Out This Week / on 5 October 2018

John Lennon / Imagine reissue 5 october 2018

John Lennon’s Imagine reissued as comprehensive six-disc box set

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham to issue a new Solo Anthology on 3CD and 6LP vinyl

The Rutles / vinyl reissue

New book: Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin

Johnny Hates Jazz / Turn Back The Clock / 3CD and 2LP vinyl reissue

Dead Or Alive / “Youthquake” limited edition purple vinyl pressing

Echo & The Bunnymen / The Stars, The Oceans & the Moon

Steve Hackett / Broken Skies Outspread Wings 1984 - 2006 box set

Steve Hackett / Broken Skies – Outspread Wings 1984 – 2006

Matt Berry / Television Themes

Hugh Cornwell / Monster new album

Hugh Cornwell / Monster

King Crimson / Meltdown (live in Mexico City)

King Crimson / Meltdown (Live in Mexico City) / 3CD+blu-ray deluxe set

Bob Seger & The Last Heard / Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967

Bob Seger and The Last Heard / Heavy Music: Complete Cameo Recordings

XTC / Applevenus / Wasp Star (vinyl reissue)

Limited 200gm vinyl pressings of Applevenus and the follow up Wasp Star (issued in 1999 and 2000 respectively). The audio has been newly mastered by Jason Mitchell (at Loud Mastering) from tapes approved by Andy Partridge. 1986’s Skylarking gets the same treatment.

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Applevenus - 200g remastered vinyl LP

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Amazon ca   40.47
JPC de   20.99

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Wasp Star - 200g remastered vinyl LP


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Skylarking - 200g remastered vinyl LP


21 responses to Out This Week / on 5 October 2018

  1. Annabel Lecter says:

    The new Sarah Nixey CD, Night Walks, landed on Friday 5th. The vinyl is out on Friday 12th.

  2. Dean taylor says:

    Happy days.. my Zeppelin book has landed and it’s a thing of beauty… pre order from Blackwell’s so it came with the free poster and a £1 cheaper then Amazon.
    The poster has a gold like metallic finish and is printed on what seems to be high quality paper stock , the only fault being it came folded and not rolled in a tube .. so has crease lines . Really want to frame this , does anyone now how to remove paper creases ?
    Just waiting on Udiscover to deliver my Lennon fan bundle.. starting to read some great thinks about this reissue… box set of the year ?.. maybe..

  3. DaveM says:

    The Imagine Ultimate Collection is now showing as ‘not currently available’ on Amazon UK and my order is still stating delivery next Tuesday. As a prime customer I was hoping for Friday, the actual release date and now there seems to be supply issues as well. WTF?

    • Rich459 says:

      Same for me. Not sure what is going on with it to be honest.
      The 2CD, LP & Blu Ray all say the 5th but the box set is showing the same as the book (9th) could it be because the book and book contained in the box set share content?!

  4. Tommy Taylor says:

    As CJL – I got a message from Amazon saying the Zep book won’t be delivered until 14/15th Oct now

  5. Rett says:

    Any word on when or if the XTC – The Surround Sound Series of Applevenus & Wasp Star will be released?
    I’m quite interested in what the home demos/work tapes will reveal.

  6. Darren Linklater says:

    I have heard mention of Apple Venus and Waspstar Remasters on CD at a later date. Can you confirm if this is true Paul?

    Apple Venus is my favourite XTC release and the CD that got me into collecting the back catalogue. Was kinda hoping they would do the release in the same way they have done the last few.

  7. Colin Harper says:

    Michael Gibbs & the Gary Burton Quartet ‘Festival 69’ 3CD set also out on RPM/Turtle – two unreleased 1969 concerts including the cream of British progressive jazzers (Jack Bruce, Chris Spedding, Henry Lowther, Kenny Wheeler, etc.) and an extensive booklet.

  8. Michael Fortin says:

    Also this week is Steve Perry’s new album “Traces” as well as “Joe Strummer 001”

    I was going to pass on the Strummer set but the price is too good for the 2-CD set – just over $11 on Amazon US.

  9. Rickjapan says:

    Not exactly the perfect place to post this, but I live in a time lag, being here in Japan and all….

    Finally got my Curiosity Killed The Cat Misfits box set today, and have been reliving 80s memories….

    And has anyone noticed the misprint on the Keep Your Distance sleeve? (the mysteriously non-existent track 10 leading to 17 tracks on a 16 track album??!!?….) lol

  10. Barry says:

    A new Cat Power album is also out on Friday. HMV have an exclusive CD with a couple of extra tracks if that’s of use to anyone…

    • stephen king says:

      Thanks Barry, wasn’t aware of that so will be actually going into HMV and buying a CD this week for the first time in a long while….

  11. Andrew M says:

    Really wanted the television themes album but have had to be selective due to the amount incoming. I have added it to my “to be purchased” list and will listen to it on apple music. If I like it then will probably still purchase the CD but the vinyl will have to wait….

    Lennon has dropped off my list completely now as REM and Beatles are the box sets for the next two months and just can’t justify the Lennon even though I really want the surround mix.

    If there’s a good deal in the future then I’ll jump on it for sure.

  12. Heraldo says:

    I got update from Amazon this morning the the Apple Venus / Wasp Star vinyl has slipped to 17th Oct.

  13. Tim-Meh says:

    Also worth mentioning that Laura Kidd AKA She Makes War releases her 4th album this week too. She’s an outstanding indie singer/instrumentalist who deserves to go mega with Brace For Impact, and well worth checking out.

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks for the reminder Tim-Meh – I’ve got it on my Bandcamp wishlist to prompt me to look for it come Friday.

    • Paul E. says:

      @Tim-Meh- thanks for the tip! Appreciate the chance to explore new artists and her Boy George “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” cover is amazing!

  14. CJL says:

    According to Amazon, the King Crimson set isn’t out until the 19th & the Zep book isn’t out until the 9th.

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