Out This Week / on 7 August 2015

The Pretenders / Vinyl box set

After a few delays, this 9LP vinyl box set is released, featuring The Pretenders‘ eight Warners albums issued between 1979 and 1999. A couple, including Viva El Amor!, have never been issued on vinyl before. Read more

Elvis / Today: Legacy reissue

Elvis / Today (Legacy reissue)

40th double-disc anniversary of Elvis Presley‘s 1975 features an alternative mix of the album sans overdubs plus a bonus disc full of selected live cuts Read more

David Bowie / Heathen (blue vinyl)

Another week, another David Bowie release. This time Heathen is reissued on 180g blue vinyl with a special ‘tri-fold’ sleeve. Read more

Patti Smith / Horses (vinyl reissue)

One of those albums destined to be continually discovered and appreciated by the ‘next’ generation Patti Smith‘s sublime Horses is reissued on 180g vinyl. Easter also reissued.

The Lilac Time / Prussian Blue (limited single)

SDE will always try to highlight when artists make the effort to release a physical single. That’s exactly what The Lilac Time have done with this 12-inch EP which features a new mix of Prussian Blue from their No Sad Songs album. Save a couple of quid by picking up at Amazon Italy.

Slade / Slade in Flame (CD+DVD deluxe)

Salvo issue a smart double pack which features the remastered soundtrack and “remastered” DVD of the highly acclaimed Slade in Flame film.

Rage Against The Machine / vinyl reissue

Rage Against The Machine‘s superb self-titled debut is reissued on vinyl this week. Check out the price in Spain for a great deal.

Jesus and Mary Chain / Live at Barrowlands (deluxe set)

Delayed from last week, The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s ‘homecoming’ gig at Barrowlands last November is presented here as a double vinyl and CD deluxe set with a 40-page hardback book. Read more

Alexander O’Neal / Hearsay

At the time of release, this was probably the best getting-ready-to-go-out-on-a-Saturday-night album EVER and Alexander O’Neal‘s Hearsay is chock full of hits and great memories. This week it’s reissued as a ‘Tabu Classic’ with groovy packaging and a great price.

7 responses to Out This Week / on 7 August 2015

  1. Chris Mooar says:

    Hi paul. Did you get the email about The Jam Fire and Skill tracklisting??

  2. Darren Briscoe says:

    Great news about the Moyet reissues….now if only the Sony material could be treated the same!
    And while Im on about Deluxe Editions what about David Bowies Tonight??

  3. thegreatelephant says:

    hearsay – stone cold classic. if Janet Jackson ‘Control’ could be souped up also I would be a happy man

  4. John says:

    *7 August*

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