Out This Week / on 31 March 2017

Fleetwood Mac / Tango in the Night super deluxe edition box set

Fleetwood Mac / Tango in the Night (reissue) 

The very long-awaited reissue of Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night is finally released this week. The super deluxe adds remixes, hi-res DVD and vinyl to the remastered CD and disc of unreleased demos and outtakes. Read more

The Doors / 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

The Doors‘ 1967 debut is reissued as a 50th anniversary super deluxe edition. This comes with a remastered version of the original stereo mix, the mono mix on CD for the first time and a rare live performance. Read more

Bob Dylan / Triplicate (reissue)

Bob Dylan continues his fascination with the Great American Songbook with this new triple album, which is available as a snazzy 3LP deluxe vinyl package. Read more

Johnny Cash / The Original Sun Album 1957 – 1964

This 60th anniversary 8CD Johnny Cash set brings together all seven classic Sun albums along with a bonus disc of rarities. Read more

Neil Diamond / 50th Anniversary Collection (3CD)

Fifty Neil Diamond songs collected on this new 50th anniversary collection, which spans – you guessed it – 50 years. Read more

Deacon Blue / Live at the Glasgow Barrowlands (2CD+DVD)

Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands is a Deacon Blue live album recorded on the last night of last year’s Believers tour. Available on a number of formats including 2CD+DVD combo. Read more

Uriah Heep / Demons and Wizards (2CD)

Following the expanded and remastered reissues of Uriah Heep‘s first two albums, BMG issue double CD deluxe sets of the next three, including 1972’s Demons and Wizards which comes with 14 unreleased tracks.

Level 42 / Lessons in Love: The Essential

Whether 48 tracks really constitute ‘essential’ Level 42 is a moot point. The world really doesn’t need another Level 42 compilation and even if you are in the market for one, you’d be far better off spending a bit more on the Collected compilation. Similar Big Country and Fairport Convention three-CD sets are also issued this week.

Altered Images / Bite (vinyl reissue)

Altered Images‘ 1983 album was produced by Mike Chapman and Tony Visconti. This vinyl reissue is great value and comes with a bonus white seven-inch single which features the seven-inch version of  Don’t Talk To Me About Love b/w Love to Stay.

Various Artists / Twelve-Inch Seventies: More, More, More

Record labels have more or less exhausted 1980s remix compilations, so Twelve-Inch Seventies is a 3CD look at long versions of 1970s dance floor classics.

The Vibrators  / The Epic Years (1976-78)

Fans will derive much pleasure from this Vibrators four CD box which includes all of the UK punk bands’ recordings for Epic, including sessions for the BBC. Read more

44 responses to Out This Week / on 31 March 2017

  1. Julian H says:

    Hey Paul… why so much silence about Uriah Heep? “Look at Yourself” has to be the most wonderful CD reissue I’ve ever seen, packaging-wise. I was awestruck when I saw it in the store. They actually made it a mirror so you can “look at yourself”, like the original LP!

    On a site that celebrates packaging and physical releases, this should get more attention IMO…

  2. elliott buckingham says:

    having received the tando in the night super deluxe box I was a bit deflated cheap looking describes it when compared to the George micheal faith box set this is just awful sliding cds into the vinyl sleeve is lazy at best. if I want to play the vinyl I don’t want to have to 4 discs in pockets in the sleeve the whole box itself isn’t much bigger than a decent gatefold album sleeve

  3. Tom says:

    Yeah, I remember last year there was a crazy – and I mean, CRAZY – sale on Amazon Canada, where Bear Family sets were cheap, Big Break Records, Edsel, Cherry Pop, FunkyTownGrooves and Japanese CDs were less than $5 (Canadian) each and they wouldn’t ship internationally. Luckily I live in Canada so I was fortunate to take advantage of the sales.

    On the downside, for us Canadians, Amazon Canada is hit and miss when it comes to new releases being in stock. I highly doubt the Tango in the Night box set will be in stock. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to come in stock.

  4. Roel Glas says:

    @ Kauwgompie – re Amazon Canada.
    I too have the same problem. Have ordered things in the past shipping to Oz but now won’t let me. Initially, I thought they may have just stopped shipping large items like box sets due to weight, but won’t even let me order a CD??? Strange though, they still quote international shipping rates for CD’s etc on their help pages. Weird?

