Out This Week / on 5 July 2019

Rolling Stones / Rock and Roll Circus four-disc box and 3LP vinyl

Everything But The Girl / Amplified Heart 25th anniversary vinyl LP

Mystify: A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence / new doc and soundtrack

Spice Girls / Greatest Hits picture disc

Sigur Rós / Ágætis Byrjun (4CD box set)

This 20th Anniversary edition of Sigur Rós‘ second album is a four-CD box set that features demo and archive versions of the songs, plus other rarities and the full 95-minute concert played in Reykjavík on the day the record was released. There’s a 2LP vinyl edition, as well.

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Sigur Ros

Agætis Byrjun - 4CD box


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Sigur Ros

Agætis Byrjun - 2LP vinyl

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JPC de   29.99

Tangerine Dream / Live at Coventry Cathedral, 1975 (box set)

Tangerine Dream‘s tour of Cathedrals in 1975 included this performance in Coventry. This box only actually contains one DVD and is rather padded out with reproduction press pack, tour programme, replica Coventry Cathedral ticket, numbered certificate and photos. Hardly great value at the price.

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John Power / Solo 2003-2008 vinyl box

Cast frontman and songwriter John Power’s three solo albums released in the noughties – Happening For Love (2003), Willow She Weeps (2006) and Stormbreaker (2008) and pressed on heavyweight white vinyl and collected in this new box set. The two latter albums are on vinyl for the first time and this also includes a signed photo/print.

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John Power

Solo 2003 - 2008 [VINYL]


The B52’s vinyl reissue

The B52’s debut album was issued almost 40 years to the day on Friday and thus gets a vinyl re-release (which is actually part of Island Records’ wider 60th anniversary celebrations).

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The B-52's

B-52’s [VINYL]


Heaven 17 / Penthouse and Pavement (white vinyl)

The coloured vinyl editions of Heaven 17‘s Virgin albums from the Play to Win box set are now available separately, including this white vinyl edition of the classic 1981 debut Penthouse and Pavement. If you are thinking of buying more than three of these, you’d be better off getting the box set which is a pretty reasonable £56 in the UK at the time of writing (see price comparison widget below). It would be remiss of me to not mention the fact that we have a few of the Heaven 17 SIGNED SDE interview booklets still available in the SDE shop.

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Heaven 17

Penthouse and Pavement [VINYL]


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Heaven 17

Play To Win - The Virgin Albums [VINYL]


29 responses to Out This Week / on 5 July 2019

  1. Gisabun says:

    Not impressed with the stand-alone BR to R&R Circus. Outside of the audio, sure they cleaned up the video with the garbage [“hair”] at the edges of the screen but it still has a low resolution.
    The extras are not cleaned up.
    Comes in the original 4:3 and a new 16:9. I didn’t really inspect to see if they cropped the 4:3 to make it 16:9 but something tells me they did.
    From the 2004 DVD, a Sympathy for the Devil remix promo video and a photo gallery were left out.

  2. James says:

    ‘Mystify: A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence’ has nothing to do with the Richard Lowenstein documentary, apart from INXS manager Chris Murphy calling this release the same as the documentary.

    Lowenstein – “…it’s absolutely not the soundtrack album. It has only four of our songs on it, it doesn’t have Max Q, it doesn’t have our underscore [by Warren Ellis]”.

    In fact, the Mystify album doesn’t even feature the song Mystify. “I don’t know what’s going on,” Lowenstein says.

  3. stevieb says:

    The Beatles 1964 concert from Washington Coliseum is now available on iTunes as a standalone digital download, and for just £1.89!!! Previously only available for those buying the Stereo Box Set is an absolute bargain and a must-have for all Beatles fans. No sign of a physical version as yet.

  4. THOMAS NEWMAN says:

    The Heaven 17 album cover reminds me of the new Divine Comedy!

    • Joe Mac Pherson says:

      I believe you meant to say, the new 2019 album cover for Divine Comedy, reminds you of the original 1981 debut album cover by Heaven 17.

      • Chris Squires says:

        It’s funny how often that happens.
        I think it was on IMDb (when it had a comments thread) when someone ( I won’t guess their location or age group but I think I wouldn’t be far wrong) was quite forceful in their assertion that Kate Bush was just copying Tori Amos.

      • Tony de Wonderful says:

        Pedantic response aside, it doesn’t actually make a blind bit of difference if Divine Comedy looks like H17 or vice versa. It what’s relevant to the person doing the comparing that counts

        • Chris Squires says:

          As they say in “Shallow Hal”
          …..”third person perspective”

          If the only thing that matters is what’s relevant to the person doing the comparing then don’t you get onto the extremely dangerous modern phenomena of “opinion being presented as fact” even when proven facts contradict the opinion.

          Facts would suggest it is impossible for The Kick Inside to be a rip off of Little Earthquakes no matter how much a person believes it to be true.

