Out This Week / on 8 July 2016

David Bowie / 1. Outside

Nineties Davie Bowie back in print as single disc ‘vanilla’ editions of Outside, Earthling and hours… are released. Read more

Prince / Lotusflow3r (2LP + 2CD)

Prince‘s rather under appreciated 2009 album is reissued as a double vinyl set which includes two CDs. Lotusflow3r and MPL sounds are the two albums with Bria Valente’s Elixer absent.  Read more

ABC / The Lexicon of Love II - follow-up to Lexicon of Love

ABC / The Lexicon of Love II (vinyl LP)

ABC‘s well received follow-up to their classic 1982 album is issued on vinyl this week.  Read more

The Essential Elvis Presley / 2LP vinyl

Elvis Presley / This Essential (2LP vinyl) 

Twenty-eight Elvis tracks feature across the four sides of vinyl “remastered from the original sources”. This set has a selection of hits spanning his entire career with the Sun and RCA labels and kicks off with That’s All Right and calls time with Burning Love. Similar sets issued for Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan also issued this week. Read more

Death in Vegas / Dead Elvis (2CD reissue)

Death In Vegas‘ 1997 debut is reissued as a 2CD set that brings together b-sides and mixes on the bonus disc. 1999’s Contino Sessions and Scorpio Rising also reissued.

Eminem / The Marshall Mathers LP (vinyl reissue)

Eminem‘s album from 2000 has sold over 21 million copies worldwide. Reissued on vinyl in the UK this week. Encore is also out.

4 responses to Out This Week / on 8 July 2016

  1. Andrew Mogford says:

    Rushed off excitedly to order the Eminem vinyl.

    Then saw the price…….:(

  2. Baward says:

    EW99, for a moment I thought you were referring to the late Mr Presley, rather that hyperlinks that weren’t functioning correctly!

  3. EW99 says:

    Might want to check the Dead Elvis links Paul :)

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