Out This Week / on 31 January 2020

Neneh Cherry / Raw Like Sushi reissue

Howard Jones / One to One 3CD+DVD reissue

Howard Jones / One to One reissue

Kim Wilde deluxe CDs & coloured vinyl

The Associates / Perhaps 2CD deluxe

Happy Mondays vinyl reissues

Hot Chocolate / Remixes and Rarities

Hazell Dean / Heart First (2CD deluxe)

Hazell Dean’s debut is reissued as a two-CD deluxe. The title track has been newly remixed (at Hazell’s request) while the rest of the album has been newly remastered. This includes a bonus disc of sought-after remixes.

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Hazell Dean

Heart First - 2CD deluxe


The Beloved / Where It Is (2CD special edition)

The Beloved‘s 1987 debut is reissued as a two-CD set and includes remastered audio and a disc of previously unreleased demos.

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The Beloved

Where Is Is - 2CD deluxe


Eminem / Music to be Murdered By (new album)

Eminem‘s new album is out on Friday on double vinyl and CD.

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music to be murdered by - 2LP vinyl


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music to be murdered by - CD edition




34 responses to Out This Week / on 31 January 2020

  1. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    my kim wilde cd’s arrived today. i thought the new mixes were made only from the original master tapes like on the fantastic dollar box set. but i’ts not. warning to all fans of the original sound. all mixes are disgusting! not worth the listening and also not worth the money.

  2. Neil says:

    I got the first Visage remaster and it sounds great. I would love to have these two new reissues as well but i know that this isn’t your fault Scott but the postage cost is horrendous. These deserve to be heard by more people and hopefully you can set up some deal with Amazon to sell it through there or All Your Music where i bought the first Visage remaster.

  3. Jason says:

    New Marc Almond out this week as well, Chaos & a Dancing Star. Features a guest spot from Ian Anderson(!) of Jethro Tull on flute. The new single is pretty great!

    Thanks for the Visage info as well. Will definitely look into these on the recommendations of others. Tragic end just as they were really getting off the ground again and those last albums were so very good, keeping the original ideas intact. Glad the material is getting some curation while the Billy MacKenzie is also getting a bit of love (Glamour Chase?). Can’t let these people go forgotten…great info here!

  4. Alan B says:

    The Recordstore pre order Neneh Cherry exclusive gold vinyl plus signed lithograph which sold out 2 months ago is suddenly available again to pre order. Currently just over 100 copies available. At the same the gold vinyl on its own also sold out and is also now suddenly back available to pre order with over 500 copies available. Must have pressed up some extra copies last minute and got her to sign a few more of those lithographs.

  5. Rob says:

    Thank you, Mark, Scott – These look very interesting indeed. I’m interested in the new release so I will check out postage costs of all 3 when it’s released. Many thanks.

    Very kind of you steve! I do know how to use google however I was looking for stockists maybe in UK, but Scott has answered the fact in his post!

  6. Shane says:

    Oh dear the title if eminem’s album…
    He bettwr pray nobody takes him up on it…that’s my first thought

  7. Peter says:

    Also out Friday is the new album by the mighty drive by truckers the unraveling

  8. Antonio Hernandez Garcia says:

    Also some store webs announce a repress of the out of print double vinyl of the 2017 acoustic Cranberries ” Something Else”album for the 31 of january.

  9. GoodMelodicMusisIsGood says:

    A great new 20 minutes Howard Jones video interview about One To One on the cherry red records website and YouTube
    Also out last Monday is Mark Knopfler’s brother David Knopfler new 14 track album “Last Train Leaving” this is David’s 13th studio album of original songs.

  10. Jan V. says:

    You can buy a signed version (signed print) of Where It Is by The Beloved from their official store. It is signed by John Marsh, not sure if it signed by Steve Waddington as well.

    • Axel F says:

      @Jan V. Thanks for the heads up. Mine arrived the other day. It’s a photo postcard of Steve Waddington, Jon Marsh & Tim Havard, signed by all three.

  11. Jeremy says:

    I’m surprised not to see a mention of the new 2-cd and coloured vinyl reissue of ‘Tea & Symphony ~ The English Baroque Sound 1968-1974’, a collection of rare late period psychedelia originally compiled by Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne. Includes tracks by Mike Batt, Colin Blunstone, Gordon Waller and many more.

