Out This Week / on 7 December 2018

Paul McCartney / Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway reissues

Family at the BBC / 8-disc deluxe set

Manic Street Preachers / This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours: Collectors’ Edition

Tanita Tikaram / Ancient Heart limited edition 30th anniversary clear vinyl

Aretha Franklin / Atlantic Records 1960s Collection / 6LP vinyl box

Kate Bush announces new lyric book called ‘How To Be Invisible’

Super Furry Animals at the BBC 4LP box

Simple Minds / Revjuvenation 2001-2014 / 6LP coloured vinyl box

Simple Minds / Rejuvenation 2001-2014 / 6LP coloured vinyl box

80s Symphonic / 80s originals combined with orchestral arrangements

Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love

Family at the BBC /


Harold Faltermeyer / Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack

First time on vinyl for the full Harold Faltermeyer score of Beverley Hills Cop. This is a limited edition of just 500 worldwide pressed on ‘palm tree’ splatter vinyl. Read more

Van Morrison / The Prophet Speaks

He’s knocking them out for fun, these days, but just the two albums this year. The Prophet Speaks Van Morrison‘s 40th studio album.

Compare prices and pre-order

Van Morrison

The Prophet Speaks - CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Van Morrison

The Prophet Speaks - vinyl LP


44 responses to Out This Week / on 7 December 2018

  1. Larry Davis says:

    In regards to boxsets… I like value for money as well as finding a nice set for a good deal… I like remastered albums with all B-sides, 12″s, unreleased material, DVD or BluRay with all vidclips, concerts, documentaries, no prob if vinyl is included, I like a nice book too…I’ll read it once end to end and then use it as a reference…the Manics i will wait for a price drop…happy I have the 2 Kate Bush boxes despite their flaws…I got recently 2 great value for money sets…the Def Leppard and Chic…the Roxy Music SDE is great and happy I got a sweet deal on it…the HoJo sets are ripoffs…

  2. Greg says:

    I couldn’t see any comment on the release of Van Morrison’s fourth studio album in eighteen months – sorry if I missed anything. Back in March there were a few comments on the standard of the artwork for Van’s recent releases. I tend to think it’s reached a new level :)

  3. noyoucmon says:

    The Red Rose Speedway double album was just delivered to my house. When I try to redeem to download card, I get “PAGE NOT AVAILABLE” and a picture of McCartney smirking. Are the files not up yet, I wonder, or is this just the latest cock-up from his sloppy reissue programme?

  4. Mike says:

    Also recently released:

    The real …. Clannad. A budget 3-disc collection in The Real…/Ultimate Collection series.
    I enjoy these 3-disc “Real…” sets because you get a lot of value for money. (but of course there’s no booklet or many pics to be found).
    I also highly recommend The Real… John Barry from last year.
    It’s nice collection of his soundtrack work from the 60s through the 90s.

    • Robert Laversuch says:

      Got Rainbow and Big Country in that Series and they are all almost 80 mins of music on each CD – sparse but good value for money

  5. Mike says:

    Also out this week:
    Carpenters with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Target edition in the US with 1 extra track.

  6. Neil says:

    The price for that manics reissue is a total joke for 3 CD’s.

  7. Simon Long says:

    For anyone buying the Kate Bush set, a heads-up.

    In addition to the removal of Rolf Harris from “Aerial”, there are a couple of other (unannounced) changes I’ve spotted.

    The version of “Experiment IV” on “The Other Side” is a longer mix than the original single – I am told it is the video mix, but can’t confirm this. And the version of “Burning Bridge” is 30 seconds shorter than on previous releases, so it’s been edited somewhere.

    And “Organon” has been misspelled on the back of the book – I hate it when an artist can’t spell their own titles!

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Good eyes/ears. The typo on “Organon” is glaring. It was a jolt to hear the single mix intro to Big Sky on HOL, having been so used to the album mix since the beginning.