  5. Albais says:

    And as well we got the new Jamiroquai album “Automaton” on double lp, cd and a Deluxe Limited Mint Pack cd that offers same content (12 songs) and extra goes with a code to access some multimedia exclusives: Videos, interviews, pics, access to some promotions, etc etc etc…

  6. Chris B says:

    Fairport celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and are a band who have been generously compiled over the years.

  7. Ern says:

    I see Sparks have announced a new album and various bundles available on their website.

  8. Jim says:

    Neil, here’s the Level 42 track listing:

    CD ONE

    1. Lessons In Love

    2. Running In The Family

    3. The Chinese Way

    4. Turn It On

    5. Love Meeting Love

    6. True Believers

    7. Two Hearts Collide

    8. Leaving Me Now

    9. Forty Two

    10. Weave Your Spell

    11. Why Are You Leaving?

    12. Mr. Pink

    13. I Sleep On My Heart

    14. Starchild (Remix)

    15. The Chant Has Begun

    16. Seven Days

    CD TWO

    1. Something About You

    2. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)

    3. (Flying On The) Wings Of Love

    4. It’s Over (Remix)

    5. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?

    6. Tracie

    7. To Be With You Again

    8. “43”

    9. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

    10. World Machine

    11. Dance On Heavy Weather

    12. Take Care Of Yourself

    13. Heathrow

    14. A Floating Life

    15. Take A Look

    16. Foundation And Empire


    1. Hot Water

    2. Micro Kid

    3. Children Say

    4. Love Games

    5. Standing In The Light

    6. Heaven In My Hands

    7. You Can’t Blame Louis

    8. Sandstorm

    9. Kansas City Milkman (Live)

    10. Can’t Walk You Home

    11. Dune Tune

    12. Hours By The Window

    13. Good Man In A Storm

    14. The Sleepwalkers

    15. The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man

    16. Staring At The Sun

    • Kauwgompie says:

      I’m still hoping they will release the proper A.D.S.C. Remix of ‘To Be With You Again” (6’04”). They have put the dub version of the A.D.S.C. mix (5’45”) on two releases now while labeling it the regular remix. May be Blank & Jones can release the proper mix on their next volume of So80s….One of the only official Level 42 remixes that has not been properly released on CD as far as I know.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        That mix seems destined NEVER to get issued on CD :)

        • Kauwgompie says:

          Apparently the reason why they always mess that up is because the track length is printed wrong on the original sleeve. If you look at the sleeve thru the link below it has 5′.45″ printed on it in big letters, letting people believe that the 5’45” mix was the main version. 5:45 is the playingtime of the dub mix. The A.D.S.C. extended mix plays for 6:04. Apparently the time mix up caused the wrong version (Dub) to appear on the 2000 re-issue of the Running In The Family album and another Level 42 collection album.
          If that is true, the good news is that it wasn’t because they couldn’t find the original master and just labeled the dub mix as the Extended version. So hopefully the master is still out there and Blank & Jones can once and for all release that mix on so80s!! But yes, I won’t be holding my breath ;-)

    • Neil says:

      Strange compilation indeed and i was hoping that the third disc would have some remixes or rarities but it just looks like a mish mash of singles and album tracks. Oh well i only paid £5.99 for it so it’s no great loss.

  9. JuzzyB says:

    Just giving my fave band a plug, Paul. Cheers and that.

  10. JuzzyB says:

    I will be doing an unboxing of the CD set of Let The Dancers Inherit The Party by the mighty British Sea Power on Friday or soon after. I’m not showing it to you lot though!

  11. colin says:

    Will you be doing an unboxing of ‘Tango’ on Friday Paul? Bit frustrated there is no MP3 rip for this on Amazon. At nearly £50 there should be one! Cheers.

  12. Stevie B says:

    Just picked up The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl on vinyl from HMV for £14.99, same offer as Amazon UK have on it right now and £10 less than it has been going for in both places since release last November.

  13. Greg says:

    For $8, I’ll take a punt on the Level 42 collection.

