrospective 5 CD / 5 LP box released already last week by the wonderful Tapete Records, a label that produced great archive retrospectives before (Lloyd Cole, Lilac Time, Camouflage, etc.). 39 Clocks were the “German Velvet Underground” and the “German Suicide” both at the same time. Link to label website:

  19. CraigH says:

    Wow, nothing from Kate Bush this week?

  20. William K says:

    There’s an S missing on ‘imple Minds’ Rejuvenation Box Set link.
    Yes I know I’m a musical anorak!

  21. Tim-Meh says:

    UNKLE’s The Road pt 2 also out this week in a billion formats as per usual (signed versions at the official store) as Lavelle needs the cash.

  22. Jan says:

    I got an email from Anazon saying Keith Richatds had been put back.

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