  8. OB says:

    Is Tanita really out this week ? Amazon says Dec 14 for cd, too

  9. G Steven Cleere says:

    I suppose a bit ironic that the ‘BOX Sets’ I buy are only of artists where I already own the entire catalog and usually a heap of rarities and boots… But I still buy mainly for the music – remastered or stuff I don’t have, haven’t heard, didn’t know about. The added ‘history’ (background to songs) is also appreciated, as is performing videos -but the whole artsy-book thing -while nice, is not needed for my purchase requirements.
    Perhaps Macca’s over-do of Wild Life and Red Rose is a reaction to the decidedly cold-shoulder left by ‘Flowers’ – (where I had to assemble my own b-side/Single disc, thank you very much…) but I doubt he is concerned about retirement (more about ill-relevancy, I suspect…) but the point was well made that the White Album and Imagine SDE were much better bargains – and the albums can’t begin to compare….!!!

  10. Peter Muscutt says:

    I guess one of the litmus tests for the value of box sets is selling a present day set in 25-30 years time and see if there is a market there. Appreciate some people would look to sell on before that – I recall selling some French Muse CD single sets when times were hard, knowing I could realistically get a lot more further down the line. There are some box sets of never part with, but I’m prepared to let some go if the right offer came along.

  11. Ian Smith says:

    The Blue Nile deluxe editions have been re-released today. Don’t know if any new remastering was applied (doubt it) but it’s nice to see them available at a normal price again.

    • StanC says:

      Hey! Thank you, Sir Ian! I would have completely missed this, had you not shared the news. So thrilled to get these at a reasonable price.

      • The Geordie Expat says:

        I had no idea they were so valuable! I read your post and just checked Amazon – people are really paying that much? I bought all 4 albums years ago at what I thought were reasonable prices. Need to pull them out and listen to ’em again. Great stuff!

    • alan hansen says:

      barring the 4th cd “High” – correct? (which never underwent the SDE treatment, so far as I know.)

      • Ian Smith says:

        Yes, that seems to be the case, which is doubly odd, as it was supposedly remastered awhile ago and was ready to go. Re-releasing the first three seems an ideal opportunity to release the deluxe ‘High’. Mind, the standard album doesn’t sound at all bad to my ears anyway, and the extra tracks have proved somewhat disappointing on the previous releases.

        What The Blue Nile really deserves is an anthology boxset with all the remaining b-sides etc included with the four albums. About a snowballs chance in Hell it ever happening though. I cannot understand the music industry apathy regards this band.

        • alan hansen says:

          @Ian Smith: agreed, absolutely, & amen!

        • alan hansen says:

          Paul, are you open to the idea of proactively going after Ian’s Blue Nile SDE suggestion? do you work on commission? can a nurse like myself afford your rates? along with our heartfelt gratitude, will you settle for a Gregg’s cheese-n-onion pasty and a pint?

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Haha very nice of you to even think of such an idea :) It wouldn’t really work sadly, because – *whispers it* – I was never really that into The Blue Nile. I know they are lauded and loved etc. but for whatever reason, their albums have never really fallen into my orbit. My loss probably, but clearly that doesn’t set up me as the ideal curator of an anthology. Like I say though, kind of you to even suggest it.

  12. Bogdan says:

    For some reason, the German websites that had the now sold-out Wings 1971-73 mega-box (uDiscover and Bravado) list 14 Dec (rather than 7 Dec) as the release date for the boxset.

  13. John Barleycorn says:

    re: the Monday debate… I read an interesting article written by Nigel Williamson in January 2019 HiFi Choice magazine in which he mused about the popularity of boxsets.

    This is what he wrote: “I asked a few acquaintances in the industry whether boxsets actually make a profit or whether they are merely labours of love to satisfy fans. Believe it or not, an archival boxset retailing at, say £80 in a limited run of 4000, generates more revenue than 100 million hits on a streaming platform.”

