Out This Week / on 29 November 2019

Prince / 1999 super deluxe reissue offers a wealth of unreleased material

Ultimate Dollar / box set

Dollar / Ultimate Dollar 7-disc box

Mercury Rev / All Is Dream 4CD deluxe

Mercury Rev / All Is Dream 4CD deluxe

Fleetwood Mac / Coloured vinyl

Fleetwood Mac / coloured vinyl

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019

All the FACs / Factory Records box sets

Ozzy Osbourne / See You On The Other Side / 24LP signed vinyl box

Terry Pratchett’s Vinyl Discworld

Paul McCartney to issue new seven-inch picture disc for Black Friday

Jethro Tull / Stormwatch 40th anniversary ‘Force 10’ deluxe edition

Stereolab / Sound-Dust (2CD & 3LP vinyl reissue)

Stereolab‘s 2001 album is remastered and reissued with a bonus disc of demos and alternate versions. Margerine Eclipse from 2004 is also reissued.

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Sound-Dust - 2CD edition


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Sound-Dust - 3LP vinyl


15 responses to Out This Week / on 29 November 2019

  1. CJ Feeney says:

    Finally! I have Stormwatch in my hands.
    It sounds great. If this is the end of Steven Wilson’s involvement, I’ll be disappointed, but still grateful for such a great run of reissues. Much copied format, but the quality/content/price of this series is yet to be matched by others.

  2. Brian Scott says:

    Paloma Faith’s first album Do You Want The Truth’ is released on red vinyl today. Not only is it, IMHO, her best album by far and such an amazing debut, but the vinyl pressing is excellent with low noise and great dynamic range. Well done Sony Music, just add a lined paper sleeve as well as the lyrics liner and it would be perfect

  3. smorrissey says:

    What about the new Pink Floyd release (1CD)? i know the official relese is tomorrow still there’s nothing officially listed on amazon usa to buy.

  4. Kevin says:

    For those interested, excellent Minneapolis radio station 89.3 The Current has produced a very good four-part podcast related to the 1999 super deluxe. Only two episodes have been released at this point, but I think it’s quite good. It focuses on Prince’s creative drive that led to 1999 and many of the tracks not released until this super deluxe. Contributions include Revolution members and Prince archivist Michael Howe as well as others.

  5. DaveM says:

    Also out (in Japan), which I had forgotten till I got my shipping notice, is ELO’s Secret Messages 35th Aniversary mini-LP edition on CD.

  6. Andrew M says:

    Since moving to Kuwait in July I haven’t ordered any music at all. The reason for this is I have to order it (which works out incredibly good value as the exchange rate is so excellent) but then have to ship it out to Kuwait and run the risk that it will get stopped and taken at customs if it has anything remotely offensive in it.

    The Freddie Mercury set, which I really wanted for example, would never get through because it’s Freddie! So I will normally try and pick stuff up when I’m back in Europe a couple of times a year.

    But 1999 (and Origins of Muse) are exceptions because they are very very special releases. I just pray they get through intact.

  7. Narendra Kumar A says:

    Got my copy of Jethro Tull’s Stormwatch delivered today…in India!

  8. PFRW says:

    As soon as a defect is detected in Pink Floyd – report
    Celebrate …

  9. Matthew Best says:

    I ordered 1999 way back when it was first announced. At the moment Amazon UK are saying it will arrive (in London) on December 5th!

    • RJS says:

      Following some appalling new releases delivery related service from Amazon in the past couple of weeks, I cancelled my Amazon pre-order for 1999 and pre-ordered it from my local HMV instead. They claimed to have it in their shop stock room already!

  10. RJS says:

    The Flamings Lips’ The Soft Bulletin Recorded Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra is released on CD this week, with, I think, the vinyl now due in the new year. With a 68-piece orchestra and 57-person choir conducted by Andre De Ridder, it should be the standout release of the year if the two tracks already released are anything to go by.

    • DaveM says:

      @RJS, my Amazon order for TSB at Red Rocks on CD has gone back to December 6th. They seem to have a problem obtaining this and the price is still high. Agree about the two tracks and I cannot wait. Also hoping I get the Mercury Rev AID book edition from this week. Fingers crossed.

  11. Paul Kent says:

    Re: Stormwatch – mine was delivered by Amazon on Nov 16th! Not sure why it now says released this Friday.

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