Out This Week / on 6 March 2020

The Human League / Octopus reissue

The Human League / Octopus reissue

M People / Renaissance 11-disc box set

Cream / Goodbye Tour Live 1968

Cream / Goodbye Tour 1968 / 4CD set

a-ha / Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection / exclusive CD+DVD set

Rory Gallagher / Check Shirt Wizard: Live in ’77 / 2CD or 3LP sets

Status Quo / Perfect Remedy, Rock 'Til You Drop and Thirsty Work new CD deluxe editions

Status Quo deluxe editions

Pre-order a signed CD of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot’s new album

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years four-CD super deluxe edition

Deacon Blue / City of Love (new album)

City of Love is Deacon Blue’s fourth album since they returned in 2012.

Compare prices and pre-order


City of Love - CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Deacon Blue

City of Love - vinyl LP


11 responses to Out This Week / on 6 March 2020

  1. Chris Lancaster says:

    Has anyone who ordered the Street Fighting Years box from Amazon actually received it yet? I ordered mine on the day it was announced, and it had a guaranteed delivery date of March 6 (the release date). That went back to today (March 10), and I’ve just received an email to tell me it will be “between April 6th and May 21st”.

    Maybe I’m just cursed, as my delivery date for the Songs From the Big Chair and The Hurting reissue box sets, also ordered immediately they were announced, has already gone back from release date until next Tuesday.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Universal are having distribution problems at the moment due to change of warehousing. Might be something to do with this issue.

  2. torchomatic says:

    Got my pre-order vinyl from Amazon of Octopus. Very disappointing. Despite the Amazon page stating this was a double it is only a single LP. Flimsy cover and vinyl. I didn’t pre-order from Rhino as I presumed I was getting a double anyway from Amazon.


  3. torchomatic says:

    I really disliked Deacon Blue at the time. I was always more of a Big Dish man. Feelings haven’t change. I won’t say rubbish, I’ll say lucky.

  4. Jonathan Riley says:

    my mpeople boxset just shipped from this evening

  5. JohnInManhattan says:

    Human League’s OCTOPUS 2xLP Rhino exclusive is SOLD OUT. Dammit!

  6. Alan says:

    Ended up cancelling the M Peeps box as this month is expensive as it is with the Donna box set out at the end of March. I also wasn’t sure if it would be to much Heather Smalls in one hit.

  7. Shane says:

    How can some people already have MPeople’s box and mine hasnt even shipped? Where they order it from?
    Also the amazon signed edition is stilk available for preorder…

  8. Stephen Davison says:

    So pleased to see ‘Octopus’ out on vinyl again. I have ordered the limited double from Rhino. Hopefully ‘Credo’ will be out on vinyl next year again too, I think there were only 500 copies of the original and prices secoond-hand are eye-watering.

    • Andrew says:

      I have read that only 500 copies of the “Octopus” double vinyl are available. Looking forward to receiving my copy, hopefully by the end of this week.

    • torchomatic says:

      I remember seeing Credo on vinyl in my local shop when it came out. I decided to go for the CD. Mistake.

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