    “In fact, boxsets are one of the few things keeping the CD format alive as the latest statistics from the American music industry report that the format is dying… over the first six months of 2018 in the US market, CD sales were down a staggering 46.9% in volume on the same period the previous year.”

    Personally I still buy CDs and although I still have around 100 vinyl records in storage I don’t have the means to play them (at least not yet). CD has always been my go-to format but in the last year I have definitely moved a lot more towards Tidal hifi streaming. That has convenience but it lacks an emotional and/or physical investment for me in owning a well produced (musically and package-wise) disc. When I visit a local HMV it is plain to see a gravitation of younger people towards the vinyl section and minimal around the CDs.

    • auteur55 says:

      46.9% drop is astonishing. I was convinced that as more people young gravitated to vinyl due to the coolness factor that the lure of CD’s at a quarter of the price would stabilize sales enough to continue the format. I own thousands of albums on CD and never made the transition to vinyl (too expensive and cumbersome for me). At a 46% drop CD’s will be dead within 5-7 years which means we will down to one expensive format. Shocked that the market can’t sustain TWO physical formats, one smaller and cheaper and one bigger and more collectable and expensive. I have an entire room full of CD’s and boxsets I don’t know what I’m going to do. Streaming is a living hell for me.

  14. Jonathan says:

    I’m pretty dubious about buying any boxset as an investment. Remember a few on here thinking the Small Faces Here Come The Nice box had investment potential. A few years on it seems obtainable for not much more than the original price, but you have to check it’s the first edition with the signed material.

    • Eric Slangen says:

      Why should you buy a boxset as an investment????
      You like the artist and his/her music and you wanna play the music and read the text or book.
      At least that is my intention.
      If I wanna invest (but I won’t) I certainly would choose something else.

      • colm47 says:

        I would imagine that the recent SDE of Chris Cornell will be going up in price pretty quick, it appears to be sold out everywhere.
        So if you were an Ebayer, I could see that making a quick profit, if that’s your thing.

        • Chris Squires says:

          I would add to the discussion and what Colm says above. The point I was (badly?) making is none of this has anything to do with ebay. There is a *massive* difference between buying something and hoping it has a future value and buying something to shift quickly on ebay for a profit. Personally I haven’t sold a record / CD on eBay (or anywhere) since I sold my original collection well over 15 years ago (1999 / 2000 maybe? Kids, marriage / mortgage etc.) and I, like many here, would have no plans to. Unless something went badly wrong that was entirely unforeseen.

          • colm47 says:

            Hi Chris. Yep I was trying to point out that there is a quick profit to be made on box sets if you choose carefully.
            I’ve never sold anything on EBay.
            I’m tempted to sell some old Matchbox cars to help fund my habit!
            My habit and passion being listening to and collecting music.
            There may come a time when I will have to sell some music but hopefully not too soon.
            Let’s not get started on Record Store Day and the eBay mercenaries

  15. Chris Squires says:

    It’ll be interesting to see, if there is a second press of the dual McCartney box set, how they differentiate the two. In this day and age with a lot of pulls on our purse strings you would be a fool, a lottery winner or a massive fan not to take a £300 box set as some kind of monetary investment with an eye to resale if things go tits-up. The washing machine dies, the car’s big-end (whatever that is) needs fixing or the Mrs. finally snaps…… So £300 that immediately becomes £150 because of a silent identical repress will alter your economics and your health. But £300 because you want the box-set that stays at £300 or a bit more when you might need it is a far better proposition.

    I know there is the long-running argument that it is all about the music… I get that, but at these prices it cannot be all about the music £300 for a few CDs with even fewer rarities cannot be all about the music except maybe for the most fervent of fans.

    It brings into focus also the issue of the recent Howard Jones boxset. And those people who don’t want to be forced to buy a bloody great 12″ 64 page hardback book to get their hands on the music. Personally I think that is exactly what the HJ set is missing. There would be far fewer (at the moment entirely reasonable) gripes if binding each box set together were two decent hard back photo books with good essays and explanations of the history behind each track.