  14. JuzzyB says:

    Well of course the most exciting album of the week (if not the year) is Let The Dancers Inherit The Party by the mighty British Sea Power. Thanks for pointing that out, Mark. Fleetwood Mac? Pah!

  15. RICHARD says:

    Might have to pull the trigger on ‘Tango In The Night’ as I waited for Tusk to price drop and it never did. The cheapest copy i can find these days is just shy of £100 – Unless anyone knows any different?

    • Phil Wilson says: have Tusk for just under 80 euros

    • Kauwgompie says:

      I was trying for the same. I saw Tusk on Amazon Canada for around $70 for a while but when I wanted to buy it, it told me that would not ship to the USA (I’m in NYC). I don’t know if people in Europe have the same problem but I also tried it with a different product (can’t remember what it was) and it told me the same. Weird because I’m pretty sure I bought from them at some point. May be they changed their policy?
      I did not see Tusk on sale anywhere else the past year. Eventually I bought it for $85 including shipping from Amazon USA. It’s a bit strange because Rumors you can pick up $45 and it only has 1 fewer cd. Tusk is not moving in price at all.
      Tango is not that expensive. I’m waiting a bit to see if it drops in price to around $45 eventually. I don’t think it will run out of print. These Fleetwood mac boxes are pretty widely available although “The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions” sold out pretty quickly. But you can still get it under $50 mostly.

  16. Mark Jensen says:

    To me, the most exciting release this coming Friday is Let The Dancers Inherit The Party by British Sea Power, which is available in standard cd, vinyl, deluxe double vinyl, and cd box set editions.

  17. Kauwgompie says:

    It’s a rainy Monday morning in NYC, still sore from campout with my son’s boyscout troop this past weekend, in the train to work. What is there to look forward to on a day like this? Oh yeah, Paul’s “Out This Week”. More than enough to get me through Monday morning, especially with Fleetwood Mac’s Tango SDE release! Price is not bad at all (HMV, Amazon FR & IT). May be I’ll buy right away without waiting for Paul’s Deal Alert? Things to decide on a Monday morning. Thanks Paul for all you do!

  18. BJ says:

    And while I’m here, noticed this yesterday… Star Wars Force Awakens on Cassette! (available cheaper from other sellers).

  19. BJ says:

    Goldfrapp: Silver Eye – Limited Edition Clear Vinyl + Postcards only available from their online store.

  20. Neil says:

    I bought that Level 42 the other day and it’s already been dispatched yet i still can’t find a track listing for it.

  21. Johnathan says:

    *The Bob Dylan release isn’t a reissue.

    Also, I’m hoping that labels haven’t exhausted ’80s remix compilations — though there certainly have been a lot of them!

  22. DaveM says:

    Proving to be a wallet busting March for me. Looking forward to TITN hot on the heals of the deluxe FITD which I caved in on and bought. What a beauty that is packaging wise and all is almost forgiven as that third CD contains the best extras since Macca 2 disc 2.

    • revroth says:

      Thanks for the rcommendation. I decided to hold off based on the ridiculous price combined with the decision to go download-only for part of the content, and will wait for the inevitable cheap copies later–but it’s good to hear it’s worth waiting for!

      • DaveM says:

        @revroth, TBH, couldn’t resist after Paul’s excellent In Their Own Words article. Hang in there, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you eventually get it. Its up there with Ram in terms of presentation IMHO.

  23. Mike the Fish says:

    The album version of Don’t Talk To Me About Love is brilliant. I wonder if the right mix will be on there…

  24. Steve gilmour says:

    Paul wheres uk link for tango super deluxe

  25. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Goldfrapp release their seventh album Silver Eye on Friday, 10 tracks but no deluxe version though…

    • Andy V says:

      There are Special Editions on Goldfrapps website – Signed CD, Clear Vinyl etc

    • probablyrustin says:

      They are releasing it on a limited edition clear vinyl, along with CD and standard vinyl. All were available earlier signed. Compared to some of the coverage of new releases, that should be enough to merit a “deluxe” label (though not to criticize Paul by any means – there’s simply no way he could cover everything we’re all interested in). I’m looking forward to it!

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