Out This Week / on 31 May 2019

Depeche Mode / Black Celebration & Music for the Masses 12" boxes

Depeche Mode / Black Celebration & Music for the Masses 12″ boxes

Be Bop Deluxe / Futurama super deluxe

Venom / In Nomine Satanas box set

Hootie & The Blowfish debut set for anniversary reissue

Ash / 94-04: The 7″ Singles Box Set

Rory Gallagher remembered on new blues collection

Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station 'Explorers' edition'

Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station ‘Explorer’s Edition’

Paul Young / Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection / CD+DVD set

Paul Young / Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection / CD+DVD set

Emerson Lake & Palmer / The Anthology (1970-1998) coloured vinyl box set

Pet Shop Boys / Inner Sanctum (Japanese 2CD)

This two-CD edition of the Pet Shop Boys‘ 2018 at Royal Opera House performance is exclusive to Japan.

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Pet Shop Boys

inner sanctum - 2CD Japanese edition


20 responses to Out This Week / on 31 May 2019

  1. Wayne C says:

    The first three albums by “Doves” were re released this weekend, got mine today via Amazon. The first album cover “Lost Souls” isn’t a gatefold unlike the original that I already own and the cover isn’t the same quality. Great for those who don’t have the originals on vinyl already though. These three are coloured vinyl and “limited “ two of the three I got have very high numbers 4,000 odd and I ordered on first day of pre order, so I guess they will be easily available for quite some time, if anyone wants to take the plunge!. I’m glad I didn’t decide to sell the originals though.

  2. Richard Neal says:

    Don’t forget the remastered Tangerine Dream Official Bootleg Series Volume 3 release:

  3. BJ says:

    I seem to have lost the thread where we were on about amazon pre orders and taking cash up front… I received an email from amazon this morning telling me the Wreckless Eric new album has been delayed by a week or two and within the email was this paragraph:

    ‘You haven’t been charged for these items. We don’t charge your payment card until just before your parcel is dispatched, at which time we’ll send you an e-mail to confirm the payment details, estimated delivery date, contents and method of delivery.’

    Also I still haven’t been charged for any pre orders… still confused. Anyone still getting charged for pre orders on amazon?

  4. Richard says:

    Some it’s an extra 16 quid tomorrow NOT get the video of the pet shop Boys at the Royal opera House. Yeah, no thanks.

  5. Torchomatic says:

    Blancmange vinyl boxset dropped to £41 on Amazon. Temped at that price.

  6. Colin Harper says:

    Cherry Red’s John Renbourn 6CD set ‘Unpentangled: The Sixties Albums’ is out this week. 24-page booklet, 11 bonus tracks (non-LP singles, strays, a few alt takes), nice mastering.

  7. stevieb says:

    I note that there’s now a 3-CD version of Elton John’s best of album ‘Diamonds’, which adds 17 tracks to the 2-CD version. Obviously done to coincide with the Rocket Man movie. If you’ve the time Paul, any chance of a short feature on this new version?

  8. Alan B says:

    New Richard Hawley album out on Friday. Managed to bag a signed CD and exclusive picture disc from his store. Also the Doves coloured vinyl reissues are released. They have only released 4 studio album so I don’t understand why only the first 3 albums are being released and Kingdom of Rust isn’t.

  9. Thomas Staudt says:

    Hi Paul,

    you seem to have forgotten KC’s Heaven and Earth box, even though it’s being sold through the SDE shop.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s gone back to 7th June I’m afraid…

      • Thomas Staudt says:

        Oh, OK. my order from claims to have shipped today. Let’s see.

      • Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

        No it has NOT. You may not publish my posts but the truth is it is available from amd mine is on the way from Amazon Italy for 157€ shipping included.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          In the UK it has gone back. Clearly not in some of Europe. So we are both right, I suppose. Difference is I’m not saying you are wrong.

  10. Steve Harris says:

    Can I just give a big hurrah. This Sunday, in Manchester, the FOPP store reopened, hence on Saturday my favourite haunt for new releases is back

  11. Alan B says:

    I see you can now get a picture disc version of Madonna’supcoming album. It’s a double and is £50 from her web store. Someone needs to tell them RSD was last month for that price.

  12. Ryk says:

    Jimmy Barne’s 17th solo album, “My Criminal Record,” is out this week. He is also the lead singer of Cold Chisel (who last released an album in 2015).

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