Out This Week / on 3 July 2020

Ace of Base / All That She Wants: The Classic Collection 11CD+DVD box

Paul Weller / new album, On Sunset

Sparks / A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip / new album

Sparks / A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Aretha Franklin / Aretha green vinyl

Aretha Franklin / Aretha green vinyl

The Charlatans / Between 10th and 11th reissue

The Charlatans / Between 10th and 11th

Toyah & The Humans / Noise in Your Head 4CD+DVD anthology signed

Toyah & The Humans / Noise in Your Head / five-disc box set

Average White Band / Anthology 5CD deluxe set

Average White Band / Anthology

Ace of Base / All That She Wants: The Classic Albums 4LP coloured vinyl box set

Ace of Base / All That She Wants: The Classic Albums 4LP coloured vinyl box

Trevor Rabin / Changes 10-disc box set

10CD box set features a signed and numbered certificate.

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26 responses to Out This Week / on 3 July 2020

  1. Jonathan Riley says:

    It looks like the ace of base cd is out of print already or at the very least out of stock
    even on discogs, it’s going for crazy amounts, and amazon isn’t selling it anymore

    does anyone know the reason for this aka was it really that limited

  2. Ron says:

    Does anyone know if or when I will be notified if SDE dispatches my Ace Of Base
    order. It was my first time ordering through here. I know the set came out on the
    3rd Of July. I’ve waited 2 months (because it was a preorder) just hope I don’t have
    to wait another 2 to get it!

  3. andy says:

    just buy straight from him if buying 2 cds postage not as bad from USA I got visage great sound on them

  4. Daz says:

    Popped in hmv coventry today to get the new paul weller cd and if anyone is interested they still have copies of the hurting and 1999 deluxes in stock!

  5. Larry Davis says:

    As per SimonP, not much new stuff in 2020?? Depends on to your taste, but HA!! Right before the pandemic outbreak, I was on back to back music cruises, the Outlaw Country Cruise #5 & Cayamo #13, and since the trip, there have been new releases by acts from the ship (like my fave of 2020 so far, Jaime Wyatt’s “Neon Cross”, Steve Earle & the Dukes, Lucinda Williams, upcoming Elizabeth Cook, Reckless Kelly & Margo Price, and all the other titles by Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles) & related (Jayhawks, X), as well as acclaimed ones (Sparks, Haim, Jessie Ware, Yello, Alanis Morissette) & tons of reissues like the Prince & Sheila and B Devotion & Little Steven…during this pandemic, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much on music ever in my life…the new stuff & catch up stuff, like all the deluxe Manics boxsets, 10cc, TFF, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson…but again, all depends on your taste & available monetary funds…

  6. David says:

    Fingerprintz fans have waited quite literally for decades to see this release come to fruition on compact disc – – and its released today (July 3, 2020), with the possibility of the three individual albums ultimately getting a compact disc release as well.

    • Paul Martin says:

      Yes, I’m veery keen on the Fingerprintz CD being as the only other one of a similar compilation type that predates it seems to be of inferior sound quality. Rubellan Remasters do a great audio job from master tapes on all their releases. I have the Passions third and final album and the Danielle Dax anthology with the Trees CD imminent. Just a pity that being in the UK these new releases can take quite a while to filter through here from the US as I think they only press 1000-1500 of each title. They don’t seem to have distrobution here, so they come though as imports a little for twice the American price. All Your Music in US is a reliable and usually cheaper source but everything is taking longer of course because of the virus.

  7. Jonathan Riley says:

    i think underestimated the popularity of the ace of base set since they are out of stock after preorders

  8. H says:

    Pilot – the albums 4 cd box set preorder on Amazon UK £23.99

  9. Jonathan Riley says:

    Its all about the ace of base set this week

  10. Rare Glam says:

    Looking forward to the Toyah & The Humans box set with the signed print and the Sparks book set this wek. 17th – 31st July looks busy for me even on a reduced income – help!