    Everybody wants something different to make them happy, their perfect box set, it’s just that so often these days the companies manage to find that small place in the venn diagram where no-one is happy.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Good point Chris. Personally my favorite box sets in terms of content is regular album, plus outtakes, plus remixes, instrumentals etc and a 5.1 blu ray. A book does absolutely nothing for me. I also need the box set to go out of print at some point so that if things do go ” tits up”, i can resell it. It’s not the purpose of me buying these box sets but it sure would be nice to be able to sell a ridiculous collection that is mine (and I think yours too Chris) if I ever needed to. It’s easier to buy box sets if you know that they keep their value to a certain extend or even increase value in case they go out of print.

      So in case of Howard Jones, they miss the mark for me personally. I already have all the previously issued & remastered remixes, the only thing missing is the 5.1. Just crazy they didn’t include this knowing that almost all the other interesting content was recently issued & remastered. I may buy it heavily discounted otherwise not at all.

      • Gisabun says:

        Yes. Like Kauwgompie, I don’t care about the book[s] included in a box set. I may skim through it once but more likely to see the credits than anything else. The same goes for all the other junk thrown in [scarf, piece of film, photos, ticket reproduction, etc.].
        Just give me the music on CD and/or BR and I’ll be happy.

    • -SG- says:

      Supposedly,when no one is happy is the sign of a good deal. People griped about the Roxy Music price, but it was well put together, the Howard Jones set, just looks cheap and flimsy trying too hard to be something it is not. The recent House Of Love box is a much better example of what you can do for music with a cult following at a price aound $30. The original HoJo Detox boxes were much better, because they were all about the music and had no tat to fluff them up. Most super deluse sets are geared to a fetish market, as all collectible items are. There is the fine line of mass marketing and luxury. As with things collected, what appreciates over time, may not be what you would expect. My advice, buy what you love, else you will buy for the wrong reason. However, If it is well made and includes exclusive material that is actually good, and produced in small quantities, then you will have a winner, think of the massive Sandy Denny box that was released about 8 years ago and immediately went out of print. But watch out, charity shops are donated hordes of collections of unplayed classical and big band records, super deluxe 50’s era Bing Crosby anthologies, probably originally marketed to collectors in their 40’s at the time. Styles and tastes change, at one time classical records were the most expensive, most collected and esteemed records, now many are worthless and in nearly mint condition.

      • Caroline says:

        It depends on the artist AND on the available material. That Manics reissue feels stingy because we know how much available material there is and they haven’t gone there. On the other paw, that that recent House Of Love reissue was perfect – the nature of the group’s operation during the period covered means that there isn’t enough in the way of visual material to justify a DVD so they’ve concentrated of pulling together every usable scrap of studio tape alongside BBC sessions and some well-chosen live material. It wouldn’t have been improved by being blown up to 12 by 12 size and expanded with, say, a coloured vinyl LP. Or a reproduction demo tape etc etc.

        • Eamonn says:

          Which Manics reissue are you referring to, Cazza? This Is My Truth? I thought they generally chucked the kitchen sink at ’em.

          • Caroline says:

            Yes, This Is My Truth…the album, the demos, the b-sides. No DVD this time which is a first for a Manics deluxe. Given that Nicky Wire said it was the album that he had the most for in his personal archive, it feels like a let down.

            PS – “Cazza”? :-P

    • RJS says:

      “But £300 because you want the box-set that stays at £300 or a bit more when you might need it is a far better proposition.”

      The best (and most sensible!) option for anyone who doesn’t have the spare cash to fund emergencies as and when they arise, is to keep the money in your bank account! Also worth bearing in mind that if you need to sell a box set fast, the chances are you’ll have to offer it a good discount against its true value in order to shift it quickly.

  16. Ben Williams says:

    Really would love the 2 Wings box sets but they’re just too expensive.. Crazy to think they’re pricier than the recent Lennon and Beatles boxes!

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