  12. SimonP says:

    If you liked Kiwanuka and listen to curated playlists on your streaming platform of choice you may have come across a singer called Son Little. He has a new album out this week and this will become my first 2020 release. Not my first purchase, but it’ll probably be here before the Editors!

  13. SimonP says:

    Technically, that isn’t the Beloved’s debut album as it is a compilation of their early singles & EPs.

    Even though my original CD of this refuses to play I won’t be getting it again, as it is pretty average. I just hope there is more to come from their reinvented period.

  14. Jono says:

    I’m curious as to the Rubellan Visage series. Are Midge Ure Or Rusty Egan involved?

    • Mark says:

      @ Jono

      Not sure but from the email exchanges with Scott I don’t think they are involved at all, I think everything is driven by Scott and he’s simply acting as a third party licensee where he pays a license fee to release a certain quantity on his label but gets to remaster himself from the 24/96 digitised original studio master.

      They sound fantastic, the detail on those analogue studio masters was phenomenal!

    • Scott says:

      I did contact Rusty and Midge when I was cleared for the first Visage reissue. They both declined to be involved. I have tried to involve a lot of the artists I’ve reissued, most have no interest.


    • Wolfgang Mintrop says:

      @ Jono: neither Egan nor Ure are involved. Both reissues should be available in February (if test pressings etc. are o.k.).

  15. Dean says:

    Yikes, that’s not even slim pickings, more like road kill. Hopefully the new year can pick up, you’d think they’d want to start off on the best foot! :-)

    • Gisabun says:

      It’s this time of the year. My “want” list has decreased sharply in the last little while.
      On the other hand I found this past holiday season possibly the most pathetic season for new releases.

    • Not Available says:

      “Road Kill” – just struck me as a fabulous title for someone’s live album!

  16. Mark says:

    Also out this week (31 Jan) Visage – Fade to Grey singles (CD) collection remastered and expanded by Rubellan Remasters, following The Anvil Rubellan remaster released last week and Visage released last year.

    These Rubellan remasters are personally remastered and re-issued by Scott (Rubellan owner) and they are amazing and demonstrate how good CD can sound. They are remastered from the digitalised original studio master.

    If you like Visage these are the definitive sounding versions.

    Paul a piece on Rubellan and what Scott is trying to do might follow on nicely from your piece on physical formats?

    • mike says:

      I would agree, be fascinating to understand more the process too of getting a product to market. The first Visage one was excellent.

    • Rob says:

      @Mark – I can’t find this release anywhere? (but very interested)
      Any chance of a link?

      • Mark says:

        Rubellan website is here

        The three Visage albums are here

      • Scott says:

        Wow, thanks for the mentions. I’m definitely seeing my devoted label fan base growing, which is great and encouraging. For reference, I initially release my titles on my website ( for a period of a month or two in an effort to help start the recoup of licensing, which can be very costly. I may also offer direct sales on Amazon US, Discogs and eBay. I then offer it to my distributor who gives it a much wider release but also takes their agreed upon share of each sale.

        Rubellan Remasters is a homegrown label by a passionate physical media music fan (me). I do everything: label communications, artwork design and layout, selecting the necessary masters from the lists provided by the major label, which they digitize flat in high resolution for me to download. And then I do the remastering – improving, repairing and enhancing where needed. And you will never have dynamically crushed (brickwalled) mastering from my label. I also fund all of my releases and do all of the packing and shipping from direct sales. All of this while maintaining a full time unrelated day job. And maybe one day, this could be my day job as well.

        Thanks to all who have supported my endeavors thus far, and thank you Paul for allowing some of my label’s followers to post their comments on your site.

        Scott – Rubellan Remasters

        • Tim South says:

          Bought the Visage CD last year and can back up other claims of it’s impressive remastering. Looking forward to hearing The Anvil. Respect to Rubellan

        • RJS says:

          Scott (Rubellan Remasters) – Bravo, very impressive indeed.

        • Barry says:

          Have the first two Visage releases and they are FANTASTIC. Thx

        • Paul E. says:

          @Scott – You got my attention and have earned my business. I just ordered Ric Ocasek’s “Beatitude” from Rubellan Remasters and am looking forward to finally owning this on CD. It should be well worth the wait with the extra tracks and your remastering / endorsements from fellow SDE readers.

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