Out This Week / on 8 March 2019

Kate Bush releases ‘The Other Sides’ compilation as standalone 4CD set

Flight of the Conchords / Live in London

Bernard Hermann / Taxi Driver score issued on limited edition yellow vinyl

Paul Weller / Other Aspects: Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Paul Weller / Other Aspects: Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Nitzer Ebb / Body Of Work coloured vinyl

Dido / Still On My Mind signed CD

Eagles / Hell Freezes Over 2LP vinyl

Whitesnake / Slide It In 35th anniversary edition

Whitesnake / Slide It In 35th anniversary super deluxe edition box

New Order / 12-inch singles

The Movement box is out in April, but this week New Order reissuing the four 12-inch singles released during this era. Read more

Sparks / No.1 In Heaven (CD reissue)

The CD reissue of Sparks’ 1979 album is out on Friday, but the vinyl – which is very cheap right now – isn’t out until 29 March.

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No.1 in Heaven - CD reissue


10 responses to Out This Week / on 8 March 2019

  1. Mr.T.Holmes says:

    The Sparks vinyl is advertised as £12.99 on your page but when you get to Amazon, it is £22.99!

  2. DON COOPER says:

    I wish Sparks had re-imagined a certain Donna Summer/Moroder track as “I Feel Rough.”
    There-you will always hear that last word everytime those Moog Sequencers kick-in.
    Your’e welcome.

  3. ROBIN PULLEN says:

    I can confirm that the Sparks album is white vinyl, there is no black vinyl addition, I spoke to someone in the Sparks camp this morning and he confirmed it for me. BTW the first 400 orders for the vinyl from the official Sparks store come with a signed print but not sure if this makes the price more palatable :)

  4. Marc says:

    I think the Bryan Adams signed CD is not available any more – but there where 2200 signed CDs! Poor man.

  5. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The price of the Sparks album I should have added…

  6. Darren Briscoe says:

    New Order are taking the Mick really…..

  7. Auntie Sabtina says:

    The vinyl price has now increased by £10 to £22.999! Perhaps it is the coloured vinyl version after all?

    • Bryan Rees-Wall says:

      I pre-ordered it at £12.99. I’ve just checked my order and it now says coloured vinyl (and yes, if you order it now, it’s £22.99)

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