Out This Week / on 31 August 2018

Depeche Mode / archive 12-inch boxes

The Band / Music From Big Pink: 50th anniversary edition super deluxe box

Nick Mason / Unattended Luggage: solo albums box set on CD and vinyl

Pet Shop Boys complete ‘Catalogue’ reissue series with early ’90s albums

Anna Calvi / Hunter

Chicago / five-disc collector’s edition

Graham Nash / Over The Years

Thompson Twins / Close to the Bone

This Is Morrissey / new compilation

Neil Young / Vinyl reissues

Neil Young‘s Hawks & Doves (1980), Re•ac•tor (1981) and This Note’s For You (1988) are all reissued on vinyl this week.

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Neil Young

Hawks & Doves [VINYL]


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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Re-ac-tor [VINYL]


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Neil Young

This Note's for You [VINYL]


11 responses to Out This Week / on 31 August 2018

  1. Mike Z. says:

    Were these new Neils cut by Chris Bellman, like those in the past ?

  2. Mark says:

    Also coming out on 8/31 is the first time CD reissue of the 1983 album by Italian synth duo Krisma with their album ‘Fido’. It includes the song some may remember from early MTV titled Nothing to do with the Dog.

  3. Alan B says:

    I pre ordered the Neil and Liam Finn CD with signed postcard from their official website months ago and still haven’t received it yet despite it being released on August 24th. I contacted their customer support to be told that there has been a delay in receiving stock and it is expected to be sent out early next week – a mere 10 days plus after the release date. If you pre order from an artists website the least you can expect is to have it on release date if not earlier. There was no communication from them at all. I had to ask them. Poor.

  4. Matt Smith says:

    Also the new album by The Pineapple Thief – fans of Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree/Riverside/Marillion will be interested in this one. 4 disc deluxe edition with bonus content and surround mixes available from Burning Shed

  5. Dean says:

    What was Neil Young thinking with that cover? Bad choice! The design, simple as it is, is somewhat iconic now. It’s a little soon, but I guess he can try and cash in….

    • RJS says:

      Maybe you’re just joking but are you referring to its similarity to Blackstar? That is the original Neil Young cover from 1980.

    • Chris Lancaster says:

      Neil Young’s ‘Hawks and Doves’, complete with the star design on its cover, was first released in 1980! I’m a huge Bowie fan, but even I think it’s fair to say that Neil Young got there first with that design …

    • -SG- says:

      You are kidding right?
      But just for fun, and you want to go down the weird road, go to youtube look at the last performace that Marc Bolan and Bowie ever did together days before Marc’s death, in 1977; on the Marc Show, they did an improv jam, “standing next to you,” before it there is a 10 second cartoon intro with what looks like a zombie audience, in the middle is one guy who looks like he has been partially decapitated and he is wearing a blackstar t-shirt.

  6. Peter Stevens says:

    NO CDS? I suppose when they are issued they will be as expensive and badly packaged as the last lot!!!!

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