          • Tony de Wonderful says:

            I don’t think any rip off of a sleeve was mentioned, merely a reminder. I also didn’t really go into that much detail in the thought process when composing my comment
            I come on here to be entertained and make the occasional comment. If I want to get into overly complicated tiresome dialogue I’ll go and start an argument with a Brexiteer on Twitter

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            One general bit of advice to everyone is that the easiest way to not get into an “overly complicated tiresome dialogue” is by not bothering to comment (in response). It takes two to have a “tiresome” debate, after all…

  5. Tommy Taylor says:

    Re : The Tangerine Dream box . The original BBC broadcast Audio was lost and subsequently the half hour film audio was replaced with excerpts of the album Ricochet. Since they are not claiming this is a recovered version of the concert I can only assume this is just a re-release of the similar (if not identical box set) and earlier freely available versions of the film. So ironically the padding is probably the most interesting part of this release :-)

  6. Dean says:

    Make sure to read the reviews on Amazon for that Tangerine Dream item – not good!

  7. Elizabeth Ursula Hirst says:

    You would be better off getting the Tangerine Dream enormo-box that contains the Coventry performance. I suppose if you wanted all the nik-naks it might appeal, but as it says above it is a huge price for something that doesn’t look worth the asking.

  8. David says:

    Mark Mulcahy (formerly in Miracle Legion) – “The Gus” will be released July 5.

  9. Aaron says:

    There was a cd version of the John power set which came out a few years back with an extra disc plus a great dvd. It is phenomenal, if you like Cast you will love his solo work

  10. Simonf says:

    Can I just unreservedly recommend the B-52’s LP. Your life is not complete without it. So buy it!

    • Lanny Justice says:

      I love the B’s so much. I’m very sad they have slowed down in regards to recording. I’m not sure we will ever get a new album from them. :(

  11. Maxe says:

    Heaven 17 – Penthouse and Pavement
    Beware! it is not the album as intended and originally released, its last song “We’re going to live for a very long time” is intended to be endless, as it was on all vinyl pressings (i know of) in the 80s.

    • Trash says:

      I was disappointed by the fact that they lazily didn’t bother cutting the vinyl disc in order to give it the endless loop that is should have.

      Hmmm I’ll have to check my Buzzcocks Another Music vinyl reissue which should also feature a closed loop.

      Hi Paul maybe there’s an article feature there – albums and singles that feature closed loops… :-)

      Apart from the two mentioned above I can also immediately think of side one of Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain which featured a closed loop of synthetic crickets.

      • steve says:

        If you enjoy those locked grooves then check out RRR500, five hundred locked grooves on one 12″ record

        They also did a 7″ with just 100 of them.

        • James Giraffe says:

          Steve, your comment on locked grooves and the RRR series of releases fascinated me. I looked up the LP and the 7″. There’s also one with 1000 grooves. So I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes.

          Do you remember double groove records? I own one (by Samantha Fox – don’t judge me!) I don’t really know how to describe it, but the grooves of two songs run parallel, so when you put the needle down you either get one song or another, depending on which groove the needle catches. It’s this, if you’re interested in having a look. I’m sure there are others though.

          And I agree with Trash above, who says that this might be an interesting feature, Paul S. I’m sure I read about a record where you put the needle in the middle and it works its way to the outside, instead of from the outside in. And different sizes of vinyl is interesting too. Culture Club did a 5″ picture disc single of their song Move Away. (As in it was the same size as a CD, but it was a vinyl.)

          • steve says:

            Have come across double groove records, but don’t actually own any. The first I remember is the 12″ version of ‘Pop Muzik’ by M. There’s an early release by Non ‘Pagan Muzak’ which not only has multiple locked grooves, but also has multiple holes for the spindle. Yeah, probably sounds bad but each to their own.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            There’s a Kate Bush 12-inch with a double groove… I think it’s The Sensual World.

          • James Giraffe says:

            Steve, Paul, thank you for your replies.

            I love the idea of the multiple holes on Pop Musak by non. Having listened to it on YouTube though…

            Paul, you’re right. It was The Sensual World. I’ve just looked it up on discogs. Evidently, there is no mention of the double-groove on the sleeve or the label. I bet that caused some confusion! (I bought the CD single, so didn’t have that problem!)

            (As an aside, Paul S, I couldn’t find a way to “reply” you your or Steve’s comment. The reply button was only under my comment.)

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Pretty sure I have that Sensual World 12-inch.

          • Simon says:

            Alexander O’Neal released a UK double groove 10″ of Criticize –

            I bought a copy.

    • TommyBee says:

      I loved that Version. I had a tape with both sides starting with this song and playing through for the rest of tape. Drove the guys from work crazy when I offered them a ride home.

      • O(+> Peter B says:

        I have a 12” single of Me Myself And I by De La Soul, the sticker calls it a “triple-sided vinyl” as one side has double grooves. I have the first 3 albums by Trans Am from the 1990s and all have a locked groove at the end of at least one side. And the 7” of Ping Pong by Stereolab, the b-side Moogie Wonderland has a locked groove.

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