Out This Week / on 4 October 2019

OMD / Souvenir 5CD + 2DVD box set

Simple Minds / In The City Of Angels live album

Simple Minds / Live In The City Of Angels / 4LP and 4CD sets

Whitesnake / Slip of the Tongue 30th anniversary box set & reissues

Debbie Harry / Face It

Debbie Harry autobiography: Face It

The Cult / Sonic Temple 30th anniversary expanded sets

The Cult / Sonic Temple 30th anniversary expanded sets

T. Rex / Dandy in the Underworld (3CD set)

The final T. Rex album is released as a three CD box set. It includes 36 bonus outtakes, demos and alternate mixes, 20 of which are previously unreleased. Also includes a 9,000 word essay by Mark Paytress.

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T. Rex

Dandy in the Underworld - 3CD set


Five Star / Gold

Tremendous value Five Star three-CD hits package which is also available on 180g gold-coloured vinyl (the vinyl contains less tracks, obviously).

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Five Star

Gold - 3CD set


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Five Star

Gold - coloured vinyl LP


T. Rex / Dandy in the Underworld

In addition to the CD box mentioned above, the last two T. Rex singles (issued in Marc Bolan’s lifetime) – ‘Dandy in the Underworld’ and “Celebrate Summer” – are issued together on two 10-inch singles in a gatefold sleeve. Features various mixes and rarities and is pressed on red and blue vinyl.

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T. Rex

Dandy in the Underworld - coloured vinyl


13 responses to Out This Week / on 4 October 2019

  1. What? OMD? Worry? says:

    OMD – lovely remaster, but brickwalled by alot of EQ gain, looking at the WAV, top and bottom of the WAV are a straight line but thankfully no clipping, real big shame, but still lovely sound nonetheless.

  2. Tim South says:

    With this new OMD boxset nearly upon us , it’s time for their remaining albums to be remastered – “Crush” onwards. We’ve had remasters in 2003 2008 2015 of their first five albums so we have been patient. C’mon Universal music give us OMD fans the goods please

  3. Alan says:

    Five Star including some mixes not on the box as they were replaced with dubs/instrumentals so for around a fiver worth getting

    • Simonf says:

      Re Five Star: Anyone else notice that the track listing of disc three in the Amazon photo does not match that of the track listing that Amazon have put up although the listing on the disc itself does match. What’s going on and which is right?

  4. Rik Skyline says:

    Remember that young scamp Eliot Fletcher who called the TV show Going Live back in 1989: “I’d like to ask Five Star why they’re so fucking crap’? He apologised to Doris on Twitter a few days ago.

  5. Michael says:

    I am really looking forward to my giant OMD package being sent by courier from the UK this week. And the Simple Minds live stuff, too. Yay.

  6. Alan B says:

    Anyone who missed out on the Liam Gallagher picture disc HMV “exclusive” which has sold out can still get one from JPC as HMV were only exclusive sellers for the UK. HMV keep advertising these “exclusives” implying their version is a unique pressing whereas in reality they are only the sole UK seller and the pressing is available via other sellers in other countries. They even advertised one coloured vinyl as an HMV exclusive which was in fact an Indies plus HMV exclusive. And their vinyl is very expensive in comparison to other retailers including your local independent record store. I fear for them if their answer after going into administration is to increase their prices above even the local record shop. I was in my local HMV yesterday which had a lot of browsers but no buyers whilst I was there. The new Abbey Road LP boxset was £75 which is way higher than anyone else selling it.

  7. Alan B says:

    Simple Minds have just announced a new best of compilation for 40 years in music. There is an exclusive silver vinyl version available from Recordstore. It is £6 more than the regular black vinyl version which they also offer for sale. Perhaps someone at UMC can explain what it is in the manufacturing process for silver vinyl that increases the price by over 27%. I can remember the “good old days” (basically any time before 2016) when coloured vinyl versions cost the same as regular black vinyl versions.

    • Gisabun says:

      @Allan B: Can you say “limited” versions? Most will release a LP in black at whatever price and then jack up the price for a non-black version because it has a smaller pressing or maybe just to rake money off collectors.
      That’s all you see is 2+ versions of LPs. Luckily you can’t really do that with CDs or BR audio!

      • Alan B says:

        Sorry I was being a bit sarcastic about the reasons for the higher price for the silver vinyl version. Of course it is a cash grab. They will use the same stampers and will just change the wax components. They will also use the exact same LP cover and inners, with the only difference being a small sticker placed over the barcode (on the shrink wrap) showing a different barcode than the one printed on the album sleeve. Coloured vinyl is the new cash cow for Record Companies. A lot of people are willing to several pounds extra for a coloured vinyl version.
        Another I have noticed regarding the price of vinyl is the huge bandwidth of pricing between different artists and different releases. Single new release LPs can retail anywhere between £16 and £28. Years ago the price of an LP was more or less the same no matter who or what it was.

  8. Eamonn says:

    Old Debbie told a crude story of Bowie, coke and his cock in that Sunday Times extract from her boook yesterday.

  9. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    last week were janet jacksons’ “rhythm nation” album remixes released on digital platforms.
    ( for those who are interested in )
    all remixes were from the japan import ep’s and some other from u.k. 12”ers.
    sadly a few are still missed. if a label release those digital remix albums they should use ALL official released mixes and not only the one from the cd singles & ep’s.
    but almost 90 mixes & extra tracks are better then nothing ;)

    • John says:

      Thanks for the info Daniel. I wish they’d been released on CD in a box set. Control singles too. In fact a career spanning box set would be even better. I guess digital is better than nothing though.

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