    The Lickerish Quartet– Threesome (4 track CD EP)
    Surrender To The Rhythm – The London Pub Rock Scene Of The
    Seventies (Cherry Red) 3 x CD
    Martin Green presents Supersonics 40 junkshop Britpop greats 2 x CD
    The Hotrats – Turn Ons (3 x CD + DVD book set – signed Amazon exclusive)
    Far East! Far Out! 6 x CD set (Singapore, Japan HK etc) Particles.
    John Foxx & The Maths – Howl CD
    Psychedelic Furs – Made of Rain CD signed
    Shell Shock Rock: Alternative blasts from Northern Ireland 1977-1984
    3 x CD + DVD (1979 documentary)
    NWOBHM Thunder: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 1978-
    1986 3CD
    July – The Complete recordings (6 x CD box set)
    The Beloved / Happiness 2CD
    Musik Music Musique – 1980: The Dawn Of Synth Pop (3 CD set Cherry Red)
    Bobbie Gentry – The Delta Sweete deluxe 2 x CD.

    • Toast says:

      Have been trying to find out more about the 6 CD set you mention called “Far East! Far Out! The Intoxicating Sounds of Eleki, GS, Yeh-Yeh and A-Go-Go from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beyond; 1964-1971“ (to give it its ridiculously long full title!) but seems to be very little information online… Can’t even find a website for the label, Rubble. Do you have a link to anything that might provide more info? Thanks.

    • Peter Stanton says:

      Hi Rare Glam
      I hadn’t spotted the Surrender to the Rhythm set, so thanks for the tip off. Lived near the Hope and Anchor through the 70s, so saw most of these.

  11. Gareth Jones says:

    Now about to enter my 4th month of being furloughed, so I’m actually delighted there’s been very little to buy that appeals to me recently. That will on change on Friday though with the Sparks album. But which format to buy? Paint splatter double picture disc or book format CD? Decisions, decisions. The music collection in our flat ain’t big enough for the both of them!

    • JueRie says:

      I’ll go for the splatter vinyl. There is a video on Youtube where Ron and Russel shows the physical products of the new album. The splatter looks great, but for me, the book format seems to be a little disappointing. There seems to be just a few pages , with the same content as the cd-booklet, just bigger.
      I am thinking about, getting the coloured Vinyl as well. This looks great too, with the poster and the diffrent Cover.

    • Tim Abbott says:

      Being a non-furloughed Sparks nut, I’ve gone for the bundled edition of all three LP variants, which is way excessive. The straightforward colour vinyl (pink/blue) would almost certainly sound better than the picture disc if you want something more than black vinyl…

  12. Derek Langsford says:

    Not much for casual fans this week. Massive boxed sets, expanded albums, and specialty vinyl of artists I am not really interested in collecting. Hope others get more out of these than I would.

    And until Amazon UK (my most common source for new items) gets back to normal shipping prices I won’t be ordering from them unless it is a Limited Edition must buy for me. And from what is potentially on the horizon, that consists of TFF TsOL Deluxe (please end the agonizing wait), and Beatles Let it Be Deluxe.

  13. SimonP says:

    2020 is proving to be a good year to be a skint music fan. Barely any decent new stuff and the reissues are not anything I’m interested in for the most part.

    • Wayne Olsen says:

      I agree. Except for Prince! It’s going to be slim pickings from the Rhinos and Legacys, and the indie reissue labels are scrambling to release what little is left to release. Apologies to Dead Or Alive fans.
      But most of us don’t have any disposable income now anyway.
      On the plus side, there’s a whole pile of stuff here I need to listen to.

  14. Philip J Birtwistle says:
    • David Hannah says:

      Thanks for the post re Trevor Rabin. Been looking for 90124 for ages, which is a similar price to this whole set…! Postage was £15 but still cheaper than amazon.

  15. Gerbrand says:

    Just received an email from that they have discovered their error pricing the McCartney Flaming Pie SDE at €30. Unsurprisingly they have cancelled my order. Pity, HA HA

    • Marcel says:

      So did I. however I have not yet received a cancellation for the €32 triple vinyl Flaming Pie… keeping my fingers crossed…

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